Lions and Tigers and Rituals, Oh My!

Excuse me, while I channel a little of my girl Kali tonight. Y’all gone learn!

I’ve found that when you start throwing the word “ritual” around, it’s equivalent to a bank robber rolling up and slinging his gun around. Everyone goes into a panic, some duck down in fear of being shot and some randomly scream at the top of their lungs in horror. There’s a few that even grab their cross necklaces while doing their Hail Mary’s. And there may be a few that just stand there in shock with the stuck face. No one knows what to expect initially because they weren’t prepared for it. Their whole life flashes before their eyes. I guess I get it. Maybe not

I’ve also found that people are TERRIFIED of that which they aren’t fully aware of. When certain general self-care practices are mentioned in a language different than what most are used to hearing, everybody wants to have one big collective heart attack.



They don’t realize that everything really is connected and complimentary. It always goes back to source. So let’s quickly examine what the word “ritual” means and what it implies.

No need to clutch your pearls, it’s not that bad! 


Webster’s defines a ritual as a “religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order”. Taking religion out of it, this basically means ANYTHING that you do in a certain order to obtain a certain desired result. To make it even simpler, a ritual is your intention in action. 


When you wash your clothes, it’s a ritual. When you wash your dishes, it’s a ritual. When you take a shower, it’s a ritual.  When you have sex, it’s a ritual. When you dance, it’s a ritual. Now in the spiritual world, us folks know that ritual can be a lot more intense and potent that than, especially when it comes to working that Juju. But for the folks just getting into this world and wanting to learn more, I want to make it a little simpler to digest.

With some of the above examples. there’s a certain order to them. Although they are mundane, they are necessary practices that will help you manifest the intended result of a clean house, clean body, and other pleasant things. That is..unless you like when your washing machine catches on fire or when your dishes grow mutated bacterial anomalies on it. Are you starting to see how the concept of rituals can be applied to everyday life? They just aren’t normally called rituals. In general, we all them as chores, good hygiene, twerking or getting it in.

native dance

Let’s take it a little further. I feel like pushing the envelope tonight. If you’re religiously sensitive, you may want to stop reading No? Can’t say I didn’t warn ya!

“No she didn’t!”

When you PRAYit’s a ritual. Yea, I said it! When you go to church and receive a program that tells you the order of the service (*cough* ceremony) and things are usually done in that order (with the occasional note at the bottom of the paper that reminds us that things may change, according to the Holy Spirit)..guess what? It’s a ritual. When the pastor puts his “healing hands” one of his members to give some spiritual healing and comfort. Not ONLY is that a form of Reiki, but that’s also a..oh I know you’re tired of this word now..R-I-T-U-A-L. Oops, was that your toe?


Here’s a bonus: When people “speak in tongues”,  it’s a form of highly meditative chanting (another word that makes people want to throw a Bible at someone) that is usually previously induced by ritual (singing, dancing and anointing) that allows for the spiritual realm to open up just enough so that divine languages can be poured in the crown chakra (“Melodies from heaven..rain down on me!” Remember that song?) of the person, resulting in them channeling. But y’all don’t hear me though. 

 I hope you see where I’m going with this.


I’m not trying to be hard on ya, but I just want to bridge the gap between a lot of misunderstandings in the spiritual world. Maybe next time, I will address the negative connotation behind being a witch? Mmm-hmm, we need to go there. At the end of the day, its really best for us to release judgement and really seek to learn the other side of things with an open mind and heart. You never know, it may just unlock blessings and knowledge that you’ve been yearning for!

I won’t give you all the answers because I want you to discover for yourself and create your own journey. But I WILL suggest some things to you that will help you make the most of the full moon energy tonight through a simple ritual like this one. I promise, it’s gentle and very beneficial.

Please share this with someone who needs these things broken down! We all deserve some clarity.


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