Got Melanin?

Got Melanin Time and time again, I hear people in the conscious community talking about melanin. Most of the conversations are on point about enhancing the quality and quantity of the melanin molecule. What I rarely hear is how to access it and use it for benefits that go far beyond good health. I also don’t hear folks talking about the cocktail of chemicals in our body that we have access to of which melanin is just on I’ve had the pleasure of sitting under the teachings of many scholars who specialize in this subject. I’d like to share what I’ve learned from them along with my personal experiences as a melaninated being who is learning to access the power of this amazing molecule AND much more.

What is melanin? According to the Google dictionary, “melanin is a dark brown to black pigment occurring in the hair, skin, and iris of the eye in people and animals. It is responsible for tanning of skin exposed to sunlight.” The more melanin you have present in your body, the darker your skin, the better your visual acuity in the natural and spiritual realm, and the better your body’s overall performance. Did you know that your body is the most amazing pharmacy ever? Did you know that you can learn to produce the chemicals you need in your own body at will? Let me drop some science about the pineal gland and the variety of natural chemicals it produces. The melanocytes in our pineal gland are responsible for secreting melanin molecules into our bodies. The pineal gland produces the melatonin which regulates our circadian rhythms and reproductive hormones. It also produces serotonin, a neurotransmitter that plays a key role in regulating our moods. When serotonin combines with the natural tryptamine released by our pineal gland (also known as the seat of the soul or the third eye), it creates DMT (dimethyltriptamine). DMT is released in high quantities at birth and death. It’s also the reason you dream and have imagination.

As you can see, the pineal gland produces a variety of chemicals.  While melanin is powerful on it’s own, it’s just one of the key ingredients to the equation. There’s more to the story and we can’t stop there. ALL of these natural chemicals released by our pineal gland are powerful for regulation of normal body functioning AND our connection to the spiritual realm. Rumor has it that the Skull and Bones secret society indulged in consuming live pineal glands just to get an increase of those fresh secretions. There’s a reason folks started eating animals that goes far beyond a food source. It’s the real reason why many people who grow spiritually pursue a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. The truth is hidden in our pineal glands. I’ll let you research that topic outside of the mainstream and come to your own conclusion.

How can we enhance the quality and quantity of the melanin molecules present in our body? While I know that all of the chemicals released by the pineal gland are equally important, I know many of you would like to know more about enhancing your melanin so let’s focus here for a moment. Everyone has the capacity to increase their melanin stores (even most people who identify as Caucasian).The goal is to get the proper amount of and exposure to the sun, eat natural foods, enhance your ability to adapt to stress and change, and rid your body of toxins from cosmetics, household cleaning products, and the environment. When we don’t care for our minds, bodies, and souls, we inevitably end up in a diseased state.

Let’s talk about sunshine. Living here in America, most people of color have adopted the practice of staying out of the sun because they are afraid to get too dark. This is due to the stigma of the slavery mentality many of us still carry. We’ve been conditioned to think lighter skin is better skin. Truth is, we need to be outside in the sun at least two hours per day, as uncovered as possible between the hours of 10am – 2 pm. The goal is to get all the UVB (ultra violet b) from the sun you can. Yes, you’ve probably figured out that the sun is literally a source of nutrition we all need. It’s not just a beautiful ball in the sky that just gives us LIGHT. It literally gives us LIFE. The more melanin you have, the more your body is able to make vitamin D3. Sunbathing is key to this process. Before you can engage in this practice, we need to cleanse our bodies if parasites, mold, and fungus. The residue on our skin from years of eating bad and environmental toxins has caused our outer skin and inner body to be full of parasites, mold, and fungus which is the REAL reason people get skin cancer and sun poisoning. It also causes a coating to sit on our eyes which is the real reason most of us need glasses. Once that coating is removed, you can literally gaze at the sun. So sunbathing and sun gazing gives us life and one way is giving your body what it needs to make D3. Vitamin D3 increases your body’s ability to absorb other nutrients. Without the proper amount, you can eat the right food and take vitamins all day long but your body won’t be absorbing them. This is the real cause of malnutrition. We think those starving children in Africa and Indonesia they sell to us on TV are starved. We are starved and we eat each day. To get the maximum sun exposure and rid your body of cosmetic toxins, it’s imperative to not use commercial brands of sunscreen. All we need is natural oils and body butters like coconut oil and Shea butter.

