The Queen That Never Surrendered: Queen Nzinga

Edited by Tae Queen

Queen Nzinga Mbande was the monarch of the Mbundu people. Most famous for her resistance of Portuguese colonization and slave trade, she was known as a powerful military strategist who kept her people safe until her dying day.

One of her most famous encounters with the Portuguese was in 1622, when she met with Portuguese officials in Luanda to discuss a peace treaty. During this peace conference she established a line of trade with Portugal in hopes of securing weaponry. She also converted to Christianity to appease this connection, but Portugal was not satisfied with mere trade and desired African slaves. Nzinga, displeased with this deliberate breach of treaty, reached out to her brother, only to be saddened by his weakness on the matter. Her brother eventually committed suicide in 1626 leaving Nzinga as Queen of the Mbundu people.

Queen Nzinga took it upon herself to form an alliance with the Janga people by marrying their chief and organized an army. She also created a land for her people by conquering the kingdom of Matamba. This alliance ended in betrayal as the chief ended up attacking Matamba and her people.

Queen Nzinga’s brilliant military mind seized her chance to form an alliance with the Dutch as they fought with the Portuguese over their share of the slave trade in 1641.  In 1647, Queen Nzinga, with the assistance of the Dutch, defeated the Portuguese army. When the Portuguese defeated the Dutch army sending them packing from Central Africa, Queen Nzinga continued to battle the Portuguese until her dying day December 17, 1663.



“Queenly Character” (2016) by Way (SOULar Lioness)


Artist: Way (SOULar Lioness) Founder and Owner of SOUL Meets BODY



Got Melanin?

Got Melanin Time and time again, I hear people in the conscious community talking about melanin. Most of the conversations are on point about enhancing the quality and quantity of the melanin molecule. What I rarely hear is how to access it and use it for benefits that go far beyond good health. I also don’t hear folks talking about the cocktail of chemicals in our body that we have access to of which melanin is just on I’ve had the pleasure of sitting under the teachings of many scholars who specialize in this subject. I’d like to share what I’ve learned from them along with my personal experiences as a melaninated being who is learning to access the power of this amazing molecule AND much more.

What is melanin? According to the Google dictionary, “melanin is a dark brown to black pigment occurring in the hair, skin, and iris of the eye in people and animals. It is responsible for tanning of skin exposed to sunlight.” The more melanin you have present in your body, the darker your skin, the better your visual acuity in the natural and spiritual realm, and the better your body’s overall performance. Did you know that your body is the most amazing pharmacy ever? Did you know that you can learn to produce the chemicals you need in your own body at will? Let me drop some science about the pineal gland and the variety of natural chemicals it produces. The melanocytes in our pineal gland are responsible for secreting melanin molecules into our bodies. The pineal gland produces the melatonin which regulates our circadian rhythms and reproductive hormones. It also produces serotonin, a neurotransmitter that plays a key role in regulating our moods. When serotonin combines with the natural tryptamine released by our pineal gland (also known as the seat of the soul or the third eye), it creates DMT (dimethyltriptamine). DMT is released in high quantities at birth and death. It’s also the reason you dream and have imagination.

As you can see, the pineal gland produces a variety of chemicals.  While melanin is powerful on it’s own, it’s just one of the key ingredients to the equation. There’s more to the story and we can’t stop there. ALL of these natural chemicals released by our pineal gland are powerful for regulation of normal body functioning AND our connection to the spiritual realm. Rumor has it that the Skull and Bones secret society indulged in consuming live pineal glands just to get an increase of those fresh secretions. There’s a reason folks started eating animals that goes far beyond a food source. It’s the real reason why many people who grow spiritually pursue a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. The truth is hidden in our pineal glands. I’ll let you research that topic outside of the mainstream and come to your own conclusion.

How can we enhance the quality and quantity of the melanin molecules present in our body? While I know that all of the chemicals released by the pineal gland are equally important, I know many of you would like to know more about enhancing your melanin so let’s focus here for a moment. Everyone has the capacity to increase their melanin stores (even most people who identify as Caucasian).The goal is to get the proper amount of and exposure to the sun, eat natural foods, enhance your ability to adapt to stress and change, and rid your body of toxins from cosmetics, household cleaning products, and the environment. When we don’t care for our minds, bodies, and souls, we inevitably end up in a diseased state.

