The Boss is Never Ugly

While growing up on the Black sides of Miami, one of the things I learned quickly: Men with money who made moves and had clout got respect from everyone. All of the men my mother dated were guys with something going for themselves. Some had a illegal businesses, but I knew these dudes weren’t scrubs and they were cool people.


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It was always the guy with smarts, who knew what they wanted and how to get it who were the center of attention. I never seen these guys make threats, they only gave warnings if fools got out of pocket. And if they did show anger, it was a momentary spurt that was needed to regain the upper hand in a tense situation.

They usually remained quiet, and if they spoke it was a short and well thought out response. They are the Joe Cool’s of the world. They are the CEOs who know that actions are man’s greatest orator. They are the rulers of the day, or the sovereigns of the night.

For example, have you ever seen any President of the U.S.A get on television, radio, or in newspapers go on a loud and angry tirade? Have you ever seen any British Prime Minister go off like an NFL coach who’s sick of losing close games? People with real power need not worry, so play it cool as you go for yours.


Fidel Castro & Malcolm X


Gentleman, please understand this: power is the greatest aphrodisiac known to man. It can have the biggest diva force herself to be self-conscious when around a powerful man.

Yeah its cool to work out and eat right, and its fine to have read an entire library including encyclopedias; but what gets a woman going is knowing her man is in control, and all important things shall get handled or heads will roll.


Omari Hardwick portraits “Ghost” on the show POWER

Deep down on a primal instinct level, a man with power is seen as a provider. Some guys may look like hell, but if he has clout and confidence, his chances of having women around is high. It’s almost as if that man can have sex with whomever and whenever he chooses.


One of my favorite songs from back in the day was from DJ Quick called Hand in Hand. Its a track I still play from time to time when I’m getting suited and booted to go out. The message I like most about this track, is that a man must get his life and money right before he thinks about stepping to the kind of women that he wants.

Good Brotha

Lamman Rucker

I’m going to close this out with a section from the book Dragonflies in the Swamp that may enlighten you. I hope this helps, and I’ll see you at the top.

“As a man remember, always focus on being successful in your field. As one guy told me, ‘being a rich man is like being a beautiful woman.’ A dude could look like Quasimodo, if he’s rich or wealthy, even chicks who’ve won beauty pageants will chase him. I used to think this was semi-gold digging, if not all out gold digging. Until I came up with a theory that helped me gain perspective.

My Gold Digger Theory:

Thousands of years ago, us men hunted animals, searched for eatable vegetation and caught fish. During those times, the better hunters were prime candidates. Now fast forward to us men of modernity. We don’t need to hunt animals. We instead hunt for ways to purchase food, clothes, houses and the wants of a woman, or women we lust or love.

Men who earn the most money, power, assets and respect, instinctively to a woman, are deemed better hunters. Some beautiful women feel entitled to these men simply because they’re physically beautiful. So they go after a glamorous lifestyle with a man, or the men, who can afford it.

It’s the survival of the fittest portfolio. Not making excuses for the practice of gold digging, but I can see why some women do this.

Examples of my theory:

(I). In high school, a girl once told me during a summer class, if she found a man who could easily afford the cost of a child, she’d marry him, and have all the kids he wanted.

(II). I heard on a talk radio show once that most married couples who divorced, often did so due to lack of finances.

(III). I asked many women “who would you choose: a poor man living pay check to pay check, with a great personality, who can please you sexually and romantically…Or a man rich beyond belief who is semi-interesting, who can’t be there all the time for you romantically and sexually because he’s on the go. But when he does try, he goes all out, hoping to make up for not being there?” They almost always picked the rich guy.

Hope this helps you guys. Too many suckers buy books, or listen to advise shows on attracting women, when it’s not needed. Be you and to hell with the world that doesn’t like it. Just remember guys, get your mind and life in order, you shall succeed with the ladies. Be a man, and your complimentary piece of a woman is sure to come”

Suited, Booted & Ready to Man Up

Written by Nicholas A. Brown, author, editor, and ghostwriter


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Universal Trailblazers, Entrepreneurial Focus

“Black History Month” shouldn’t be just limited to February of every year. Black history is something that should be shared on a regular basis, in a way that drinking water is essential to our lives. 

It’s time we start acknowledging the incredible contributions that were made by people of color throughout the years; even more importantly, the black women who helped pave the way.

In Inf Mega‘s “Our History in Black” series, Mary McLeod Bethune, educator and civil rights leader, is spotlighted.

Because black history is something that should be shared before and beyond the month of February, its essential to recognize the people who are making a difference in our generation. In today’s time, there are a lot of emerging female entrepreneurs that are paving the way for even more lasting contributions to be made. Beautiful black female entrepreneurs to be exact! How am I so sure? I’m surrounded by them on a regular basis! As a black entrepreneur myself, these women have inspired me in SO many ways and continue to do with their radiant selves. If you want to know more about some of these women I hold dear, be sure to pick up this month’s copy of Self-Made Magazine releasing Monday, February 16th, to check out my featured favorites (click here to subscribe).

