New Year New Me? How Mercury in Retrograde Affects your New Year’s Resolutions


New year new me right? Whilst I would never discourage anyone from setting any goals in the new year, I would implore you to use wisdom on when to implement and execute these new intentions. As of January 5th we are going to officially be in mercury in retrograde and have already begun to enter into the shadow period.  For those who aren’t familiar, Mercury in retrograde normally indicates that there will be a temporary standstill in functions that have to do with mercury’s properties on planet earth. How does mercury affect us? Mercury is the “lightening fast” planet of communication, short distance travel, thought, and any communicational technology. So anything that has to do with those properties will be affected and could possibly intensify the stresses of normal life.


First off let’s discuss what to do and what not to do during this time. Mercury in retrograde can present  a great number of issues in trying to move forward on new endeavors. Let’s say you’ve finally found resolve to get moving on starting a new health regimen, now if you have tried many times in the past to do so and found success or started and gave up but have experience in what it takes to be successfully healthy, this is an amazing time to jump back on the bandwagon and get started. Alternatively, if you have no experience starting a new healthier way of life I wouldn’t be so pressed to impose strict limitations on my current way of life. Not to say that you can’t begin to slowly make changes that overtime can prove vital in your new healthy lifestyle just don’t go too hard too quick.

merc grum cat

Why is it key to slow down now? This is an amazing time to reflect on your current situation in life and evaluate what changes you need to make. It’s also a great time to finish up old projects you’ve been thinking of doing or finishing for a while, especially if those projects included little or no other people to get done. While you can expect some issues with things like traveling, communicating with others, and technology; try to be patient and don’t rush through your tasks. Allow yourself the freedom to flow without imposition of time, energy, or resource restriction. Remember that this is a powerful time, a reminder to connect with source and develop your intuitive talents. Nurture your body, mind, and spirit. Stay true to your inner being and make it a priority to unplug as much as possible.


So to recap…


What we should do

  • Revisit old projects
  • Rest
  • Unplug from addictive or bad habits
  • Rest and recharge the body
  • Finish up studies or books you’ve been meaning to
  • Reflect
  • Meditate
  • Ground, shield, and clear your aura
  • Cutting cords 
  • Ultimately find the root causes of issues that you see repeating in your life



What we should NOT do

  • Start new projects
  • Rush through things
  • Blindly charging forward through repetitive or major issues
  • Expect others to understand what you mean especially if poorly communicated
  • Travel to  new places (do with caution and patience)
  • Start new business, personal, or intimate relationships
  • Dont sign any contracts
  • And MOST importantly not giving yourself enough time, energy, food, water, patience, sunshine, rest, and love


Remember if you are a Gemini, Virgo, and/or have mercury in a significant position in your chart pay extra close attention to your feelings and thoughts at this time. Ultimately it’s up to you to find what’s going to work best for you during this time but just understand that this is the universe’s reminder to relax, release expectations, and connect within.


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Tae Queen


Tae Queen is a healer by life path and entrepreneur by profession. Her mission is to utilize her creative talents and intuitive abilities to create and sustain institutions that will help aid humanity and the planet in holistic evolution. Her main focuses are Ataensic Media’s ever expanding platforms and her Holistic Health & Alternative Therapy business Gem-in-eye Creations.  Gem-in-eye Creations is business based on stimulating awareness of healing through energy; mainly gemstones. She is currently in the process of evolving her brands to the expansion of her knowledge and awareness. Dedicated to her mission she strives to provide the highest quality experiences possible for anyone who supports her endeavors. She is also a poet, all around writer, and songstress. She hopes to one day cultivate each of her talents to it’s highest intention which is healing.