Let’s talk about sunshine. Living here in America, most people of color have adopted the practice of staying out of the sun because they are afraid to get too dark. This is due to the stigma of the slavery mentality many of us still carry. We’ve been conditioned to think lighter skin is better skin. Truth is, we need to be outside in the sun at least two hours per day, as uncovered as possible between the hours of 10am – 2 pm. The goal is to get all the UVB (ultra violet b) from the sun you can. Yes, you’ve probably figured out that the sun is literally a source of nutrition we all need. It’s not just a beautiful ball in the sky that just gives us LIGHT. It literally gives us LIFE. The more melanin you have, the more your body is able to make vitamin D3. Sunbathing is key to this process. Before you can engage in this practice, we need to cleanse our bodies if parasites, mold, and fungus. The residue on our skin from years of eating bad and environmental toxins has caused our outer skin and inner body to be full of parasites, mold, and fungus which is the REAL reason people get skin cancer and sun poisoning. It also causes a coating to sit on our eyes which is the real reason most of us need glasses. Once that coating is removed, you can literally gaze at the sun. So sunbathing and sun gazing gives us life and one way is giving your body what it needs to make D3. Vitamin D3 increases your body’s ability to absorb other nutrients. Without the proper amount, you can eat the right food and take vitamins all day long but your body won’t be absorbing them. This is the real cause of malnutrition. We think those starving children in Africa and Indonesia they sell to us on TV are starved. We are starved and we eat each day. To get the maximum sun exposure and rid your body of cosmetic toxins, it’s imperative to not use commercial brands of sunscreen. All we need is natural oils and body butters like coconut oil and Shea butter.

What are some foods that stimulate melanin production? Raw almonds, peanuts, dried beans, raw sesame seeds, lima beans, raw pumpkin seeds. Cooper helps to produce melanin as well as skin elasticity. That’s why folks with high melanin stores have beautiful skin. Kale greens, shitake mushrooms, raw cashews, chickpeas, and avocados are great sources of cooper. The key is to ensure your are balancing your cooper and zinc intake not to create an imbalance. That’s where those raw pumpkin seeds I mentioned earlier come in handy. Cooked spinach, raw squash seeds, raw cacao, kidney beans, and portabella mushrooms are great sources of zinc, as well. The chaga mushroom is one of the highest sources of melanin known to humankind. This is why we see people hunting for chaga like never before. Raw foodists David Wolfe says, “While chaga is the king, Reishi is the queen.” Reishi has the next highest source of melanin known to man. You’ll also want to be sure you’re getting enough selenium. Brazil nuts, shitake and white button mushrooms, lima beans, pinto beans, raw chia seeds, raw ground flaxseeds, raw sesame seeds, raw sunflower seeds, brown rice, brocolli, cabbage, and cooked spinach are good choices.

Why is melanin NOT the only key to my spiritual growth? When you seek to heal and grow, sometimes the cookie cutter paths to clean eating and spirituality work to build discipline and focus. In the end, you’ll always be dissatisfied if you don’t learn to commune with the God in you. All the answers are within. The Akhashic records and all that. Melanin is merely ONE of your personal technologies you can use to enhance your ability to remember all you’ve forgotten from lifetime to lifetime. And once you start knowing, your doing will reflect that knowing. Your goal is to figure out how to access all the wonderful chemicals secreted by your overlooked pineal gland to create the experiences you want.

Our ancestors were able to keep their pineal glands in tip top shape because of their climate, pure water, pure food, and low stress lifestyle and as a result, they were able to go into deep meditation with and without the use of sacred plants and fungi, you know stuff we make illegal in this country like psilocibin cubenis mushrooms. DISCLAIMER: I am not promoting the use of illegal substances. I’m merely sharing some information you may want to research for yourself. Through the spiritual practice, plant, or fungi or their choice, our ancestors were able to release a natural chemical cocktail to could connect regions in the brain that aren’t normally connected. They could also communicate with entities in the spirit realm. We see people doing this in churches and we call them prophets. In reality, EVERYONE is a prophet. We just have to learn how to enhance our spiritual practices to activate those abilities.

As a result of our ancestors being able to do this, they were able to build pyramids that were energy centers and bring prosperity to their lands. We see and hear it in the spiritual realm and bring the knowledge and actions back to this realm. Most amazing creations and spiritual abilities you see today are a result of brain balancing work, access to an internal pharmacy through meditation or hallucinogenic substances, or some people are simply born remembering how to use their talents and gifts. We see glimpses of this in the great inventor and plant and fungi enthusiasts, George Washington Carver. His connection to the plant and fungi kingdom led to the creation over 300 new uses of the peanut product. And as a peanut butter lover, I thank him kindly for his services. He even gave his friend Henry Ford divine plant knowledge that allowed this entrepreneur to mass produce his cars. We better stop doubting our abilities and giving away what’s shared with us! People like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates saw the vision for their creations while having experiences with exogenus DMT. These substances are definitely a tool however, the key is to learn how to access that state of mind on your own, without depending on them. Establishing a consistent meditation practice is one of the first steps to get your body to release the chemicals you need to access the spiritual realm at will. There are other practices to develop your central and parasympathetic nervous system, as well. Once you learn to access this realm, you’ll be given the answer to every question you’ve ever pondered along with the elemental keys to get out of any situation that doesn’t serve you and into one that serves you better.

So what’s next? It’s totally up to you. I encourage you do your own research and stop following these folks who are getting rich off of your tithes, offerings, and donations while they use up all your energy and you sit in a house with shattered dreams and a broken heart. Learn the truth about who you really are, work your magic, and live life to the fullest. No matter what script you contracted for, IT CAN be rewritten. It’s all up to you! Got melanin? I sure do? How about you? Now what you gonna do? Love and light.

