You must earn her Submission

As the saying goes: “a happy wife, happy life.” Any decent straight male who is single wants a good woman or women (shout out to the polygamist crowd) in his life, eventually. But before you get into any kind of relationship, especially with a woman who knows her femininity and submission is a powerful strength, you as a man must work toward gaining her cooperation.

Brotha with Locks just chillin

From my observation, if you’re lacking and/or not working to get better in these these areas, then you don’t deserve submission from a queen/empress/Goddess:

  • Are you working, career driven, and/or have a legal business(s) going?
  • Is your hygiene and cleanliness good?
  • Do you love and respect yourself?
  • Are you a reader and a rational thinker?
  • Are you a protector, or at least willing to squash bugs that scare her?
  • Are you willing to listen to her, and respect her insight?
  • Is your code of ethics in tact?
  • Is your belief system or spirituality in place?
  • Even when times are tough is your confidence up, or be boosted up?
  • Do you thrive on the positives and downsize the negatives?
  • Are you willing to lead logically and grow a family?

Brotha in a suit

There is more I could add but I figure these are the core of what’s needed from a man. Since I’m always working on being a better person than I was yesterday, I feel that soon I’ll be able to pursue a bride. I must establish my business in Pip N Pens Literary Publishing & Writing Firm — building a platform but as a person I’m ready. When the time is right, I need a cooperative woman who will push me, and make this man feel God body as I make her feel like an Empress.

I could be out here like was, messing with lost women who enjoy having their kicks, but I haven’t gotten intimate with anyone for about a year now. Yes, it gets lonely but I know once I’m set up, all the extra self-discovering (gaining knowledge, patience, and understanding) shall be worth it. At least I know when I do meet her, I can approach knowing I have a clean bill of health, no baby mama drama, and only upsides plus bonuses.

Now my brothers, look at yourself and seriously ask: “Do I make the cut or not?”

I hope to see you at the top, as I focus on a million. Peace.

– Nicholas A. Brown, author and co-author

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