Mastering the Power of Now: Shifting your Perception to Change your Reality


As an ancient being or an old soul it can be more than challenging to feel comfortable in this skin at this time and in this age. Although we are at the beginning of a new age of awakening and a shift in human consciousness, there are still deeply rooted and outdated belief systems. This can make it hard for those who have old souls to feel comfortable. The longing and nagging want and yearning to create a new way, and to have this way become accepted and to teach from this new perspective can be almost depressing at times; due to the seemingly slow manifestation into the physical realm. Yet, there is still hope and we continue to do the work necessary to help the world and those who need us including ourselves.

There is something amazing that I have come to realize this summer through out my brief re-evaluations of the laws of the universe, and that is that the time is now. As a being with so much empathy, feeling, and understanding of things that permeate beyond the immediate reality this can sometimes be hard to truly master and understand, but never the less is a key part of our awakening and return to full consciousness. We must begin to love this life in this moment as it is with out judgement with out imposing upon it even our own perceptions of what it has been or what it will be. Learning to harness that feeling of gratitude for life truly in spite of all that oppose it, is probably the most powerful skill we could ever attain to transform our and this reality.
We are so wise and so gifted, some of us have accepted our gifts and abilities as starseeds, old souls, wise ones, and other various titles, but we often then shift our focus onto understanding what that meant in past lifetimes, in past events in our lives, and even what that means for us in the future; and all though that can be an amazing reference guide for many of the reasons why we are the way we are. We are still neglecting to use this gifting to effect change in the now.
This morning I woke up from a night of rough sleeping as it is usually hard for me to go to sleep at night, but last night it was especially hard. I tried all the usual distractions that normally trick my mind into shutting up and getting some rest yet nothing could subdue the emotions that were bubbling to the surface. Finally I decided to receive them and understand that I was meant to feel them even if I didn’t quite know “why,” as of this moment and I did and eventually I fell asleep. This morning while pondering my dreams and journaling as I often do. I realized that many of the instances that I had viewed as hardships although admittedly were not ideal, we moments that are still sacred to me. They taught me that even when I wanted to give up, there was a force that was bigger than my personal agenda driving me, and filling me with new faith and new hope that eventually things would get better and that there was a reason; probably deeper than many could understand for my hardship. As I realized this while journaling I paused to reflect on the moment and my emotional disposition had completely changed. I went from pitiful, to grateful from slightly depressed, to hopeful; because in this moment I had realized something that I had neglected in the past. That I am ALWAYS connected to source and spirit and that at anytime I can access this joy, not because of the good things around me and not because of that bad, but at all times in-spite of anything this spark this divine right is within me and it is especially strong and prominent because of the cultivation that I have gone through in this lifetime and many others.

Instantly I became grateful for this life, something I had rarely done in a meditative state. I am normally what some would call a traveler, I traverse different times, different dimensions, having meaningful transcendental experiences and although each one has been powerfully life changing; the simple beauty in this particular realization was more affirming than any visions, or channels I’ve received in the past. It was a declaration of my intentional beingness. A true affirmation of my total self, and nothing has ever felt so refreshing and so beautiful as that realization and for it I am more than grateful.

In summation, I submit and humble my full self in this moment to the magic of the universe and allow this beautiful energy to flow through me, hopefully you will feel it too as you learn to shift your perception in a simple way to the power of now in this moment and feel the amazing transformative energy that this new realization can bring.


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