New Year New Me? How Mercury in Retrograde Affects your New Year’s Resolutions


New year new me right? Whilst I would never discourage anyone from setting any goals in the new year, I would implore you to use wisdom on when to implement and execute these new intentions. As of January 5th we are going to officially be in mercury in retrograde and have already begun to enter into the shadow period.  For those who aren’t familiar, Mercury in retrograde normally indicates that there will be a temporary standstill in functions that have to do with mercury’s properties on planet earth. How does mercury affect us? Mercury is the “lightening fast” planet of communication, short distance travel, thought, and any communicational technology. So anything that has to do with those properties will be affected and could possibly intensify the stresses of normal life.


First off let’s discuss what to do and what not to do during this time. Mercury in retrograde can present  a great number of issues in trying to move forward on new endeavors. Let’s say you’ve finally found resolve to get moving on starting a new health regimen, now if you have tried many times in the past to do so and found success or started and gave up but have experience in what it takes to be successfully healthy, this is an amazing time to jump back on the bandwagon and get started. Alternatively, if you have no experience starting a new healthier way of life I wouldn’t be so pressed to impose strict limitations on my current way of life. Not to say that you can’t begin to slowly make changes that overtime can prove vital in your new healthy lifestyle just don’t go too hard too quick.

merc grum cat

Why is it key to slow down now? This is an amazing time to reflect on your current situation in life and evaluate what changes you need to make. It’s also a great time to finish up old projects you’ve been thinking of doing or finishing for a while, especially if those projects included little or no other people to get done. While you can expect some issues with things like traveling, communicating with others, and technology; try to be patient and don’t rush through your tasks. Allow yourself the freedom to flow without imposition of time, energy, or resource restriction. Remember that this is a powerful time, a reminder to connect with source and develop your intuitive talents. Nurture your body, mind, and spirit. Stay true to your inner being and make it a priority to unplug as much as possible.


So to recap…


What we should do

  • Revisit old projects
  • Rest
  • Unplug from addictive or bad habits
  • Rest and recharge the body
  • Finish up studies or books you’ve been meaning to
  • Reflect
  • Meditate
  • Ground, shield, and clear your aura
  • Cutting cords 
  • Ultimately find the root causes of issues that you see repeating in your life



What we should NOT do

  • Start new projects
  • Rush through things
  • Blindly charging forward through repetitive or major issues
  • Expect others to understand what you mean especially if poorly communicated
  • Travel to  new places (do with caution and patience)
  • Start new business, personal, or intimate relationships
  • Dont sign any contracts
  • And MOST importantly not giving yourself enough time, energy, food, water, patience, sunshine, rest, and love


Remember if you are a Gemini, Virgo, and/or have mercury in a significant position in your chart pay extra close attention to your feelings and thoughts at this time. Ultimately it’s up to you to find what’s going to work best for you during this time but just understand that this is the universe’s reminder to relax, release expectations, and connect within.


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Tae Queen


Tae Queen is a healer by life path and entrepreneur by profession. Her mission is to utilize her creative talents and intuitive abilities to create and sustain institutions that will help aid humanity and the planet in holistic evolution. Her main focuses are Ataensic Media’s ever expanding platforms and her Holistic Health & Alternative Therapy business Gem-in-eye Creations.  Gem-in-eye Creations is business based on stimulating awareness of healing through energy; mainly gemstones. She is currently in the process of evolving her brands to the expansion of her knowledge and awareness. Dedicated to her mission she strives to provide the highest quality experiences possible for anyone who supports her endeavors. She is also a poet, all around writer, and songstress. She hopes to one day cultivate each of her talents to it’s highest intention which is healing.

“Creation is the highest form of likeness to the divine, it is not only our job to create the necessary changes in this world but to show the people here how to create and manifest their life purpose and mission.“

-Tae Queen





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