Technology is YOU!

Binary Man

What is technology? When you think of that word, what comes to mind?

For many years, I was under the impression that technology had to be an electronic invention. You know, a computer, cell phone, beeper, a gaming system, electrical equipment in a command center, and other things of that nature. Then one day, I was listening to a prominent leader in our community speak and he referred to a method of farming and our dreams as technology. I missed the rest of the lecture as I kept pondering on the idea of technology being something different than what I was told in school and by society. This was one of those experiences that let me know just how far The Miseducation of Sherrice Sledge-Thomas had gone.

I decided to be open to new ideas about technology and over time, I discovered that all of the things I considered to be technology were mimicking the true technology of the human body or the multiverse. Computer technology started with the goal of mimicking the human brain and doing it in an even more efficient manner. The quartz crystal technology in the computer serves as an energy center. In fact, the precious stone is used in almost every form of technology. Planes were made to mimic a bird’s ability to fly from one place to another at a fast pace. Some even say that humans can fly in astral dreams and the idea of projecting from place to place inspired the idea of time travel and the speed of light. Geometric shapes serve as technology, too.

With this new information, I encourage you to look at technology from a new perspective and know that your personal technology is being mimicked through inventions all over the word. We are made of energy that operates on binary codes and electrical charges. If you begin to see your body as technology, then you’ll understand the importance of taking care of your own technology.

Here’s a resource to help you on your journey. Khnum-Ptah to Computer by African Creation Energy –

Love and light!


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