How Money effects the Battle of the Sexes

As a millennial, I heard from my mother and other older women how way back (from the 1940s to the 70s), some men abandoned their families, or when they died the widows were clueless on what to do. Back then men were the main breadwinners, while women stayed home. Even if the women had a job, it was part-time because they had to get back home to take care of their youngin’.

With time and many protests, the women of these 2010s are now career driven and monetarily motivated. No longer are they dependent on having to marry up. All they got to do is get a degree or start a business. Men are still out here making moves, but our complimentary partners (women) are doing it big too.


This forward progress brings into play men asking should they continue being traditional on dates (i.e. a man paying the check at dinner), and if they should be chivalrous since some of these women claim to not want such treatment. These types of situations mentioned have occurred a lot lately. But with most sensible folks, one of the first things they seek in a potential partner is their ability to bring something to the table.

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In today’s world, a two income home is needed in order to raise a family. Granted, there are situations where a person is a single parent whose working, and exceptions to the rule where a woman married a rich and/or wealthy man. Nonetheless, outside of the so-called 1%, men and women work thus having 2 people bringing money, assets and other tangible funds into their union. No man doesn’t want to take care of a lazy ass woman, and I’m sure no woman is thrilled about taking care of a grown ass man.

This is a major reason why I’m choosing not to date seriously as of now. I’ve been finding my way through this literary, copy writing and consulting game for about 14 months now (SHAMELESS PLUG, CLICK HERE), and until I start making a certain amount consistently, I won’t begin getting to know anyone on a more long term basis. I want to have myself 100% right, for when I meet a woman who is 100%, we can put forth 200% effort when we get together.


In any war there are losses. Though women are progressing, some feel if a man isn’t making more than they are, they can’t respect him. The guy could be making $60,000 a year, if she’s making $100,000 then he can’t even have a simple coffee or lunch date with her. There are some circumstances where money plays such a huge part, that it can server a whole marriage.


This one episode of a news magazine show someone posted on YouTube I saw a while back, did a story about how a wife lost respect for her husband, after he was downsized from his job at an accounting firm in 2009.

The guy was pulling in close to 90 grand as an accountant at the firm, while she was making about the same in her career field. During the months after losing his job, he was doing freelance work, making about 20 – 25 thousand per year, while searching for another firm to work at. Not only was he still making some kind of effort to bring in funds, he also played Mr. Mom and took more care of their son.

Even though the man was doing what many women would kill to have a man do for them, because he wasn’t clocking dough in the near six-figure range, the wife fell out of love. She was distant, and claimed that she wasn’t sexually attracted to him anymore. She was acting so cold toward him, I felt the frost from her shoulder through the monitor.

The getting of money and still wanting for greater has really warped some women’s idea of the ideal man. That same guy in that report was a good father, college educated, and still was able to contribute something. But because he didn’t meet her standards, she cut him off. These kind of women act as if guys who are making $100,000 or better are just sprouting like leaves on trees — acting as if she couldn’t have his back when he was down. Then they wonder why they’re single in their late 30s, or divorced in their 40s, trying to figure out what did they do wrong? No man wants to be with, or come home to a woman like that!

Plus, even if a woman like this did find a guy who was a millionaire, who says he’d take care of her and treat her right like a guy making $30,000 per year would?

1 Woman Scream


Another thing some of these paper chasing women need to do is know when to fall back. Many of today’s modern women can’t seem to understand that most men want to lead. There are some couples where the woman wears the proverbial pants of their union, and they’re both content with this dynamic. But for the most part, men are out to be the head of their union.

Modern women are use to being masters of their own universes. So when a stand-up guy comes along, a lot of them don’t know how not to be boss lady, especially when with a headstrong male. These ladies feel because they’re in control of their job environment, and give final word on major decisions in their life, when a good guy comes along asserting himself into the lead role, she’ll begin to fight back.

You also can’t forget those women who are workaholics — the kinds of women putting career first, child second (if he has one with her), and her man last. To many women, trying to juggle family, career, and intimacy is damn near impossible — something has to fall to the way side. So yeah, if she’s making mad money at her job, it may be worse than you think. That’s why with women I shall date, I won’t put heavy emphasis on how much money they make. Long as she’s doing something productive, and helps me with my grind then I’m a happy camper.

Miss Independent, if he’s a great guy whose bringing something to the table, and can be a candidate for father of the year then learn to fall back, and trust in your man. Learn that being cooperative and allowing a worthy man to step up, will be the best decision you could ever make for your relationship. But as I always stress ladies, only if he’s proven himself capable, and willing to accept your input as a partner.