“Creation is the highest form of likeness to the divine, it is not only our job to create the necessary changes in this world but to show the people here how to create and manifest their life purpose and mission.“

-Tae Queen





Spiritual and Magical Properties of Essential Oils

Source: Spiritual and Magical Properties of Essential Oils

Almost Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe *Best Vegan Soup Ever*

This recipe is both healthy & delicious. It is so well seasoned that you just may think there is chicken in this recipe but nope only chickpeas, and plenty of immune boosting veggies herbs & spices. This soup is perfect for a cold winter day or to remedy a winter cold. Any how you will love it even if your not a full time vegan 🙂



  • 3 ½ tbsp Jamaican Curry Powder *check ingredients to make sure vegan and gluten free* 
  • 2 tbsp Chilli Powder
  • 3 sprigs of thyme
  • 2 bayleaves
  • 3 tbsp of coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp pink salt
  • 1 tbsp Garlic Mrs. Dash
  • 3 tbsp Italian Seasonings
  • 1 tbsp Cayenne Pepper (optional)
  • 1 Large Purple Onion chopped
  • 4 cloves of garlic minced
  • 1 medium red bell pepper julienned
  • 3 Stalks of Celery chopped
  • 4 Organic Medium Carrots chopped
  • 8 oz of organic diced tomatoes
  • 3 cups of brown rice spiral noodles
  • ⅓  bushel Kale roughly chopped
  • ½ bushel Dandelion Greens roughly chopped
  • 8 oz of cooked chickpeas
  • 64 oz of spring water or more to make broth
  • ⅓ cup braggs amino acids


Step 1: Warm coconut oil over medium high heat for 30 secs
Step 2: Add in onions allow them to become translucent

Step 3: Add garlic, red bell peppers, carrots, tomatoes, and celery wait 30 secs

Step 4: Add Salt, Italian seasoning, Curry powder, chilli powder, mrs dash, bayleaves =, and thyme wait 30 secs

Step 5: Add water and bring to a boil, after boiling Add pasta and let cook according to the instructions on the package

Step 6: Once the noodles are al dente, add in chickpeas dandelion and kale greens to cook for 5 mins and reduce heat to a simmer

Step 7: Serve & Enjoy!


*No pictures available because I ate it all sorry 😦 *

“I NEED SOME ME TIME!!!!” The Amazing Benefits of Holistic Rest

Focusing your intentions on others can be a dicey game, while allowing the energy of others to merge with your own for sake of a common goal or elevating experience can be essential to human development. How much is too much? and is that amount of energy different for each person?

Couple sitting at bar and looking irritated

It is common more often than not to be encouraged by others to become more social. People who are “Anti social” are often looked at as crazy or flawed in some way. I believe that description is a blanket term used to describe what seems to be the stirring question no-one wants to answer; What do I do when I’m alone?

Bored Young Woman Stirring Coffee --- Image by © Vincent Mo/zefa/Corbis

See many fear being alone because it can stir up latent emotions and bring them to the surface while others absolutely need it as an essential part of their re-calibration process. So the question becomes when and how much time do I need for myself and how do I know when I need to take that time?
As, an empath when I need to take alone time it becomes apparent extremely quickly as I begin to become overly sensitive to other peoples emotions in a valitole and negative way. My body even begins to hold on to these emotions and they manifest as symptoms like headaches, pains, or even other more serious ailments. How do I know when the root of my illness is emotional? When I’ve taken all the proper physical precautions of diet, exercises, hydration, and rest and I am still in pain or uncomfortable this denotes an energetic issue.
That’s how I know its time for some “ME TIME.” Me time is how I re-calibrate my senses, much like a machine the body and mind often need time to power down and come into sleep or off mode if you will. What happens to a computer that is used often and never powered off? Even the best technology will still eventually falter if it doesn’t get rest. Your body and mind are the same. Even if you are getting enough sleep, that is not enough you need holistic rest. I briefly discussed this in my previous blog “7 surprising things I learned while on my 7 day liquid cleanse” link : (…) I can not stress enough the importance of holistic rest, holistic is a term meaning that of which encompasses the whole self mind, body, spirit, and even soul and all of the various aspects in which these things manifest. More often than not our rest is 1 dimensional only comprising 1 aspect of self.
When we begin to recharge our whole selves we can then regenerate any correlating aspects that may have began to become damaged or are damaged in the process. The length of time that holistic rest must last will differ from person to person but ultimately it will all come down to creating a sense of peaceful awareness with-in.
Holistic rest may not be considered rest at all it may be activities that allow us to clear our mind, the rest simply being from our monotonous realities. Activities like running, swimming, hiking, yoga, and of course meditation can help us to clear our mind of cluttering thoughts, while elevating the necessary restorative hormones in our body to create an over all sense of release, peace, and balance. Even hobbies like writing, photography, and painting can have similar effects on the body and mind. With all this in mind it is extremely imperative that we not only take time to rest our bodies but to rest holistically, so that we can maintain an over all state of homeostasis; assisting us in creating happier, healthier, and less stressful lives.

