Live Life Orgasmically!!!


Every day, we go through our daily routines. The mass majority of us expect to have to get up, get the children ready for school, go into the plantation(our jobs), come home, fix dinner, do homework, and off to bed the family goes. More likely than not, there is nothing exciting about the day. There is nothing to stimulate the mind and ignite your inner joy. Life is a big ass boring routine. Personally, I feel the things I do routinely, are very much like chores. I do them because I have been programmed to believe this is what needs to be done. This was my life unfulfilled. Until finally one day, I asked myself, is this all there is to life?

My family and I strive to become more self-aware and loving everyday. As my sister friend, Ifasayo, of Earth Mother Guidance would say, “Self Love is never selfish.” Loving your self is optimal. It is the best gift you can give to your self. This is what led me to reexamine my life. I was unsatisfied with my existence. I craved to live life to the fullest. Therefore, I had to determine what invigorated and excited me. At this time, sadly, there was nothing, outside of family. As time progressed, I discovered new and exciting things about myself. I am more than just a wife, and a mother. I have my own interests and I have the right to explore them to the fullest. What started out as a hobby, became my passion. I wanted to experience this feeling daily. Tired of being completely dissatisfied, I asked what it was for me to do. Suddenly, it was crystal clear. I decided to pursue the things that gave me life instead of just existing in the status quo. Thus, my new-found philosophy was born… IF IT DOESN’T MAKE YOU WET, LET IT GO!!! That’s right… I said it… If you are not living your life orgasmically, then to hell with it. Every moment of our lives should be ecstatic. Just imagine how much you would enjoy your life if you were ecstatic and passionate about everything you did. Instead of just surviving in our root chakra, we can explode with creativity. The simple enjoyment of creating would ground us in our reality. In our Sacral Chakra, instead of partying continuously trying satisfying a craving unfulfilled with drugs, alcohol and sex, we sensationalized our experience ensuring every single cell in our bodies was revitalized by the pleasure we share (with ourselves or with a partner…hey now!!) This is the art to making love…sexual healing, as the late Great Marvin Gaye would say. We have finally found a way to nurture ourselves. We would know that our solar plexus was fully charged due to the boldness, and self-confidence we exude. No longer are we timid and fearful of what people may think of us. We stop giving our power away. We are too busy enjoying the ecstasy of life. Because our lower level chakras are operating in their fullest capacity, we can open ourselves to a more spiritual experience. Our heart chakras would be opened and engaging in unconditional love affairs with our selves and all those around us. Finished are the days of our throats chakra being closed, we would be shouting our truths from the roof tops. Because we are living our lives orgasmically, we are completely aware of and trusting of our intuitions, now relying on our third eye which is really our first eye. And we can truly live a spiritual life. Thus we are spiritually awakened. Who would have thought that sexual energy can spiritualize us?

This is the existence that I want for myself, for my family, for my clients, for the world. This is how I see life. That is not to say, drop everything tomorrow. It does mean to examine your life from a different perspective. If you agree, then transform your life. Transformation takes time and it is well worth the journey. I am telling you from my own personal experience, the more I free myself of my inhibitions, the more passionate I become. I am on my way to living a completely orgasmic life. So, sit down, and think about your life. Are you living a life that exudes you inner joy? No… Well, then I give you full permission. If it doesn’t make you wet, then let it go!!!

Make it wet


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