Men and women must come together in this new millennium, making money in order to live close to, or actually achieving a middle class or upper middle class lifestyle. Yes, we have more acceptance of single parenthood (mainly for women), but still those in a relationship or who want a relationship must find a way to make things work.

Both men and women must be self-sufficient in today’s world, in order for them to build a life together. Make sure as a man, you don’t put too much emphasis on her bringing a lot of money to the table. And as a woman, do not consider money the most important factor when choosing a man.

The battle of the sexes is stupid to me, because men and women are here to compliment each other. As time goes by, I hope the world realizes this so we can grow on a global scale. Until then, let’s keep progressing by not letting money cloud our better judgement.

– Nicholas Brown, co-author of So You Want To Be A Stripper? The Comprehensive Guide To Go From Girl-Next-Door To Pole Dancing Diva

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Experts have concluded that to be successful in any aspect of your life that it is the courage to take the “first step” that makes all the difference. This is the courage to launch in the direction of your goals, with no guarantee of success. Most people lack this kind of courage. Once you have the courage to go for it then you must have the courage to persist. You need first of all, the courage to begin, to move out of your comfort zone in the direction of your goals and dreams, even though you know will experience many problems, difficulties, and temporary failures along the way. Now you need the courage to endure, to hang in there, to persist in the face of all adversity until you finally win through. 5 years ago I went through a physical ailment that i had no idea what it was nor did the doctors I know i had arthritic and fibromyalgia like systems. I could barely bend over, my whole body was in tremendous pain and i became naturally fearful, however and kept exercising with adjustments, doing herbal therapy and even adjusted my diet (I was already a vegan). I stayed courageous and visioned myself well and kept on doing positive things necessary on every level including laugh therapy and great sex. The most helpful person was my wife she, she nursed me, inspired me and administered some serious exotic healing oils that mad a great difference. But ultimately it was my independent courage they saw me through I eventually got back on top of my physical game, np pain and back doing my body weight fitness exercises.

You see courage is not an absence of fear it’s sometimes feeling fear and being positive anyway. And once you’re in motion fear subsides or leaves. As they say “feel the fear and do it anyway”. One ting learned from the great empowerment specialist Tony Robbins is the power of physiology to turn fear into courage. Physiology is your body language, facial expression, your breathing patters, and your emotional and energy state. So if your fearful your physiology looks a certain way start practicing the physiology of courage, stand tall, shoulders back, relaxed with a smile of victory on your face, feel fearless in fact act like you have a superman or woman cape on your back and walk around feeling super heroic and your coming to save your own day! It sounds funny but this stuff works. The average person evades the thing he or she fears. the superior person turns toward the fear and confronts it. Force yourself to do things you fear, over and over again until the fear eventually disappears. The primary reason why people fail to get that date, that sale, that career, that dream because they fear rejection. Get over rejection by rejecting rejection. No is only a word, you will realize as you keep asking no’s mean nothing and you must know your yes is coming.

Say yes to Courage and Courage will make life say Yes to you!!!!


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Daryl Mooney on the Law of Attraction The Law of attraction (LOA) was made popular by a fantastic new thought movie called “The Secret”. The reality is LOA is not new, nor is it a religion or cult movement although some treat it as such. LOA goes against what we have been taught that “opposites attract” when LOA is “like attracts like”. LOA says that you are a living magnet. Your thoughts radiate out from you like energy waves and attract back into your life people and circumstances in harmony with those dominant thoughts. when you emotionalize a thought, with either desire or fear, you dramatically increase the vibration the rate of vibration of that thought and more rapidly attract into your life circumstances in harmony with it. When you think about, imagine, and visualize a positive, exciting outcome, you create a force field of energy that attracts into your life ideas, relationships, people, opportunities, money, and healing that help make your goal a reality. For Instance when I desired a mate and at the time I was dating 3 women, neither of them proved worthy so I let them all go. I visualized and imagined my perfect mate, a dark-skinned, sexy, pretty, conscious and cultural woman and soon she came into my life. I had to let go off the good to attract the great. The law of attraction is very powerful. It is also neutral. If you think positive, constructive thoughts about your personal and financial goals, you attract into your life the resources necessary to achieve them. If you think negative destructive thoughts of fear and worry, you attract negative situations and problems consistent with your thoughts. The choice is yours. We must also realize the law of attraction is incomplete if you don’t understand and practice the next blog The Law of Action!!!