Happy Woman in Meadow --- Image by © Patrik Giardino/Corbis

So the next time your feeling out of sorts, ask yourself, “Have I taken the proper amount of rest time for myself? and when is the last time I did?” The answer may shock you but no worries employ the technique of holistic rest for at-least 20 mins 3-4x a week and watch your agitation dissipate into contentment. I hope this information empowers you to cultivate the most important relationship you could ever establish in life, the one with yourself. Don’t forget to stay connected via our many social media platforms!
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7 Surprising Things I Learned During my 7 Day Liquid Cleanse


Over the past few years Ive  gone through a number of health issues that led to me striving to repair my body from the inside out. Through suggestion of my health coach I decided to embark on a 7 day liquid cleanse, including; green juices, herbal teas & infusions, as well as other herbal & natural liquid supplements. What I learned was surprising to say the least, it seemed like my body co-operated more than anticipated and I didn’t crave solid food until the very end of my fast. What I found to be my bigger challenges were emotional and mental well being. It’s very common to experience a plethora of emotions while your body cleanses, but this time more than any other I flowed with my emotions and allowed them to unveil to me hidden aspects of myself that contributed to my over all dis-eased state.

1.The Power of Positive Thinking:

Positive Thinking Affirmations

Many understand positive thinking as a cliche concept. “Oh, if I think good thoughts good things will happen.” Even though the simple aspect of this concept is true there is a bit more to it that makes it solidified as a manifested reality. You must more than think positively, you must replace the negative program of thinking that is currently running in your mind, and become proactive about creating a positive thinking pattern that can help to affirm your well being, your health, your wealth, and happiness.

Throughout the process of cleansing not only do residual toxins in the body come to the surface but, residual toxic emotions, like fear, abandonment, rejection and hurt also surface; with your body in such a vulnerable state it can be harder to fend off the overwhelming emotions that come with that release. The key is to remain positive in the midst of it all, and don’t fight but embrace the “negative” emotions while asking what they may be trying to teach you and how you can let them go!

2. The Value of Rest:

Woman Sleeping in Bed --- Image by © John-Francis Bourke/Corbis

(Photo Credit: Woman Sleeping in Bed — Image by © John-Francis Bourke/Corbis)

Now most of us are so programmed toward doing, doing, doing, we must do for family, do for work, do for others, but during a cleanse your focus should be on doing for self. It’s not selfish it’s self-love, which is the root of all other forms of love. How can you continue to give when your cup is empty? You can’t so you must take the proper time to refill the cup. Rest doesn’t always mean sleep, although you should maintain  at least 8 hours of sleep per night. Rest can also  just be simply taking a break from your normal programming. Go outside into nature, rediscover your inner child and sense of wonder. Stop engaging in energy draining activities, talking about drama or gossip with people on the phone, social media, or through other forms of communication. Remove yourself as much as you can from people who may be draining you, and of course make sure you are getting as much rest as you need for your body to fully heal.

