The New Anecdotal Prose Poem versus The 50 Shades of Gray Area in Book Publishing

People tend to be afraid of or unsure about things that are new. New styles of music takes years to get hip, new television shows dealing with powerful themes need to be absorbed by the viewers minds, and even books, unless written by someone already famous, takes a while to catch on.

Like the music industry today, unless an artist has built a platform (a following or fan base), publishing companies won’t pay you any mind. Plus in a city like Miami where street sales, even with a permit to do so is prohibited, unless you aren’t standing stationary, how can an author, even one who developed their own style of expressive writing respected by people with Ph.Ds make leeway?


The anecdotal prose poem is like an essay, which touches on a particular topic, that uses literary and poetic flair in some of the language, with anecdotes and short stories intertwined. As Patricia Ross of Hugo House Publishing (who holds a doctorate in English) said that Dragonflies in the Swamp is like an epic poem with the anecdotes, but it tells solid yet positive messages from a gritty place due to it speaking about the streets of Miami. Now if the author only had the thousands of dollars needed to have Hugo House market the book, then maybe this style of writing can get a shot of being found.

Teachers from Kansas, lawyers in Washington D.C., professors at Florida International University put this work in their libraries, and even publishing houses that has rejected this work showed respect by stating:

“Dear Mr. Brown,

Thank you for your recent submission to Greenleaf Book Group. We carefully reviewed your work and concluded that it does not fit our needs at this time. Our decision was based on a review of the following criteria:

Overall quality
Sales potential

‘Dragonflies in the Swamp’ did not meet our standards in the following areas:

Sales potential” 

– Greenleaf Book Group

For those who don’t know “sales potential” means doesn’t have a following. Great work with much to say, but because the author isn’t a known professor, magazine/newspaper columnist, lecturer on the cross country circuit for he’s finding out how that process works, or a pissy drunk celebrity leaving the club with no underwear on, then his work must sit in the dark for now. The author is finding out that he must go to literary events that are few and far between in South Florida, plus he began freelancing a few months ago, so his funds aren’t up to par enough yet for much promotion and pow wowing.


I spoke to a guy who wrote books a while back. He said that in Miami you must set up events in order to sell or make noise. The author of Dragonflies has done events that were scheduled to be on PBS South Florida (Lip Service), and has done smaller poetry events, and plans to do more. So of course, any bit of help is welcomed, so may this post fly into God’s mind and said to the world that it is good as well.

What more can this person do until he can hopefully find his stride on the lecture circuit and attain serious clientele as a copywriter, ghostwriter, and soon to be writing consultant.

He’s more than just some lone wolf type hiding behind a keyboard or typewriter. From what I understand, he wants to start a company that will not only publish books, but have departments that’ll provide:

  • Proofreading & editing
  • Write content for online usage for people and companies
  • Ghostwriting whole literary projects
  • Consult companies wanting to do their own written projects
  • Consult companies who need content for websites & blogs
  • Market and promote self-publishers with great content
  • Act as agent for self-publishers or authors who have something great they’ve created.

Sex sells, so with 50 Shades coming into theaters soon, I see nothing but horny single women, lonely housewives, and Grey fans checking this out. I guess along with strippers, the author of Dragonflies must write books about rich guys sleeping with freaky chicks who love being controlled S & M style, who has a huge c**k and doesn’t take orders from nobody but the Holy Trinity.

New weapons are being created everyday that get used in battle. New technologies are being funded by angel investors looking to get on board the next app, Google, Apple or even Facebook. New foods and beverages are bought up and sold quickly by food companies and supermarkets. Yet new authors, painters, musicians with amazing skills, who are innovators are left in the dust.

Traditional ways produced legendary artists and bands in music like Michael Jackson, Duke Ellington, The Who, Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder, Tupac Shakur and the latest in Kendrick Lamar and Adele. But now we have so many one hit wonders, and fly-by-night singers and rappers its a shame. All because these whack artists won a contest on TV or built a fan base. Years ago, artists who got known from just fan base (the Chief Keefs, Kreayshawns, and the latest American Idol alums of the world), they were around, they just weren’t pushed because their quality of work didn’t match with the legends we know today.

Traditional ways produced writers such as Steven King, J.K. Rowling, Ernst Hemingway, and countless others. Many folks have told me that people don’t read anymore. Yet those who claim not to read love to read comments on posts, after they’ve read an article they saw on Facebook, or looked on blog sites where tales such as Twilight get spawned from.


Dragonflies touches on sex, how to motivate oneself, how to get money, how to be a better person everyday, and how not to get your ass kicked by cops. Yet the author must keep finding ways to sell books, be heard, and respected without breaking any laws or told “niggas don’t read” every so often.

Yeah, you can promote and grind yourself, but to do it all takes a team of people who believe in you, and who see that dealing with you brings in money. The anecdotal prose needs to be heard, but it takes funds, fans and word of mouth. You can either buy a book, or order a service, either way, if things don’t get done, know that America had a shot at introducing something new to the world other than Young Thug and stealth drones.

In the long run, Pip N Pens Literary, Copy Writing, & Consulting Company must get the funds to push people, and provide services. It must wait until another author comes in with a book filled with short stories and anecdotal prose poems, hopefully just the prose poems. In the long run, contests will be held for the most epic of anecdotal prose. And in the long run, all genres of books shall be published through Pip N Pens. This new way of writing and business shall see sunlight. It just gotta make its way out of the valley of death filled thinking.

Nicholas Brown, author of Dragonflies in the Swamp and coauthor of So You Want To Be A Stripper?


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