5 Amazing Protection Gems: How to Protect Yourself with Gemstone Therapy

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As an empath and sensitive spirit, I often carry crystals with me to assist me in protecting my auric field from psychic attacks, ELF waves, & negative energy. My highest concern is maintaining my energy through the high energy shifts we are currently going through on the planet. I ultimately want to maintain my peaceful energy, good spirits, and vibrant health; but these gemstones can even go as far as to protect you from violent situations, crimes, and black magic. So with that said, these crystals can make for powerful allies in an all too uncertain world.

tigers eye
1. Tigers Eye: A great and commonly used protector of your auric field. Often used to guard and ground ones energy while connecting you deeply to source.

2. Hematite: An amazing dispeller of negative vibes. This crystal can be used to assist one in detaching negative thought forms from your auric field…

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