Cleansing in and of itself can take a lot of energy, so remember to treat your body with care and gentleness and to save your energy for things that will enrich your experience with restorative practices like yoga, meditation, qi gong, hydration, pampering baths, and learning about how to heal and maintain yourself holistically.

3. When to Focus Inward:


Stop looking outside of yourself for love, validation, and respect, This all starts with-in. Once you have cultivated that practice of self healing you will naturally attract those same characteristics from others. Focus on who you are emotionally and where those voids start. Do they come from past pain or lost? When did you first start to feel this way? If you are cleansing to help rectify a particular health concern, what emotions are contributing to your dis-ease and how can you begin to change that?

4. The Value of Help:


Now of course you will need to help yourself before others can truly assist you in your healing journey but learn to be grateful for all the help your receive, it may even come from places you least expect. Sometimes all we need to do is show the universe that we are willing to love ourselves before we can begin to reap the benefits of others love. Maybe it was there waiting all along but the effects of your negative thinking cycle had you blind to seeing the amazing help that was there for you the whole time, or maybe you had to cultivate a mind that could attract these things into your world. Whatever the cause remember that when it comes, be grateful!

5. The Power of Forgiveness:


Now this was a powerful emotional release for me. I’m a very self aware person who often takes emotional inventory and ponders what are the causes for my states of emotional well-being. Anytime is a great time to begin this process, but especially after going through extremely stressful situations like a hard break-up, bout of illness, watching another family member become ill or pass away. These are times that can test your ability to remain positive and can change the way that you look at the world, but it doesn’t have to be for the worst. These are what we call transition periods, when something old must fall away to reveal a new process, life, or change. Every old ending is just a new beginning. Although it may not feel that way at first, a time of cleansing allows us to understand this as truth. A key part of ushering in the new energy that can come in after a transition is to forgive the pain of letting a passing energy go, although it may have been stressful and often during these times extreme sadness and resentment can crop up from the past that you may not even know you had or had forgotten exist it. During this time it is best to forgive those involved in creating that pain including yourself and allow it to fall away. It won’t happen instantaneously but it will begin a new way of being that will set the stage for a positive change to come into full being in your life.

6. Setting Boundaries


Although openness can help you and others heal, so can setting boundaries. We all have limitations to what we can and can not deal with and these limitations change as time goes on. During a cleansing process it is important to be very honest with yourself and others about what your limitations are and why they are an important part of self-respect and self-healing.  You will find that those who truly love you are more than happy to oblige and those who can not may not be fully conducive to your healing process. In anycase you must be strong enough to set these boundaries and strong enough to follow through with them on your own.

7. Letting It Go


The most important and helpful thing I learned throughout this experience was to let thought processes, perceptions, and realities that no longer served me go, because I understand that we are in a state of great change in this universe I am open to knowing that the me I am right now and the me I am meant to become may not hold the same ideals and ways of thinking. Like everything in the universe I must too change and that this change doesn’t have to be a struggle or traumatizing, but this change can be beautiful if I allow it to be. Everything may not turn out the way you envisioned but if you embrace change knowing that it doesn’t dismiss the truth of your inner being, you can understand what it truly means to be free. Sustain, transform, and evolve and through it all never be afraid to let, what is no longer meant for you, go.

Pink Aloe Lemonade Recipe! How to Make Aloe Taste Amazing!!!

Pink Aloe Lemonade


Aloe juice is one of the healthiest things you can put into your body. This healing plant is known for healing all types of inflammation and does wonders for your digestive and over all health. There is only one problem, it tastes like licking the bottom of a toad’s belly (I don’t really know what that tastes like) and is just as slimy. But one day while experimenting with different health juice recipes I unlocked the secret of yuminess, the Lemon! I love this recipe for 3 reasons, 1 its delicious, 2 its ridiculously healthy, & 3 I control the ingredients meaning that there are no hidden sugars and artificial additives in this amazing drink!

