Between a Child Spurned or a Woman Scorned, which can be worse?

If you’re a believer of Judeo-Christian dogma, we human beings are born with original sin. The misdeeds of a father are said to carry onto his son, and a mother’s transgressions shall pass to her daughter. For this posting I’ll stick to just fathers, and men who mess up and never tried fixing the problem.

The reasons being:

1.) I saw a movie today, Bad Words starring and directed by Jason Bateman, which is about a grown man who held on to the angst toward his father for years, exacting his revenge.

2.) I also read a story on how a woman saw naked pictures of other women in her husband’s phone, got angry, and then stabbed him in the neck.

3.) And lastly, I saw a story on Facebook about how one of the sisters from the gospel duo, Mary Mary, went off on her cheating husband’s classic car by shooting it up with a gun.

It made me wonder, what’s worse — women scorned or a child spurned?


When an unfit parent decides to leave their child behind, how bad of a reaction can come from this?

Some may take the high ground, and use their hate toward a missing father as fuel to be greater than he was, leaving a legacy many can look up to. And also be there for their children, so that kid will never know how it feels to not have a great father figure.

Others like in the movie mentioned may seek their father to ridicule them, or actually do physical harm to the guy; or worse, be a complete failure due to lack of self-esteem and indecisiveness.

When a father leaves a child, a lot of imbalance can come with such a decision, especially if the mother herself is misguided. Daughters may end up on the loose, while sons may end up behind bars.


Hell hath no fury, when it comes to a disgruntle female. A man who lies, cheats, and hurts a woman time and time again will only get an extreme case of Karma.

If she’s had your back, cooked for you, believed in you, supported your goals, and been submissive to you, my kind sir just keep it in your pants and be upfront about everything.

In all honesty, you might as well be polygamous, or not be in a serious long term relationship if all you’re going to do is sleep around, as if you’re single. Having a woman, and still banging other chicks on the sly doesn’t make you a player. All you’re doing is bringing possible diseases, headaches, and drama and that ain’t cool.

When a woman is scorned, it’s because she’s sick of his crap and has decided its either time to move on, or you act right. So from the very beginning, go in respecting how she feels, and do right by her, if she’s doing right by you.


In my opinion, a fatherless child can be a menace to society, while a woman scorned can be a menace toward men, if she doesn’t heal her heart. But then again, a woman scorned can lead to her hurting a child who looks like the man who hurt her. Either way fellas, just be there for the ones you know care for you, and have their best interests in mind. For in the end, they’ll be the same people to pick you up whenever you are down.

So answer the question: Between a child spurned or a woman scorned, which can be worse?

– Nicholas Brown, author of Dragonflies in the Swamp, and So You Want To Be A Stripper? The Comprehensive Guide To Go From Girl-Next-Door To Pole Dancing Diva


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