Trust: The Best Proof of Love


As I considered what to write about today, I thought about all the topics that have been brought to my attention since our last blog.  I considered addressing many different topics, such as raising children with awareness or consciousness, can we be friends with the opposite sex while in a relationship, making love the cosmic dance of life, etc which is all great subject matter and will be discussed in the future. But I realized that none of these can really be dealt with until we talk about trust.

Coincidentally (y’all know I do not believe in coincidences) many of our clients come to us with trust issues. We have heard different couples accuse one another of cheating. Sometimes, this is due to past baggage that has yet to be truly confronted and healed. Other times, evidence proves that infidelity has taken place. In these cases, the very foundation of the relationship has be severely damaged.  No matter if there is evidence or suspicion, the fact is that for some reason, there is no trust. When trust has been broken, it is very hard to repair. Your relationship is now fragile. Any and every subject becomes a sensitive subject. It’s like walking on eggshells. No matter how much, we try to neglect it, when there’s no trust, the truth will likely rear its ugly head.

This is very interesting concept to me because what is a relationship without trust? If love is the core of a relationship, then trust must be the foundation. Trust is the key to the natural ebb and flow of love. It is what allows us to be open, and honest. It is what allows us to be vulnerable. It creates the space for genuine nurturing and care to be given and received. Trust is what assist us to be our true selves. Making love can become a cosmic dance when the trust between two people is solid, strong and can endure the test of time.


So the question remains what should be done when trust is broken? Our first suggestion to our clients is get to the root of the issue. Whether you realize it our not, beneath the surface of you not trusting your partner is the underlying truth… You don’t trust yourself! Your partner is just reflecting that truth for you.  What your partner is doing now should become secondary. It is important that you can trust yourself. Ok, don’t start bugging out with how don’t I trust myself?! Some little indications come from checking his pockets when he comes home from a night out with the boys, check her phone while she in the shower, following her to work to see if she goes in, waiting at every instance to catch him in a lie. Have you ever heard, be careful of what you are searching for because you just may find it? This is the law of attraction, you have drawn this to yourself. Release the need to snoop and make yourself crazy with insecurity.


Once you are able to heal from your own inner insecurity,you will be able to deal with all external issues that may arise. Matter of fact, if you take the time and truly do the work, you will draw to you a partner that acknowledges the frailty of your heart and treats it with tender love and care. Don’t short change yourself. Create the Love you’ve always desired by loving yourself first! And as always, Vibrate High, my loves!!!

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About Love and Oneness 
In past lifetimes up until this current life, Love (Miyat) and Oneness (Sirius) have reunited to show the world what eternal unconditional love looks like. The moment that the two became one, the healing began. He healed my heart. I nurtured him and restored his health by obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Alternative Medicine. Our Sacred Union has guided us to our life’s purpose which is the very expression of love. Together their journeys continue to parallel as Aborishas in the Sacred Spiritual Tradition of Ifa.
Love Oneness is about holistic love. We are inspire people to believe in love again. Because of the dysfunction and suffering in the world, our goal is to restore and inspire the beauty of real love. Both Love (Miyat) and Oneness (Sirius) are Reiki Masters, and have helped couple to restore the spark in relationships for over 5 years. We also have lectures, and workshops to encourage and motivate people to engage and commit to love of self and others.  In order to assist couples in creating and sustaining truly deep spiritual connections, we offer a variety of services such as couple meditation classes, relationship coaching sessions, Couple Reiki, Doula Services, and Sacred Union Ceremonies (Weddings). We also assist families transition into a holistic lifestyle. Come be apart of this mythical, mystical journey of true love. Get caught up in the Magic of Love Oneness!


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