⦁ 1-2 juicy lemons
⦁ fresh spring water aprox 32 oz
⦁ 1/4 cup or enough to turn mixture the shade of pink you like of REAL organic cranberry juice (NOT from concentrate)
⦁ 1 Inch Piece of Ginger ( for kick and spice optional)
⦁ 3-4 inches of inch wide aloe leaf or 1-3 inches of 2-3 inch wide aloe leaf
⦁ Lemon or plain flavored Liquid Stevia
You will need…
~ A Blender/nutribullet
~A Strainer
~ A knife
~ A Cutting Board
~ A Citrus Squeezer (optional)
~ How to cut aloe leaf

Step 1: Pick and Peel aloe leaf. Place the gel into blender.

Step 2: Add the fresh lemon juice into the blender. (Add finely diced ginger optional)

Step 3: Add Cranberry Juice

Step 4: 1/2 dropper of liquid stevia

Step 5: Add 16 oz of fresh spring water

Step 6: Blend mixture until any hard pieces are emulsified

Step 7: Strain mixture through thin mesh strainer into a mason jar or pitcher

Step 8: Add last of the fresh spring water and mix well

You can drink this healthy juice everyday it will taste so good and look so pretty you will definitely want to!

Tae’s Home-made Vegan Lasagna Recipe

This lasagna recipe is inspired by my grandmother’s famous amazingly tasty lasagna. To this day I haven’t tasted a lasagna quite like hers but mine have always followed her step by step process to ensure that each layer is filled with yummy goodness. Now, that I’m vegan I truly missed the great flavor of grandmas lasagna and envy others who still get to eat it. So I took it upon myself this summer to re-create this recipe with some added stylings that I have picked up through my 16 years of self taught cooking.


⦁ 2 packs of Brown Rice Lasagna Noodles

⦁ 1 Bushel of Kale Greens  cleaned and chopped

⦁ 8 cherry or grape tomatoes sliced

⦁ 2 medium diced red bell peppers

⦁ 1 large diced red onion

⦁ 2 minced cloves of garlic

⦁ 2 fresh sprigs of thyme (optional)

⦁ 2 Bay leaves

⦁ 4 tbsp of coconut oil

⦁ 1 pack of ground veggie meat or veggie chick’n (optional)

⦁ 1 pack of Vegan Cheddar Cheese

⦁ 1 pack of Vegan Mozerella Cheese

⦁ 1 tub of non GMO hummus ( the bigger the better and red pepper is the most tasty)

⦁ Organic Sunflower seeds ground up with Italian seasonings and a bit of pink Himalayan salt  for topping (optional)

⦁ (2) 28 oz can of organic tomato sauce

⦁ 1/3 cup agave nectar or organic cane sugar

⦁ 1/3 cup of Braggs aminos/ or coconut aminos

⦁ 4 tbsp of organic chilli powder

⦁ 1 tsp of garlic MRS dash

⦁ 3-5 tbsp of Italian seasonings

⦁ 2 tbsp of dried basil

⦁ 1 tsp of Pink Himalayan Salt


⦁ 1 large pot

⦁ 1 large frying pan

⦁ 4 large serving spoons

⦁ 2 large serving bowls

⦁ 1 casserole dish

Assembling the Red Sauce


One of the amazing things I discovered on my journey of cooking has been to always season your own sauce! We used to buy jarred sauce when I was younger but I always felt it lacked the complexity needed to accent the flavors in most of my pasta dishes. So I began to flavor my own. This particular recipe is an adaptation of a traditional Italian red sauce with a twist of south east Asian flavor. It sounds a little weird but all this means is that it has a slight spice and smoke added into its flavor. Be it that we aren’t cooking with meat or meat products this spicy & savory flavor will aid in satisfying the meat flavor element we are accustomed to tasting in this dish. To amp up the flavor I like to make my own sauce from almost scratch. I use pureed and already made tomato sauces with no flavor. Please use organic non-BPA cans for the best flavor and healthiest results. This gives me the opportunity to infuse my own flavors into the sauce while avoiding unnecessary preservatives & sweeteners.

