Welcome to #VIRGOSEASON: The Alchemist, The Evolver, The Servant


From LEAD to GOLD, one step at a time.

Element: EARTH    |    Mode: MUTABLE    | “Ruled” By: MERCURY
Song of the Sign: Goapele – Closer
“I’m goin’ higher and higher
Closer to my dreams
I’m goin’ higher and higher
I ain’t gonna sleep

If you thought you learned to love yourself in LEO season, you were right. But, little did you know that #VIRGOSEASON was right around the corner, preparing to up the ante 10-fold.

Both LEO and VIRGO represent the function of being aware of “Self”. The “I” or “me” as it’s own entity, capable of breathing, thinking, creating, and acting how it wants. Where the two signs differ though, is in the perception of self.  Whereas LEO is fascinated and moved by the brilliance and expression of personality (self), VIRGO is oriented toward the refinement and improvement of that personality, to it’s higher (or highest) possibility.


Virgo energy is all about “The Come Up”. In your head is the ethereal blueprint of what your “highest height” or “come up” is. The maiden planting the fields in March, has a clear idea of what she wants her best crops to look like come September’s Harvest time. She knows the corn needs to be abundant, the grains plentiful, and the vegetables healthy and nutritious. Yes! – step 1 is complete.

Now, what to do with all this free time in between the March and the Harvest? Well, she does Alchemy. She takes what simply looks like dirt and a seed, and crafts it into an abundant pasture, right before your eyes.

Like the maiden, we all start out with ideals and hopes for what we want in the future. That’s the idealistic Virgo energy inside of us. But Virgo IS an earth sign, so fluffy, flowery dreams MUST be brought down into the physical world. Otherwise, they have the potential to stay up in the clouds, out of our reach. Virgo is well equipped with the magic of alchemy, the ability to change one base element (thought/ideals) into higher, more valuable elements (the attainment of the goal).


Come September, the maiden doesn’t just harvest her crops and keep it pushing. Well, she does, but this time she has NEW, EVEN HIGHER goals for her return the next season.The harvest may have been mighty plentiful, but already our maiden has new plans and designs for the season coming up. She wants to make sure that her soil is more fertile, so she adds compost. She plants her tomatoes with her Basil to repel the pesky bugs she got this year. She collects rainwater to save on future water costs.

Virgo is ever-evolving. It’s oriented toward upward growth, naturally. It looks around and says “Hmm. What can be made better?” and proceeds to fulfill that need.  With Virgo, there’s no use in doing anything unless it yields a worthwhile result.



…By servant, I don’t mean someone that is at your beck and call whenever you need them – although people with Virgo energy can be very obliging and helpful. I mean “The Servant” in the idea that, like the maiden mentioned above, she has become very skilled in her craft. She’s a visionary, that has mastered the tools of alchemy and patience that we all need in order to have a dream fulfilled. After working so hard for herself, the next natural thing to do is help others improve their skills and talents like she did. She serves them.

The sign of Virgo is associated with the “Mentor/Mentee” relationship, for very good reason. It’s about the personal, specialized service that we give to others, with the intention of improving their own lives in any way.

If Virgo is your friend, trust and believe that you’ll have someone to bring you chicken soup when you’re sick (and probably some Herbal Tea, and a good book, if they love you). If Virgo is your Dance teacher, be prepared to recieve the best specialized instruction that they can offer you, in how to do that high kick. If you’re patient, and you participate and listen, there’s no way you can fail. They’ll make sure of it.


Thanks SO Much for Reading!
Daizy October is an Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Teacher, and Hypnotherapist in sunny southern California.
She offers powerful and enlightening Tarot and Astrology Chart readings in person, or via phone or skype.
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