Why Teamwork always makes Big Dreams Work

The other day I expressed to my mother how I don’t trust many people, not even her or myself. Yeah, it sounds harsh and paranoid. But mistrust is healthy, now that I see every situation like a business deal. I’m not saying I take way all emotions, all the time. I just choose to keep one eye open, and let logic dictate the most fair course of action when dealing with others.

By seeing how much work is needed to make a profitable business, one must bring down their paranoia enough to form a team. You can keep your business small, but if you wish to expand, you’re going to need the right folks in place.

Ronin Warriors Ronin Warriors


I remember being part of a crew who wanted to start a music production company. The energy was there, the enthusiasm was solid, the main thing that was missing were people knowing their positions.

Three of us acted like the top dogs, while everyone else did their own thing — on their own sweet ass time. Lack of direction, lack of planning, and not defining different roles killed any shot of us rising to the top. We had a studio, over a dozen people claiming to be down for the run, and each person could have contributed something. But we didn’t know what our roles were, so things got hectic to say the least.

When people in a company know their positions, and the tasks assigned to their roles, things runs smooth like a finely tuned grandfather clock. Each cog not wasting time, only pushing ahead as the day goes by — completing assignments as they come.

Now that I know this, I shall be wise enough to avoid such drama, properly lining up whose in charge of what, and defining the roles given — avoiding distractions.

Scared Me As A Kid Michael Myers


You can be the baddest person on the planet in a particular field, being in a league of your own. But if you try to do everything yourself, you’ll be overwhelmed. While your doing an assignment for a customer, you may have to pull yourself away in order to do errands like wash your clothes, or pick up your homie from the airport.

In the future, I plan on hiring people to do writing and copy assignments for clients, and just focus on the promotion and creating of original content I wish to push. I’m seeing first hand that finding time to promote, type, and edit is quite draining. And I know its going to get even crazier, once I start doing seminars and workshops, based on manuals I’m formulating with coauthors and experts.

I’m confident money shall come because I focus on delivering quality work, plus investors are always looking for that next big IPO.

When the time is right, I’m hiring:

–  Personal assistants

– Writers for ghosting projects

– Editors

– Copy writers

– 1 Book keeper

– 1 Receptionist

– 1 Secretary

– 8 people for the street and online promotions

– 8 people for the sales and marketing department

– Lawyer(s) & Accountant(s) on retainer

– An IT company & cleaning service on retainer

– Advisers with stock options in the company.

I’m sure there are other positions I missed but the key point: as gangster as I think I am with writing words on paper, in order to have a company based on writing, I need other people with skill sets outside of my own. I’m sure I’ll run into problems, but I need them — whom ever they be.

Always Seek Perfection 1972 Miami Dolphins, the NFL’s only undefeated team


I hate to lose. Most people who are competitive in their fields can be sore losers. It hurts to put in your all, just to have it all come down. After each huge or small loss, learning enough lessons, in time I’ll be a huge success. But I know that in business, every Superman needs a Justice League.

Speaking of the Justice League, Batman is often the most paranoid of the bunch. This character has saved Gotham city, or the comic book world time and time again. During late 1939, months after the character debuted, his popularity began to wane (no puns intended). To gain younger fans, plus add depth to this character, they created Robin to assist Batman in 1940. There have been many versions of Robin but without him, Batman probably wouldn’t have lasted this long.

With the right partners and allies, you can do anything really. Make sure people are getting their fair share, and support them the best you can, even if they leave your company. For when you’re winning, you feel like the man (or the woman) when you enter a room.

Winning feels better than sex to me. It’s the biggest I told-you-so because when you’re winning, you don’t have to brag. All you and your team need to do is keep putting out quality work.

– Nicholas Brown, co-author of So You Want To Be A Stripper? The Comprehensive Guide To Go From Girl-Next-Door To Pole Dancing Diva 




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