What are some foods that stimulate melanin production? Raw almonds, peanuts, dried beans, raw sesame seeds, lima beans, raw pumpkin seeds. Cooper helps to produce melanin as well as skin elasticity. That’s why folks with high melanin stores have beautiful skin. Kale greens, shitake mushrooms, raw cashews, chickpeas, and avocados are great sources of cooper. The key is to ensure your are balancing your cooper and zinc intake not to create an imbalance. That’s where those raw pumpkin seeds I mentioned earlier come in handy. Cooked spinach, raw squash seeds, raw cacao, kidney beans, and portabella mushrooms are great sources of zinc, as well. The chaga mushroom is one of the highest sources of melanin known to humankind. This is why we see people hunting for chaga like never before. Raw foodists David Wolfe says, “While chaga is the king, Reishi is the queen.” Reishi has the next highest source of melanin known to man. You’ll also want to be sure you’re getting enough selenium. Brazil nuts, shitake and white button mushrooms, lima beans, pinto beans, raw chia seeds, raw ground flaxseeds, raw sesame seeds, raw sunflower seeds, brown rice, brocolli, cabbage, and cooked spinach are good choices.

Why is melanin NOT the only key to my spiritual growth? When you seek to heal and grow, sometimes the cookie cutter paths to clean eating and spirituality work to build discipline and focus. In the end, you’ll always be dissatisfied if you don’t learn to commune with the God in you. All the answers are within. The Akhashic records and all that. Melanin is merely ONE of your personal technologies you can use to enhance your ability to remember all you’ve forgotten from lifetime to lifetime. And once you start knowing, your doing will reflect that knowing. Your goal is to figure out how to access all the wonderful chemicals secreted by your overlooked pineal gland to create the experiences you want.

Our ancestors were able to keep their pineal glands in tip top shape because of their climate, pure water, pure food, and low stress lifestyle and as a result, they were able to go into deep meditation with and without the use of sacred plants and fungi, you know stuff we make illegal in this country like psilocibin cubenis mushrooms. DISCLAIMER: I am not promoting the use of illegal substances. I’m merely sharing some information you may want to research for yourself. Through the spiritual practice, plant, or fungi or their choice, our ancestors were able to release a natural chemical cocktail to could connect regions in the brain that aren’t normally connected. They could also communicate with entities in the spirit realm. We see people doing this in churches and we call them prophets. In reality, EVERYONE is a prophet. We just have to learn how to enhance our spiritual practices to activate those abilities.

As a result of our ancestors being able to do this, they were able to build pyramids that were energy centers and bring prosperity to their lands. We see and hear it in the spiritual realm and bring the knowledge and actions back to this realm. Most amazing creations and spiritual abilities you see today are a result of brain balancing work, access to an internal pharmacy through meditation or hallucinogenic substances, or some people are simply born remembering how to use their talents and gifts. We see glimpses of this in the great inventor and plant and fungi enthusiasts, George Washington Carver. His connection to the plant and fungi kingdom led to the creation over 300 new uses of the peanut product. And as a peanut butter lover, I thank him kindly for his services. He even gave his friend Henry Ford divine plant knowledge that allowed this entrepreneur to mass produce his cars. We better stop doubting our abilities and giving away what’s shared with us! People like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates saw the vision for their creations while having experiences with exogenus DMT. These substances are definitely a tool however, the key is to learn how to access that state of mind on your own, without depending on them. Establishing a consistent meditation practice is one of the first steps to get your body to release the chemicals you need to access the spiritual realm at will. There are other practices to develop your central and parasympathetic nervous system, as well. Once you learn to access this realm, you’ll be given the answer to every question you’ve ever pondered along with the elemental keys to get out of any situation that doesn’t serve you and into one that serves you better.

So what’s next? It’s totally up to you. I encourage you do your own research and stop following these folks who are getting rich off of your tithes, offerings, and donations while they use up all your energy and you sit in a house with shattered dreams and a broken heart. Learn the truth about who you really are, work your magic, and live life to the fullest. No matter what script you contracted for, IT CAN be rewritten. It’s all up to you! Got melanin? I sure do? How about you? Now what you gonna do? Love and light.


2 thoughts on “Got Melanin?

  1. Thank You so much for this information . I just purchased Chaga to help restimulate my beautiful melanin .
    I am looking for another person who has experienced cosmic consciousness . A person that has not taken chemicals to be taken THERE , HERE . Thanks

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