The Secret Power of Emotion


Everyday we live our lives going through a plethora of them. Creating, living, transmitting, sharing, and expressing them. Our hearts feel them, our faces wear them, and yet we can not see them, or tangibly understand them, yes I’m speaking about emotions. Our health is dictated by so much more than what we put in our mouths. What we put in our minds, what we feel, and what we experience catalyze and some may even say trump the physical aspects of our health. Why is it imperative to understand the root causes and power of emotion? Because by activating our abilities to cope, manage, and reverse the damage created by negative ones while cultivating our power to engage and become more present in the healing emotions we can begin to heal not only our physical dis-ease, but ancestral and personal karma, as well as; intangible ailments like mental disabilities, phobias, and mental disorders.

Why are emotions powerful?

Emotions are extremely powerful manifestations of subtle energy they stimulate and create very tangible and real effects on our physical bodies. This isn’t their most powerful trait but seems to be one of the most interestingly obvious yet taboo functions.

For example when someone feels a very extreme heart break, does not one actually feel pain in the area of their chest as if their heart has actually been broken or injured in some way? Did you know that extreme sadness can actually negitivily effect the ventricles of the heart and injury them to such a degree that one can actually die?

So if emotion can be so powerfully felt as to take some one’s life, what kind of power lies in them; and why have we in the western world been so reluctant to understand their impact on our health, vitality, and over all quality of life?

Why you need to harness emotion

Emotions, as stated earlier, are extremely powerful and can be utilized to not only to our detriment; but to empower and assist us in manifesting our desired realities. Although, it’s not exactly common to associate emotions with control or precision, most people in this world are not properly educated as to how to utilize their emotional energy correctly, or to their benefit. Many people are actually taught the exact opposite. We are taught to suppress our emotions and regard them as weakness. What I want you to understand by the end of this blog is that none of that is true. In fact our emotional energy is the greatest power we could ever access. It can be argued that the person who learns to correctly harness them is at the height of their potential power.

How to Harness your Emotions

Harnessing your emotions consists of four major elements, recognizing the emotions, understanding the root emotion, transmuting the energy, and redirecting your power.


1. Recognizing Emotion: To access the power of emotion one must learn to recognize when you are feeling them. For some this will be easy for others this may be a challenge because you may be one of the people that was mentioned earlier who has been taught to suppress their emotions in an effort to protect themselves and or conform to society’s notion of normality. If you have lost your ability to fully understand when you are feeling something. Your greatest allies will be writing and complete honesty. Training yourself to express your feelings on a daily basis in a safe place will begin to put you in the mind set of accessing your emotional reality to a greater degree. You must feel safe in order to be fully honest, but you must be warned that even with the safety of anonymity and non-judgement it will NOT be an easy task or something that can be done over night. Take your time and cultivating this practice and spend as much time as you need reconnecting with your-self in order to uncover your true feelings.


2. Understanding the Root Emotion: Now there are as many emotional expressions as there are people under the sun, but all of these expressions are rooted in two main emotional realities fear and love. Fear is the root cause of what we would experience or express as negative emotions (I.E. Sadness, anger, frustration, anxiety, depression, ECT.) While, love would be the root cause of emotions like; hope, faith, trust, elation, and confidence. Both spectrums are necessary and one could even argue, dependent upon each other, for with out one how could you measure the other? The experiences of negative emotions are theorized to assist us in cultivating further appreciation for the more pleasant spectrum of emotion and when in balance for the most part do. It is when the imbalance of negative emotions build to a point and begin to snow ball into an on going struggle with them that they begin to degrade and deteriorate ones holistic well being. This is apart of our experience in a gender based and dualistic reality yet; the true alchemist understands the necessity both but knows in their highest self they must access the balance of neutrality.


(pictured crystal:  Black Tourmaline known for transmuting negative energy)

3. Transmuting the energy (Finding Neutrality): As an alchemist you will being to understand the necessity of transmutation. It is the basis of your power it grants you the ability to take what is not wanted and use its energetic resonance to create what is wanted. Because all emotions are energy at their core energy. This energy can be accessed whether they manifest as positive or negative. That energy once stripped of its gender based manifestation will then become neutral or void. Once the energy no longer embodies a particular polarity it can now be reprogrammed with intention and used your benefit.

Some practices that can be used to assist you in transmuting and cultivating energy are…

  •         Mantras & Chanting
    Sonic Therapy (Working with specific sound frequencies to reprogram the cells and sub-atomic particles of the body.)
  •  Crystal Healing (Gemstone Therapy)
  •  Reiki
  •  Magnet Therapy
  •  Smudging (Burning Dried Herbs)
  •  Breath Work via systems like Pranayama & Qi Gong


4. Re-directing your power: Redirecting this newly programmed energy is done partially with the intention it is programmed by and then by the physical actions necessary to induce the psychological understanding of its new vibration. Setting intention seems like an easy task simply think of what you desire, right?

No, there is an art to cultivating ones intention and directing it toward a desired goal. This requires focus, and in today’s world of distraction and multitasking giving one thing your undivided attention is nearly impossible. The good thing is that once the intention is set it doesn’t require consistent and on going maintenance. Your focus is only required for a relatively short amount of time, in comparison to how long it may take you to actually manifest what is desired.

Physical action is only necessarily as long as you relate to yourself as a physical being or as highly as you are attached to this physical realm. For most of us that is a lot, so when we begin we may need to reinforce our intention with equivalent physical action. For example my intention is to loose weight, I may need to take on new eating habits and exercise consistently until my goal is reached. For others who are on a higher vibrational level all they may need to do is simply think of loosing weight and releasing that intention into the universe with enough emotional energy behind it, and with out changing much begin to notice the pounds melt away.

Physical Actions to Re-enforce Intention Include but are NOT Limited to…

  •  Affirmation Writing
  •  Candle Work
  •  Chakra Clearing, Cleansing, & Balancing
  •  Moon Magic
  •  Yoga
  •  Tai-Chi

In the end it is up to you to work with what practices best suit you, these practices will serve as templates to cultivate your higher self. Eventually one may need less or not as much of the physical components of these practices and transition into a more spiritual and direct method of managing high vibrational energies.

To book a 60 minute spiritual consultation with Tae Queen Administrator/ Aurthor of this blog, Intuitive Reader, Certified Herbalist, and All around Holistic and Metaphysical enthusiast please CLICK HERE to learn more.

You will learn how to implement many of the practices discussed here in this blog into your daily life to become a more balanced and holistically prosperous being!


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