How to Have a Succulent & Fruitful Fall


And just like THAT *snaps fingers* we have already entered into the Fall season. It seems like just yesterday that I was getting ready for my day and being greeted with the sun and a warmth that wrapped around me with the best “Hello” ever. Now I walk out with the tease of the sun and the quite crisp reminder that its now time to throw on a little sweater and start rearranging my closet. Yup, it was definitely just yesterday. 

Honestly, I’m really not a big fan of cold weather at all. In the spring and summer, my mind body AND spirit thrive and I definitely feel more energetic, vivacious and pleasantly fiesty. During those seasons I am always quite busy dancing, creating and traveling. Astrologically, my Rising sign in Sagittarius takes over and I let that part of me run with the wind.

But over time, I’ve learned to embrace the other seasons as well because each season has its own message. When the cool breezes start coming in and the days start getting a little shorter day by day, its a reminder to me that its time to slow down, pay more attention to the details, and nourishing myself with alot more self-love. To me, the fall season is all about creating the warmth from within.

If you have been following my last two-part posts, you’ll already know that this particular spring and summer season that has passed has been full of shifts and transformations for me. I have evolved to the point that I’m definitely not that same woman that I was before April, or the beginning of this year for that matter.


Along with those shifts came new cravings for certain fruits in particular that I didn’t really eat on the regular like that. Recently I’ve had a very strong affinity to blueberries. Rich..juicy..sweet ORGANIC blueberries. Yes, there is a taste difference between organic blueberries and conventional ones. At first I didn’t pay this sudden craving any mind but then I started realizing that I was demolishing an entire container without even blinking. And they ABSOLUTELY had to be organic. I started just going with the flow and allowing my body to tell me what nutrients it needed by indulging whenever I got that twinge. Soon, I started eating them for a light breakfast and adding them to a breakfast with more substance like my “Day Oats” (don’t worry, I got ya covered on the recipe). 


Blueberries are super high in antioxidants, help boost digestion and urinary tract health, aid in improving vision, heals the brain, and also helps to improve your mood. Well what you look at that..helps to improve your mood. Ah. During my warm season of constant movement and shifting, my emotions were, at times, all over the place. My body knew this so it naturally craved something that would help keep my immune system strong and help keep my mood grounded while I was going through. You see how much your body really loves you? You should definitely stand naked in the mirror the next chance you get and thank it. 

Blueberries are also a great end-of-summer fruit, which is great news because I’m still eating them and don’t plan on stopping. Ha! Seriously though, when you align your physical body, you’ll also discover that your body will crave certain foods according to the seasons. I’ll leave that cliff-hanger for a future post. Pretty soon, I’ll be craving and demolishing pears.


Another thing that I discovered about blueberries was that its very color was beneficial and needed as well. If you follow the chakra system, the deep rich blue hue is associated with the throat chakra. One of the things that I had confront during my transformational period was to not only know my truth better but to SPEAK it with no apologies and zero hesitations. Confidence in myself got an upgrade. There’s no surprise that during this time I had weird jaw pain, my last two wisdom teeth started growing in more out of nowhere, and my gums started acting funny. Those damn wisdoms.  The energy body is real yall!

So how do you have a succulent and fruitful fall? It’s simple. Allow yourself to enjoy a handful of blueberries (with some pears on the side) as you start to think of all that the new season is about to bring you. I’ve already gotten a headstart. Have you?

Oops! Before I go, here’s a quick but nutritional breakfast to throw together for those days you’re running late:

“Day Oats”



Raw Oats 

Chia Seeds 


Vanilla Extract 

Unsweetened Vanilla Hemp Milk 


Colorful Mason Jar (optional if you like to have fun)


1.) Add oats, chia seeds and cinnamon together then mix. 

2.) Next, add Hemp Milk and vanilla extract and mix. 

Pause. Please be advised that Chia Seeds thicken the minute liquid hits them, don’t add too much! Also you just need a little dash of vanilla extract. 

3.) Add blueberries and mix again. 

4.) Let the concoction sit for 15-30 minutes so that everything can soak and soften (great when you’re on your way to work).  

5.) Nom Nom! 

For more of my favorite recipes, click here.

You’re welcome.


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One thought on “How to Have a Succulent & Fruitful Fall

  1. Ooo, yes gurl! I definitely feel you! The shortening of time I get to bask in Sunlight affects my mood. I fall into seasonal guilt, depression, etc. I didn’t even know that blueberries were for the season! I assumed they were for summertime! I’ll have to get more blueberries! I used the rest of them in my KNDelicious Citrus Bluenana Smoothie! Lol. That oatmeal looks SOOOOO good! I don’t eat breakfast anymore. Terrible, I know. I gotta get back on that!

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