Before I bid you beautiful people adieu, I want to leave you with a few entrepreneurial affirmations that were given to me recently:

  • I attract success and prosperity with ALL of my ideas 
  • Prosperity and success is my natural state of mind 
  • I only attract lucrative, enjoyable and beneficial circumstances 
  • I have created the perfect business for myself 
  • Successful people are being attracted to me 
  • Everyday and in every way, I am becoming more prosperous 
  • My financial abundance overflows today 
  • I am full of money-making ideas 
  • I am open and receptive to new avenues of income 
  • I courageously sell my ideas 

To make sure that you’re able to read these everyday, a great idea would be to create an affirmation board like the one I’ve done below. I used dry-erase poster board so that I could rotate all of the affirmations on a weekly basis. Using the vision-board layout, I created a unique headline. Make sure you put it in a place where you will have to inadvertently look at it ALL the time for maximum results. Remember, its YOU who makes it happen with these tools! 

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Want more inspiring inspiring affirmations? Make sure you stick around for my next post!


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The New Anecdotal Prose Poem versus The 50 Shades of Gray Area in Book Publishing

People tend to be afraid of or unsure about things that are new. New styles of music takes years to get hip, new television shows dealing with powerful themes need to be absorbed by the viewers minds, and even books, unless written by someone already famous, takes a while to catch on.

Like the music industry today, unless an artist has built a platform (a following or fan base), publishing companies won’t pay you any mind. Plus in a city like Miami where street sales, even with a permit to do so is prohibited, unless you aren’t standing stationary, how can an author, even one who developed their own style of expressive writing respected by people with Ph.Ds make leeway?


The anecdotal prose poem is like an essay, which touches on a particular topic, that uses literary and poetic flair in some of the language, with anecdotes and short stories intertwined. As Patricia Ross of Hugo House Publishing (who holds a doctorate in English) said that Dragonflies in the Swamp is like an epic poem with the anecdotes, but it tells solid yet positive messages from a gritty place due to it speaking about the streets of Miami. Now if the author only had the thousands of dollars needed to have Hugo House market the book, then maybe this style of writing can get a shot of being found.

Teachers from Kansas, lawyers in Washington D.C., professors at Florida International University put this work in their libraries, and even publishing houses that has rejected this work showed respect by stating:

“Dear Mr. Brown,

Thank you for your recent submission to Greenleaf Book Group. We carefully reviewed your work and concluded that it does not fit our needs at this time. Our decision was based on a review of the following criteria:

Overall quality
Sales potential

‘Dragonflies in the Swamp’ did not meet our standards in the following areas:

Sales potential” 

– Greenleaf Book Group

For those who don’t know “sales potential” means doesn’t have a following. Great work with much to say, but because the author isn’t a known professor, magazine/newspaper columnist, lecturer on the cross country circuit for he’s finding out how that process works, or a pissy drunk celebrity leaving the club with no underwear on, then his work must sit in the dark for now. The author is finding out that he must go to literary events that are few and far between in South Florida, plus he began freelancing a few months ago, so his funds aren’t up to par enough yet for much promotion and pow wowing.


I spoke to a guy who wrote books a while back. He said that in Miami you must set up events in order to sell or make noise. The author of Dragonflies has done events that were scheduled to be on PBS South Florida (Lip Service), and has done smaller poetry events, and plans to do more. So of course, any bit of help is welcomed, so may this post fly into God’s mind and said to the world that it is good as well.

What more can this person do until he can hopefully find his stride on the lecture circuit and attain serious clientele as a copywriter, ghostwriter, and soon to be writing consultant.

He’s more than just some lone wolf type hiding behind a keyboard or typewriter. From what I understand, he wants to start a company that will not only publish books, but have departments that’ll provide:

  • Proofreading & editing
  • Write content for online usage for people and companies
  • Ghostwriting whole literary projects
  • Consult companies wanting to do their own written projects
  • Consult companies who need content for websites & blogs
  • Market and promote self-publishers with great content
  • Act as agent for self-publishers or authors who have something great they’ve created.

Sex sells, so with 50 Shades coming into theaters soon, I see nothing but horny single women, lonely housewives, and Grey fans checking this out. I guess along with strippers, the author of Dragonflies must write books about rich guys sleeping with freaky chicks who love being controlled S & M style, who has a huge c**k and doesn’t take orders from nobody but the Holy Trinity.

New weapons are being created everyday that get used in battle. New technologies are being funded by angel investors looking to get on board the next app, Google, Apple or even Facebook. New foods and beverages are bought up and sold quickly by food companies and supermarkets. Yet new authors, painters, musicians with amazing skills, who are innovators are left in the dust.

