Come to the Green Side! Meditate with Your Plants!


What’s green, adds to the air quality in your home, and a spiritual vibe on another level? Is it money? Is it spirulina? No silly, it’s houseplants! When you add houseplants to your home, you’re making a commitment to love and nurture the living green things. And that’s exactly what I’ve done. My goal is to fill my house will all manner of greenery because it makes me feel alive and raises the vibration in my home. I also want to have such an intimate connection with my plants that I can feel their spirits.

While taking care of my plants, I realized how well they responded when I talked to them, played certain music in my home, or even when I simply sat in their presence. The connection was undeniable because I felt amazing and I watched the plants’ enhanced growth as a result of our connection. One day, I decided it would be a good idea to do a plant spirit meditation so I charged my hands with Reiki energy, laid them gently on two plants and started breathing deep and chanting the primordial sound of the earth, Aum AKA Om. Since plants emerge from the earth, this sound is familiar to them and while I’m sure they’re still connected even from my home, I believe I put them in a nostalgic state and reminded them of their true home. Over the next few days, I noticed a change in the growth pattern with those plants I meditated with. I started doing the same practice with the others and experienced the same results.

Over time, I began to hear the spirit of the plants. No, I’m not crazy just in tune with nature. Everything on this earth is coded with information. Some plant species have been here for quite some time and have information coded in their plant cells that can change the world if we’d take the time to simply listen. For instance, in my most recent plant spirit meditation practice, I was led to sing Minnie Riperton’s Loving You. As I belted out the lyrics and gently laid my Reiki charged hands on the plants, I felt an electrical surge that words cannot explain. A peaceful calm filled the room and the plants literally stretched closer to me. It was a beautiful experience.

Someone asked me to share some good houseplants to buy. I tend to buy for function more than looks so my focus is which plants are best at cleaning the air and bringing peace to my home. Here are a few suggestions, aloe vera, spider plant, rubber tree, snake plant, golden pothos, english ivy, jade, diffenbachia, peace lily, ficus tree, bamboo plant, or philodendron.

If you’d like to learn more about the animate nature of plants, I encourage you to watch this amazing video called The Secret Life of Plants. And if you’re willing to come to the green side of life, I encourage you to meditate with your plants and see what happens over time as you continue this practice. What do you have to lose? Nothing at all. But you will gain so much.

Peace and blessings!


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