About Ataensic Media

About Ataensic Media

Is a  new media company, we officially launched in April of 2014. The owner of this company is Tae Queen original host of Conversations with the Queen. Our main goal and mission is to create awareness through culture, lifestyle, holistic wellness, and history. We currently feature two main shows through out the week on our blog talk station; Conversations with the Queen and Hathor Culture.  We hope to add to that list soon a produce a plethora of shows that will air through out the week meeting the needs of knowledge, entertainment, and community development.  On this blog you will find amazing articles written by our contributors that expound and reflect on topics that are discussed on our blog talk shows. You will also find updates, bios, and links to all of our live and archived programs. Please browse  our site at your leisure and check out the amazing and insightful articles we have to offer!

Conversations with the Queen

Conversations with the Queen (CWTQ) is a blogtalkradio show that premiered on PEN Station and officially started  in September of 2011. It now airs Every Thursday night @7:30pm Et.  Tae Queen was professionally mentored for a month with Michelle Alford, owner of PEN Station, as co-host and has now taken on the task of pursuing her own Network Station and producing content through various platforms.

Since the show’s official debut in 2011, Tae Queen has had countless conversations with heavy hitter guests from all walks of life. From the conscious community; to Indie Artists and even Local Community Leaders. To name some favorite featured guests, Queen Tae has hosted: Dr. Alim Bey, Queen Afua, Tahir Rbg, Louis Narcisse of Pharonic Brand, Dr Yuma (DR. YEW) Bellomee, Yirser Ra Hotep of Yoga Skills, Loreen Hall of Natural Notts, Shira Jackson of SugarFreeTv, and Dr. Khailfani Rivers.

As of recent conversations on the show Queen Afua has garnered the shows most loyal listeners! Thank you all.  Another good favorite is Dr. Alim El Bey. Conversations with these fine guest have addressed health, wellness, and spirituality.

“We have a someone with their hand raised…” Topics like Healing Sexual Abuse, Women’s Health, Natural Hair, and Healing Breast Cancer on the show really draw the best  attention and reaction. Anytime Conversations with the Queen has panel discussions there’s a great response in the calls and great callers.


To my beloved listeners,

I started this show not knowing where it would take me and to see it blossom into a respected platform where people who are my heroes can come and speak, is amazing! I want to give a clear message behind Ataensic Media: There is always going to be integrity. I started this show to give people quality programming and great information from a fun and entertaining perspective. I want our platforms to always be a place where you can hear something new, exciting, or informative that you might not get the chance to see or hear anywhere else.


Queen Tae


Hathor Culture

Hathor Culture is our most recent show and it was started as a means to open up the ears and hearts of our listeners to a new world of art. This show airs every Wednesday @8pm Et and is archived shows are available to listen to at leisure. Here is the link to our debut show FearandDesire Ft. Bakari JB http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ataensicmedia/2014/05/29/hathor-culture 

“One of my greatest passions has always been music and art in totality. Art is one of the most important aspects of human expansion and consciousness; as such it has been my pleasure to create a platform where I can help to expose the great talents of underground and independent artists!”

-Tae Queen Owner and Producer at Ataensic Media

 Welcome to the Swamp 

Welcome to the Swamp is an open forum where men can discuss issues that affect us here in the U.S. Host King Nick Anthony offers his insights on anything from social issues to fashion and pop culture, but all is done in a manner that speak on what’s beneath the surface level.
If you want raw, dirty yet honest conversation that may be too taboo, then come on down to the swamp. 
“I’ll save a space for you” – King Nick Anthony

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