I Stopped Watching the News

I don’t watch the news anymore because it is scary.

As I get older, I start to see how it is increasingly slanted and not in my best interest. Whose interest is it in? I’m not quite sure, but according to the Internet, it’s these people:

liberal-mediaNone of these corporations has ever helped anyone in my family, so I’m not sure why I should believe they are in my best interest — and I don’t. I choose to turn to the Internet for my news, more specifically social media, because the mass opinion of the public is of greater interest to me than the propaganda of the elite few.

In my experience, American corporate propaganda has historically made my life harder- remember the whole slavery is okay because it builds the America economy argument? I still believe that argument was not in my interest.

But it’s cool, ’cause the American public has said sorry, right?(Click the speaker above to enable the sound, it makes everything better.)

Yet another example of the mass public carrying the weight of a selected few, dying and crying for the crimes of the hidden. What’s crazy is, the slave-owning families aren’t the ones constantly saying sorry! They’ve moved on to new ways to screw everyone else.


Now that we addressed the whole slavery thing, what am I afraid of now?

The attack on individualism. It’s happening and it is very real.

I should probably explain a little bit about myself before I say this – I am from South Carolina. This is what that means to me:

  • I understand the government is rarely on my side and is quite aware of my existence (so I don’t F* with them)
  • I speak softly and carry a very large stick
  • I respect the institution of the Black church as a means of community
  • I know that trust is something that must be earned, especially if you are not from my neighborhood
  • I value my privacy
  • I believe that the community can provide

These values have been instilled upon me through hundreds of years of slavery and sharecropping. They are what I believe have kept my culture strong, and have ultimately allowed me to travel far from my sharecropping roots to the liberal ‘promise land’ of the West Coast.

When I pay attention to mainstream media, I watch my nature of distrust, community focus and a flat-out survival instinct be under attack.

Yes. Attack. What I mean is, it is not okay to separate anymore. We must be inclusive. We must allow people into our communities. We must share our secrets. We cannot gather. Most of all, we should trust the institutions that are in place to protect us. That is how slavery worked and it is how it works for many minorities today.


The difference is, it’s not just us this time. White people are feeling attacked too, and this is what happens when white people feel attacked:

white racist

So they can’t be the one’s pulling the strings ….. nope, there is someone else behind it. These people perhaps?


Here are some examples of topics the liberal media suggests you do not disagree with, lest you be Anti-American:

  • cream of wheat This is racist
  • Homophobia-Public-Health-Warning This is okay.
  • trans This is relevant.
  • disability  This is a right.
  • illegals This should happen more often.
  • josh duggar This should be expected. 

I was going to post a confederate flag here, but I didn’t want to remind anyone about slavery since …

My point is – If you suggest anything than what you are being told to think, you are something worst than a communist, you are a radical. Your career will be ruined, your family will disown you, and you will be considered a threat. Conform or face consequences worst than death.

african witches

It’s America’s modern-day witch hunt and there are few willing to speak out against it. (Click to read about the one occurring in Africa)

And this is why I no longer watch the news…. because I’d like to continue feigning ignorance.

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