Traditional ways produced legendary artists and bands in music like Michael Jackson, Duke Ellington, The Who, Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder, Tupac Shakur and the latest in Kendrick Lamar and Adele. But now we have so many one hit wonders, and fly-by-night singers and rappers its a shame. All because these whack artists won a contest on TV or built a fan base. Years ago, artists who got known from just fan base (the Chief Keefs, Kreayshawns, and the latest American Idol alums of the world), they were around, they just weren’t pushed because their quality of work didn’t match with the legends we know today.

Traditional ways produced writers such as Steven King, J.K. Rowling, Ernst Hemingway, and countless others. Many folks have told me that people don’t read anymore. Yet those who claim not to read love to read comments on posts, after they’ve read an article they saw on Facebook, or looked on blog sites where tales such as Twilight get spawned from.


Dragonflies touches on sex, how to motivate oneself, how to get money, how to be a better person everyday, and how not to get your ass kicked by cops. Yet the author must keep finding ways to sell books, be heard, and respected without breaking any laws or told “niggas don’t read” every so often.

Yeah, you can promote and grind yourself, but to do it all takes a team of people who believe in you, and who see that dealing with you brings in money. The anecdotal prose needs to be heard, but it takes funds, fans and word of mouth. You can either buy a book, or order a service, either way, if things don’t get done, know that America had a shot at introducing something new to the world other than Young Thug and stealth drones.

In the long run, Pip N Pens Literary, Copy Writing, & Consulting Company must get the funds to push people, and provide services. It must wait until another author comes in with a book filled with short stories and anecdotal prose poems, hopefully just the prose poems. In the long run, contests will be held for the most epic of anecdotal prose. And in the long run, all genres of books shall be published through Pip N Pens. This new way of writing and business shall see sunlight. It just gotta make its way out of the valley of death filled thinking.

Nicholas Brown, author of Dragonflies in the Swamp and coauthor of So You Want To Be A Stripper?


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These Degrees Get Me Paid???

At least twice a year, I see an article claiming which college degrees are said to make the most money on average. And every time I read these, I can’t help but laugh at how lost the reporter is.

From what I’ve noticed, they always suggest degrees or certifications in the ever evolving tech field, the always in demand medical field, and the play it safe criminal justice field. Not once do they mention whether one must care enough (i.e. be passionate) to want to get up to do these jobs.

Some of these reports also say which degrees don’t pay because the job market isn’t rewarding enough. Well who said happiness can be measured in dollars dumb ass? And most importantly, who said I can’t blaze my own bloody path?

I’m sick of them promoting conformity! I mean, some of the people who I know that got degrees in fields because they heard it makes money are some of the most bored, and uninspired folks I’ve ever met!

They make $45,000 a year or better, drive a decent vehicle, yet they’re unhappy, and are only doing their jobs because they can tolerate it. They vacation, go out to events, but you ask them about the last book they read or anything political that’s an in-depth understanding of how another country operates, and how it may affect our country, they stand there CLUELESS!!!!

Look, I wrote in the paragraph above this one to say this: Yeah, they have a degree and work a great job, but can they tell me how to become a millionaire, as well as break down why serfdom in early African countries wasn’t the same as slavery in the Caribbean and Americas?

At this point in my life, I can only take the advice of those who became successful on their own terms, whether they were high school dropouts, or hold doctorates. I earned my BA in English, and my professors after checking what I created in Dragonflies in the Swamp, are strongly imploring me to get my Masters in Fine Arts.

I’m great at what I do, and I’m further understanding the business of books as a publisher, ghostwriter, editor and consultant, I just need to become successful at these in due time.

For now, I don’t need more education in how to write literary techniques. I need to attack the field many with Masters and Doctorates wish to be involved in full-time. I’m only getting started, doing small gigs for now, selling books when I can, but got dammit, I’m happy! A happy me, is a productive me, so watch me work!

You know, along with Liberal Arts, English made the list of degrees said to not be very rewarding. Let’s see if I can prove another smug daily newspaper person, who is told what they can and can’t write in an article, thus giving it a higher chance of their article being bias, wrong.


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I understand that women had it hard in early American society. They couldn’t vote, and were mainly seen as beings who only belonged in the home, while men worked and provided. In some cases, if the husband died, the women were left confused because they didn’t know how to balance a check book or even know how to fill out a job application.

In today’s times after women went for theirs and got it, it seems as if certain systems set in place that needs to be overhauled to make it fair across the board, they aren’t fighting to make happen.

Feminism was meant to be for equality for women, and I respect that cause I love women and want a peaceful existence with them. But when the last 35 years or so indicates that it has broken up the idea of the family unit, along with welfare being so easily available with rules excluding the men, normally in Black communities across America, it makes you wonder was this the end game that was planned in the first place?

I’m not saying women shouldn’t have rights. But when you have child support with some messed up laws & regulations, section 8 housing with its oddball rules and regulations, along with government enforcing rules across the board that seem to penalize men for being men, then something is definitely wrong with today’s feminist movement. I don’t like where this has gone, and I want to help stop with the bullsh!+.





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