Silence Might Save Us

There’s so much noise in our lives; so much of it unnecessary. People simply talking to be talking — making noise but not saying anything.

Young Woman Thinking

It gives me a headache.

Especially online. I mean, you give people a voice via the Internet and they proceed to continue on like the world is waiting to hear everything they have to say.

We don’t.

Shut up.

Instead, it’s time to be quiet. I mean really quiet so that we can hear. Many times, the answers are already there, almost as if it were a common knowledge we could simply reach out and grab. The answers are shrouded by the interference of lies, cries, and deep-seated sighs. We are hurting and want to be heard, but we forget that it’s us we should be listening to.know-it-all-and-knowledge

The answers are there if we seek them.

I’m not saying I have them – I’m far from enlightened. I do realize they are there however, and regularly seek out that peace that will allow me to connect with them.

In darkened silence, floating on air I can stop the noise designed to confuse, drain and manipulate. I can control my access to deeper peace, knowledge and love.

We all can.

Then once we’ve accessed it, we can communicate it. The crazy thing is, we can communicate in ways greater than words. We’ve just forgotten how.

I mean …..  this message is just a serious of numbers designed to look like words…

Yet so many of us feel like we need to scream. We need people to know how we feel. We talk so much we are forgetting how to communicate in any other way. Our souls are growing mute.  We are forgetting how to love.

Instead we destroy. We tear down and claw at each others necks to survive. We murder to make ourselves feel better, instead of learning how to communicate with ourselves. We do nothing, because we are too lost to listen to solutions.


We are going nowhere because no one is listening, and everyone is talking.

I’d like to take a moment of silence for humanity.

I think we really need some help.


We have someone with their hand raised?

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