Treating Your Lady vs. Tricking On Whores

Gentleman, we have survived another boo season. For those who don’t know, boo season is when women link up with guys in late summer — early autumn so when Christmas (on up to Valentines day), they can get gifts from some p***y whipped fool. Some dudes don’t care and figure since they got money, its okay to trick off some dough to get action from a woman. Others like the guys I respect have a different set of values that put us in a more alpha class of men.


Guys, if you meet a woman in August or September, she knows you make money, and is giving you all kinds of extra attention, BEWARE! Keep your wits about you, and only kick out cash or gifts if she has reciprocated with more than just intimacy.

We’re in an era where women are making their own money and paying their own bills, so it makes perfect sense to expect some act right from them. If she is fair or more than fair on her part when it comes to paying for things, then she’s a woman you can move forward with. But if you’re giving your all especially with paying out money somehow, way more than she has toward you, and she’s digging for more then you’re being played.

Some guys game are toooooo much in their pockets. If you’re quick to pay a woman’s bills, or buying them a bunch of stuff after just recently meeting them, claiming to be a gentleman, then you’re a trick. Guys who do this are suckers, and the women are gold diggers, or broke and hungry whores without shame. How I (along with the guys I respect) operate, we take our time with a woman before spending a dime.

Man Buys Gifts


First we vibe on the phone to see if she can hold down a solid conversation, and if we can have sex with her right away. Some guys, if they feel they can smash soon will go for it, hit it then quit it. Others who have been there and done those kinds of actions already, may want something meaningful and probably won’t hit it unless she’s cute and he’s very horny.

If a woman seems decent, we won’t take her to any high class places because the object of the first few dates are to get to know someone, not sponsor some broke broad’s meals. You can make it a low cost date that’s romantic like a picnic on the beach, or a trip to a botanical garden then tea and a small meal at a poetry spot. If she’s more down to earth, take her to play a few games of pool and a slice of pizza. If she’s seems nice then just make it a movie night at her spot, after bringing over groceries and cooking for her. Or if she’s a girl from a small town, then fire up your grill and grill corn or fish or bar-b-q something she may like. Bottom line you don’t have to break the bank just getting to know her.

Me, what I do on the first phone conversation is put females to the Waffle House test. I tell her that for our first date, I want to go to the Waffle House to vibe and chill and enjoy each others company. If she objects to this idea strongly then I know she isn’t worth my time. If she’s down then maybe we can build toward something after that first date.


As I stated earlier, when it comes to the spending of cash and giving of gifts, if she’s returning the favor and at times more than you expected, then you’re not tricking. If she’s playing her role and using her femininity to honor you as her king, and you decide to treat her out to places she wants to go, and/or pamper her from time to time, then you’re just maintaining your woman, not being a trick. Its a give and take, and not a one side take all kind of situation.

I break much of this down in my book Dragonflies in the Swamp, so please believe when I tell you that being a trick, paying or buying your way into favor with a woman, doesn’t make you look like a pimp. S-I-M-P, a simp (simpleton) is what any real mack or player calls you marks.

Remember to watch out before the holidays arrive, and protect your pockets pimps cause these whores, sack chasers, and gold diggers are ready for another run on some dude’s or a few dudes’ pockets. Preach, chuurch, tabernacle! 

– Nicholas Brown, co-author of So You Want To Be A Stripper? The Comprehensive Guide To Go From Girl-Next-Door To Pole Dancing Diva

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