Zits – Face Invaders with a Message

Sherrice's Zit

So you woke up one morning and found a zit dead square in the middle of your eyebrows. You’re devastated and your flawless skin has been compromised. Maybe you’re taking important pictures or meeting a new client. Maybe you have a hot date with your significant other and you want to look your best. Whatever the situation, your face looks like an explosion and you need help. Sometimes, a simple swab of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, or witch hazel infused with tea tree oil will do. Unfortunately, these remedies are temporary solutions and will only work for the long term if you address the underlying issue.

Take a close look at my picture above. My face tells a story about a holiday weekend of yummy food that’s not good for me. I didn’t cook it, didn’t check the ingredients, and consumed way too much. Since I rarely eat this way, my body went into an acidic and mucus filled state in a short period of time.  My belly was bloated beyond recognition and I woke up the next morning with a big old fat zit on my forehead. Some folks live in a constant state like this. For me, this is not the norm. Like any other woman, I can be a little vain and I thought the world would end if I didn’t eradicate the invader on my face and get my belly back to normal. I declared war. In war, you must understand the nature of your opponent and it’s strategy. What I know is that a zit between my eyebrows is a strong indication that my liver is kicking ass to get rid of the toxins I consumed and it needed some help getting rid of the crap. I decided to forgo to the temporary solutions and pick a more viable strategy I call Operation Detox. I started with a huge cup of hot lemon water and added a heaping scoop of coconut oil. Then I swallowed six of my amazing Blood Magic capsules full of my proprietary herbal formula known its liver cleansing and nourishing properties. I ate fruit and salad all day long and of course consumed more than a gallon of water along with several mason jars full of nettle and mullein herbal infusions. I will continue to take Blood Magic, drink herbal infusions, and follow this eating regimen for as long as I’m led.

So the next time you spot a zit on your face, know there’s an underlying issue and it’s usually related to either your diet or the endocrine system disruptors in your personal care products. If you’re experiencing a skin issue and you’re looking for natural remedies, feel free to reach out for a free thirty minute consultation.

Love and light!


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