Embrace Submission


Ok, right off gate, I know this article may rub you the wrong way. You may think that we have lost it. All I ask is that you read the article in its entirety before you charge after us. With that being said, you should embrace being submissive to your partner. (Ducking) Ok, ok before you start throw in daggers, hear us out.

According to Merriam-Webster.com, the word submissive means willing to obey someone else. That definition already makes you want to rebel. So let’s look at the term obey. Obey means to follow the commands or guidance of; to conform or comply with. So that eases the idea of submission to conforming to or complying with or even following the guidance of your partner. It takes the idea of being a slave away some what. Some of the synonyms  of submissive are conform, comply and amenable. And the antonyms are rebellious, defiant and unruly.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are submissive everyday. We are submissive to our jobs everyday when we conform to the guidelines of the plantation. We are submissive to our children because we happily comply to their needs. Why? Because they depend on us to protect them and care for them. We conform to the laws of society everyday, even when those very laws are twisted or blatantly disobeyed by the very people who are supposed to protect and serve. So, why is it when it comes to our partners, we become rebellious and unruly?

One of our core concepts and foundation with our clients is in submitting to your higher self! Even though we are mostly masculine or feminine, the truth is we have both masculine and feminine energy flowing within us. Therefore, we must comply to the needs of our self. This is our very first form of submission. When we adhere to aligning our chakras on every level we are complying with our spiritual needs. This is then reflected in our daily lives. We stop individualizing as we climb up our chakras and start seeing oneness in all things. One of the universal principles states as above, so below; as within, so without. So it is the natural progression to comply with the needs of your spouse as you would comply with the needs of yourself. The more you submit yourself to each other the more connectedness/oneness will occur.

One of the first questions our clients ask is how to connect on all chakra levels. First, you must be willingly to submit yourself to each other. Are you grounded (root chakra) in your relationship or are you constantly worried about being abandoned? Are you nourishing your relationship (sacral chakra) or are you draining it? Are you confident in the relationship and is it deeply fulfilling? Is it constantly urging you to grow (solar plexus chakra)? Do you exude unconditional love and healing in this relationship? Are wounds of the past being reawakened in this relationship causing jealousy, envy etc? Are you forgiving (heart chakra)? Are you willing to lovingly express your truth in this relationship (throat chakra)? Is your relationship based on spiritual principles or is it based on material or lustfulness? Are we becoming more intuitive, more clairvoyant, more clairaudiant in relation to one another (3rd eye chakra)? Are we experiencing our connection as One? Are we reflecting each other? Is this the external reflection to the internal work you are doing within to experience Oneness (crown chakra)? The answers to these questions can give you a good indication of the level of commitment, and, yes, submission you have being willing to give to the relationship. Personally speaking, healing from my own relationship wounds and submitting to my husband has given me the most rewarding and satisfying relationship that I have ever experienced! Don’t allow fear to hinder you from experiencing the full potential of love.


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