Hot Sex Secret for the Fellas!


This post is for the fellas! Strictly for the fellas. Valentine’s Day is coming up and I want you to be ready for that special night with your boo. Whether you want to be Drunk in Love, get some Sexual Healing, or get her to Back That Thang Up, I’ve got a secret for you. Since I know the ladies will read this even though it’s my gift to y’all, I’ll be sure to drop in a little something, something for them at the end. You all can thank me with gifts of 100% pure and raw cacao. Just kidding. Okay, I’m really serious. I need my Valentine’s Day gifts too.


Back to the fellas. What if I told you that the secret to great sex was inside of a pumpkin? Would you eat it? The adventurist in me dares you to try it. You see, raw pumpkin seeds are full of nutrients like zinc, selenium, iron, maganese, magnesium, vitamins B, C, D, E, K, potassium, calcium, niacin and phosphorous. Raw pumpkin seeds aren’t a miracle food and can’t do the job alone so of course, you’ll need to eat a clean diet, drink lots of pure water, and workout, as well.

Pumpkin and Pumpkin Seeds

Let’s examine a few of the nutrients in this gift from our creator. Zinc is necessary for optimal testosterone production in the body. It enhances overall prostate health and increases sperm production and quality. When your body doesn’t get the zinc it needs, it produces excessive amounts of the androgen hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This pesky steroid is released in your hair follicles, sexual organs, and adrenal glands. So not only will raw pumpkin seeds make your more virile, those of you who might be experiencing male pattern baldness might start seeing your hair come back. This isn’t a condition for old men. It often starts in the twenties so it’s a great reason to keep your health on point.

In addition to enhancing your libido, prostate health, and helping with hair growth, raw pumpkin seeds also can contribute to lowering your cholesterol, enhanced immune functioning, and preventing kidney and heart disease. Be sure that your pumpkin seeds are raw. For those who may not like pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seed oil is a great option for you. Make sure it’s unrefined, virgin, and cold pressed.

And ladies, as I promised, here’s a little something for you from the archives. Check out my blog post Are You Juicy and you will thank me over and over and over again. Remember, I’ll take gifts for 100% pure and raw cacao.

If you’d like a consultation focused on enhancing your virility and fertility through natural means and spiritual practices, feel free to visit my website to purchase a consultation package. I’d love to work with you.

Peace and blessings.


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