The Divine Feminine: The Virgin, TheMother, The Whore

The energy of this weekend’s Blood Moon has had people more impatient, more consume with self, depressed, and sparking all kinds of confrontations. During this Blood Moon, I have really taken note of the horror of how women are perceived. I have been contemplating the different roles women hold. The truth of the matter is the patriarchal society we live in puts women in this tiny little box that defines us in three roles; the virgin, the mother and the whore.
The Virgin

The virgin has a lot pressure to withstand due to her “goodie two shoes” persona. She is thought to be pure, untouched, and delicate. She is sweet, and innocent. She doesn’t know the touch of a man. Men want to be the one to ‘pop her cherry’, ‘bust her hymen’, & take awayall that’s pure. She must try to decide who is worthy enough to delve into sacred waters & not advantage of her. The ancient Taoist considered the Essence of Virgins a tonic to immortality. Many men would pay heavily to soak herbs in her Essence. The Virgin has always been seen as a winning prize to men.
The Mother

The mother has found her so called “Knight in Shining Armor.” Most men feel she has only given her essence to him. The mother is the superwoman. Her responsibilities are continuous. Her duties include cooking, cleaning, caring for kids. She is ensure dinner is cooked on the table when her man gets home. She does homework with the children, gives them a bath & tucks them in at night. I know you are thinking, ‘oh that was the old n days, you’re tripping.’ Unfortunately, the only thing that has changed generally, is that women are now employed full time, going to school or both. Never mind, the once pure innocent virgin is now magically supposed to have mass amounts of sexual experience, and convert to a freak in the bed. And God forbid, she is anything but classy in-public.She is to sexually satisfy all her husband needs and hope perhaps she might gets some enjoyment, too. Men usually completely disregard her mental and emotional needs. The role of a mother is never ending.
The Whore

Out of the 3 roles defined by this patriarchal society, the whore gets the worst rap. She may be a woman who fully embraces her sexuality. Society will label her a whore because of her multiple sexual conquests. They will title her a prostitute for accepting gifts or monetary donations. She is labeled a slut for dating more than one man or for sleeping with more than one man. She is said to be easy if she dress seductively, if she shows too much cleavage or miniskirts. She’s a whore if she plays hard to get. If she flirts or has many male associates, she is labeled. And the scenarios, can go on for days. These are the behaviors men are rewarded for, and most times even worse behavior. I am sure many of you women reading this hve been labeled a whore, slut, bitch… Sometimes, unfortunately, we succumb to labeling ourselves with these con nations.
The Divine Feminine

The energy during this Blood Moon represented the Divine Feminine, the mystical magical energy. Women are fed up of being downplayed into roles that are completely irrelevant. We are tired of being disrespected and dishonored. I say it is time to take back our POWER. We must embrace all that makes us women. We must love our yoni- verse and understand her power. It’s not for us to submit to the will of man. We are the Creators. The ancient Taoist understood women are the closest to God. Therefore, women were regarded as the teachers of men. We must redefine ourselves. Every time we engage in sexual intimacy, our yoni should be regarded as a Sacred Altar, the Celestial Palace. When a man has the opportunity to engage in her pearly gates, his offering to her should be her complete and utter satisfaction. Women are the Givers of Life. She has the ability to recycle her own essence and also absorb his. While men, ejaculate their life force externally losing their essence. Woman is able to take a seed, nurture it, cultivate it and give life to it. We must honor each other and not allow ourselves to be disrespected or taken for granted any more. We are intelligent! We are strong! We are healers! We are magicians! We are the Divine Feminine! And it is Our Time to restore Humanity. The time is now!

YouTube: Love Oneness


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