The Science of Breath

I can remember a time when I felt like life had nothing to offer. Don’t get me wrong… I had a wonderful life from the outside looking in, a handsome husband, beautiful home, cars, clothes… the works. I was well provided for. Because of all the things that we had accomplished I should have been delighted with life. Unfortunately, that was not the case.  I was devoid. I knew something was missing in my life. I remember at the age of 26 I had my first anxiety attack. I felt like life had nothing more to offer me. I yearned to truly experience all life had to offer. Little did I know that this anxiety attack was the beginning stages of gaining knowledge of myself.


I had never had an anxiety attack before. My first experience was scary to say the least. I remember feeling like I was a failure. I was 26 with 3 children, no education and I felt completely dependent on my husband.  Spiritually, I was lost. I didn’t know what to believe in anymore. My lifelong faith in Christianity had dwindled. It just didn’t make sense to me anymore, especially since my devotion over the years still didn’t do a thing in making my life feel fulfilled.  I see this time as the beginning of a depression. Of course at the time I was not aware of it. But hindsight being 20/20, that is where I was at.

As time progressed I started studying ancient information about the indigenous people on the planet. I explored different workshops that led to me to my Twin Flame and a Master Teacher that explained to me exactly what I was experiencing and why. He explained the science of the breath and how it relates to my feelings. I know you are looking like are you serious…Your solution to depression is the breath? I wouldn’t necessarily say it is the solution. However, the breath can assist in regaining your passion about life. How is that possible? The most important thing to understand is that the breathing is essential. It is the only function in our body that is involuntary and voluntary. People rarely even think about breathing every day. However, there are two functional types of breathing: cleansing and energizing. Cleansing breath detoxifies the body and stresses exhalation. Energizing breath collects and stores vital energy and focuses more on inhalation.  Whenever toxins in the bloodstream reach a critical level or when energy is running low, your breath will do an essential job in the body.  Sighing (which I do quite often) is a spontaneous cleansing breath. A sigh is a quick inhalatory (did I make up a word?) gulp followed by a forceful exhalation. A yawn, on the other hand, spontaneous energizing breath, is a long slow deep inhalation followed by a relatively short exhalation.

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The breath is essential. In ancient times, the air was seen as the essence of nature.  Chi, the vital energy contained in air was considered a nutrient.  This means that proper breathing is as essential to have a fulfilling life as food and nutrition. Shallow breathing is when there is just enough air to fill the top part of the lungs using the chest for breathing, thus limiting the use of the lungs. This means you are breathing 18 breaths a minute which is known as the breath of the beast. It takes 3 shallow breaths to equal the quality that is received from one deep diaphragmic breath. Shallow breathing can cause feelings of chronic anxiety, which means more panic attacks. By cutting down the number of breaths required per minute by more than half, deep breathing will greatly enhance respiratory efficiency, decreases the amount the heart has to work, and conserves vital energy. It also, gives a powerful boost to blood circulation sending it through the body and greatly enhances lung capacity.

On a spiritual level, the breath can allow you the ability to fully know yourself. When we are not aware of our breathing, we are not truly aware of our selves.  Our perceptions of ourselves are limited.  We may find ourselves easily angry, jealous, worry, guilt ridden, lustful. We don’t have control over our emotions. We are living in survival mode just based off the way we are breathing. We are using our reserves just in regular life, and truly straining our bodies when we are in fight or flight mode. However, when we take time to breathe deeply and rhythmically, we begin to control our emotions. We operate out of love because we love ourselves through nurturing our internal organs through the breath. We are able to handle complex situations with more wisdom and less fear. We start to see love and harmony all around us.

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I know it is hard to believe that something so simple has the capacity to completely change our awareness. I know that taking time out to meditate and concentrate on my breathing as been vital in my transformation. My consciousness is awakened and I see life with new eyes. I have an inner joy that cannot be taken.  I can truly love those around me because I love myself enough to breathe deeply and rhythmically. Life begins when we enjoy the simple things in life. Meditation is key (Click here to see our video about the breath). Start with the Breath! Experience the Joy of Life!

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