So You’re Gonna Try To Pin This Baby On Me?!

I’ve always believed that a family, especially one grounded in reality, gushing with love, is the best environment to raise children in. Throughout history, regardless of the country or culture, the family unit has always been the true backbone of a society. From civilizations across ancient Africa, to the Great Sioux Nation of what is now the USA, the dynamic of father, mother and children were always at its central core. But for some reason, over the last 35 – 40 years, things have gone horribly askew.


Welfare programs such as Section 8, Food Stamps to an extent, and the Child Support System to an even larger extent benefits women in this country of child bearing ages. In many cases, the father of the children, or supposed man of the house, isn’t allowed to be around.

Depending on where you are on the socioeconomic spectrum, with welfare being set up as such, if you’re on the wrong side of the job interview table, you end up with how we are today: kids born out of wedlock, Miss Independent Woman theme songs, the role of the man devalued because he’s propagandized as unable to keep up with today’s career women, and the grown men who were left fatherless trying to master their emotions.

So along with economics, education, media’s public image campaigns across all mediums of entertainment (especially toward Blacks and Latinos), there’s a mistrust between men and women. Men being disrespectful to women, women showing spite towards decent guys, and it’s not helping our situation whatsoever.


The child support system has become a huge thorn in the sides of most men. I once knew a guy (R.I.P Big Eye) who was so happy about having a new baby girl. After 10 months had passed since that announcement, he informed the crew how he got a DNA test, and found out the child wasn’t his. I’m sure he didn’t sign the birth certificate because he wasn’t ordered to pay anything, unless the female didn’t need public assistance. Either way, she tried to pull a fast one on the homie.

Some females want to have an 18 year career for childbearing, getting knocked up by some athlete or entertainer. And some women don’t care who they have a baby by. Long as a kid can help her get a home and then some, she’ll keep having them, thus making the state become the financial father.

I had a woman tell me once to not worry about getting her pregnant because her family would support her. She kept trying to convince me to have sex with her without a condom. I left her alone soon after because if I have a kid, I’m going to be there. It’s just sad how the system has certain females thinking that’s how things are.

One story I saw today on Facebook made me a little upset. Click here to see the report on how child support can be a weapon against the innocent:


In my opinion before a man signs a birth certificate, whether the couple is married or not, a DNA-Paternity test should be mandatory. For there are too many guys trapped into supporting children, they find out years later isn’t their seeds.

In my opinion judges should really look into financial situations before they even decide to throw a guy on child support, which would eliminate a man having to pay for a lawyer, proving he’s responsible and she isn’t.

In my opinion, if a man is found to be a dead beat financially, and acts as if he doesn’t care, then so be it. Destroying the guy by having his driver’s license taken, plus put behind bars won’t have him pay that money any quicker, now will it. And in many cases, this guy may even have more kids by other women.

In my opinion, we as a people need to reevaluate what’s going on because the tricks performed on us has done way more harm than we want to admit.

We need new laws set in place, common sense laws that doesn’t harshly benefit either sex. The laws should be fair, with the best interest of the child in mind, and utilized to keep the peace among men and women.

The family unit must be set back into place in order for balance to be restored in our communities. I want to have a family some day. But I won’t and shall not raise my seeds in the midst of dysfunction, for we have been part of this nonsense for far too long.

Call me crazy for being old-fashioned. But this new way of operating should be outlawed, and made to remain locked away until the end of time.

– Nicholas Brown, author of Dragonflies in the Swamp, and So You Want To Be A Stripper? The Comprehensive Guide To Go From Girl-Next-Door To Pole Dancing Diva


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