Should Have Just Listened to My Folks

If you follow natural news (or any news at all) you may have heard about the fake crap people have been selling in the health food aisles of your favorite superstore.

The labels say supplements but the ingredients are sometimes actually houseplants sprinkled with a little bit of herbs.

Am I surprised? No, it was bound to happen. For some reason we need to have things bottled and stacked on a Wal-Mart shelf before we believe it’s good for us. When did this happen?

Back when we started listening to our televisions rather than our parents…..

Being holistic is not a fad. It is not something that is sold on shelves. It is not something that you can subscribe to for a week, or get on sale next to a pair of low-cost house shoes.

Holistic living is a mindset, and when it truly is, you won’t fall victim to the schemers that are attempting to sell it to you.

Afrocentricity, and specifically African-American – centricity is a culture built on holistic living. We were the ones who, because we were unable to purchase ‘quick fix remedies’, relied on the ability of ourselves and our environments to survive. It is the reason why the descendants of American slaves were able to thrive and prosper in the years immediately following emancipation (taking political office, starting businesses and founding schools) without the financial fortitude or academic training to have access to the conventional medical procedures of the non-African-American society.

cocaine cure

In other words, when the rest of America was treating common ailments with cocaine, heroin and morphine we were improving our immune system and working through it… because we had to.


Yet, this practice of ‘functional’ natural living did not seem to reduce our life expectancy.

So, what holistic practices have we lost over time?

Cod Liver Oil …. Just because . Yeah, my mom still grimaces at the thought of it, but she also doesn’t need cholesterol medication, has a functioning kidney and hardly ever has medical issues.

Sassafras Twigs kept my dad’s teeth clean up until he was introduced to a toothbrush (as an adult).. Fifty years later and many boxes of Baking soda later, still no cavities.

Spirituality that cleanses the mind of stress (now a common cause of disease and poor immune function). It doesn’t matter what you believe- try convincing anyone in my family that prayer won’t fix it, and you’ll have a problem. Perhaps there’s something to that?

Well, we’ll know it works once Wal-Mart start selling a sassafras root drink that is cod-liver based and slightly psychotropic.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Being holistic is as much a part of African-American culture as the lyrics of “We Shall Overcome” – it’s an experience that is engrained in our heritage.




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