Step 1:  Start by adding in 2 tbsp of organic coconut oil to a large pot on medium heat.

Step 2: Once the oil is heated add 1/2 of the diced onion,  1 of the diced bell peppers,  1 of the minced garlic cloves, and cherry tomatoes in that order allowing each veggie to sweat in the pan for at least 30 sec or until it begins to get tender. Add a dash of pink Himalayan salt to caramelize the onions quicker.

Step 3: Once you’ve got your veggie mix going add in half of your total dried seasonings in now to open up and release their flavors as well.  (Organic chilli powder, garlic MRS dash, Italian seasonings, dried basil, & Pink Himalayan Salt)

Step 4: Now open and add cans of tomato and tomato sauce stir in well and let it cook through on medium heat for 3-5 mins.

Step 5 : Add in bayleaf,  sprig of thyme, fresh Italian parsley, and half of the Braggs aminos to taste stir in and let cook for another 3-5 mins

Step 6 : Taste and add more dry seasonings as well as full amount of agave or sugar stir well and let cook for 3 more mins and then turn it down to a low simmer for another 5-7 mins.

Now you have an amazing flavorful sauce that will complement this dish well.

Prepping the Noodles


This is pretty easy but just in case you don’t know how to boil noodles especially gluten free ones please follow the boiling instructions on the back of the package adding in olive oil, salt , and a bay leaf for flavor. Let them boil while you prepare the filling.

Let them drain and cool 5 mins before the filling is finished.

*TIP: Run the noodles gently under cool water to quickly cool them down. I like to use my hands to place them into the casserole dish*

Making the Filling


Now this is the part where most traditional lasagna recipes call for meat, but here you can use a veggie substitute or just veggies, I’ve done it both ways and its great either way.

Step 1:  Start by adding in 2 tbsp of organic coconut oil to a large pot on medium heat.

Step 2: Once the oil is heated add 1/2 of the diced onion,  1 of the diced bell peppers, and 1 of the minced garlic cloves in that order allowing each veggie to sweat in the pan for at least 30 sec or until it begins to get tender. Add a dash of pink Himalayan salt to caramelize the onions quicker.

Step 3:  Add in the remainder of the aminos to add to the flavor. Stir in well and let stand for another 30 sec on medium heat.

Step 4:  Add in veggie meat or chicken and let it cook through for about 6 mins or until browned. If you are using chicken let it cook for an additional 5 mins on medium low or until the chickns texture is suitable. (optional)

Step 5: Add in fresh parsley and  kale greens or any other veggies you would like to have in the dish and let it cook until it is tender and a bright green. Don’t over cook because they will be going into the oven.

Step 6: Taste and add any last seasonings.

Place into a large serving bowl with its own serving spoon.

Setting up your Stations & Assembling your Lasagna


Step 1: Make sure sauce, noodles, and filling are in their own large serving bowls with serving spoons.  Pre heat oven to 350 for 10 mins

Step 2:  Set out Hummus with own large spoon and make sure the casserole dish is centered for layering.

Step 3: Create First layer of the lasagna by  putting down noodles until the entire base of the casserole dish is covered, then add sauce, filling, hummus, then shredded cheese.

Step 4: Repeat step 3 until the casserole pan is full try to save the most cheese for the top layer to create a nice thick cheesy melted layer on top. You can also add sunflower seed topping if you so desire.

Step 5:  Place casserole dish into the oven and let it cook for 25 mins or until the top is nicely browned.

Step 6: Serve with home made ciabatta garlic bread & salad for an amazing meal the whole family will love.


Come back and let us know how you enjoyed creating this wholesome version of a fan favorite in the comments below!