Black History Hero: Winnie Mandela

Nelson Mandela- Photographs by David Turnley


After her husband, Nelson Mandela, was released from prison in 1990, Winnie Mandela shared in his political activities, despite her scandalous reputation. In 1993, Winnie became president of the African National Congress Women’s League, and in 1994, she was elected to Parliament. She was re-elected to Parliament in 1999, but resigned in 2003, under a new financial scandal

Early Career: Social Work

BornNomzamo WinifredMadikizela on September 26, 1936, inBizana, a rural village in the Transkei district of South Africa, Winnie Mandela eventually moved to Johannesburg in 1953 to study at the JanHofmeyr School of Social Work. South Africa was under the system known as apartheid, where citizens of indigenous African descent were subjected to a harsh caste system in which European descendants enjoyed much higher levels of wealth, health and social freedom.Winnie completed her studies and, though receiving a scholarship to study in America, decided instead to work as the first black medical social worker at Baragwanath Hospital in Johannesburg. A dedicated professional, she came to learn via her field work of the deplorable state that many of her patients lived in.

In the mid-1950s, Winnie met attorney Nelson Mandela, who, at the time, was leader of the African National Congress, an organization with the goal of ending South Africa’s apartheid system of racial segregation. The two married in June 1958, despite concerns from Winnie’s father over the couple’s age difference and Mandela’s steadfast political involvements. After the wedding, Winnie moved into Mandela’s home in Soweto. She became legally known thereafter as Winnie Madikizela-Mandel.

Confinement and Leadership

Nelson Mandela was routinely arrested for his activities and targeted by the government during his early days of marriage. He was eventually sentenced in 1964 to life imprisonment, leaving Winnie Mandela to raise their two small daughters, Zenani and Zindzi, single-handedly. Nonetheless, Winnie vowed to continue working to end apartheid; she was involved surreptitiously with the ANC and sent her children to boarding school in Swaziland to offer them a more peaceful upbringing.

Monitored by the government, Winnie Mandela was arrested under the Suppression of Terrorism Act and spent more than a year in solitary confinement, where she was tortured. Upon her release, she continued her activism and was jailed several more times. Then after the Soweto 1976 uprisings where hundreds of students were killed, she was forced by the government to relocate to the border town of Brandfort in 1977 and placed under house arrest. She described the experience as alienating and heart-wrenching, yet she continued to speak out, as in a 1981 statement to the BBC on black South African economic might and its ability to overturn the system.

In 1985, after her home was firebombed, Winnie returned to Soweto and continued to agitate against the regime even during government media bans. Her actions continued to cement the title bestowed upon her, “Mother of the Nation.” But Winnie also became known for endorsing deadly retaliation against black citizens who collaborated with the apartheid regime. Additionally, her group of bodyguards, the Mandela United Football Club, garnered a reputation for brutality. In 1989, a 14-year-old boy named Stompie Moeketsi was abducted by the club and later killed.

Freedom and Charges of Violence

Through a complex mix of domestic political maneuvering and international outrage, Nelson Mandela was freed in 1990, after 27 years of imprisonment. The years of separation and tremendous social turmoil had irrevocably damaged the Mandela marriage, however, and the two separated in 1992. Before that, Winnie Mandela was convicted of kidnapping and assaulting Moeketsi; after an appeal, her six-year sentence was ultimately reduced to a fine.

Even with her conviction, Winnie Mandela was elected president of the ANC’s Women’s League. Then, in 1994, Nelson Mandela won the presidential election, becoming South Africa’s first black president; Winnie was subsequently named deputy minister of arts, culture, science and technology. However, due to affiliations and rhetoric seen as highly radical, she was ousted from her cabinet post by her husband in 1995. The couple divorced in 1996, having spent few years together out of almost four decades of marriage.

Winnie Mandela appeared before the nation’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission in 1997, and was found responsible for “gross violations of human rights” in connection to the killings and tortures implemented by her bodyguards. While ANC leaders kept their political distance, Winnie still retained a grassroots following. She was re-elected to Parliament in 1999, only to be convicted of economic fraud in 2003. She quickly resigned from her post, though her conviction was later overturned.

Winnie Mandela continues to be a controversial media figure. In a 2010Evening Standard newspaper interview, she sharply criticized Archbishop Desmond Tutu and her ex-husband, disparaging Nelson Mandela’s decision to accept the Nobel Peace Prize with former South African President F.W. de Klerk. Winnie later denied making the statements. In 2012, the British press published an email that Winnie Mandela had composed, in which she criticized the ANC for its general treatment of the Mandela clan.


Black History Hero: Alain LeRoy Locke


The Father of the Harlem Renaissance


of the Alain Leroy Locke was born on September 13, 1885 in Philadelphia, the only child of Pliny Ishmael Locke and Mary Hawkins Locke. His father was a schoolteacher and graduate of Howard University Law School. In his youth, Locke struggled with rheumatic fever, which left him with permanent heart damage. This condition physically restricted him and led him to pursue more greatly the quieter intellectual activities of reading and studying.

Locke attended Central High School in Philadelphia from 1898 to 1902. He graduated first in his class from Philadelphia School of Pedagogy, a teacher’s college, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree. He completed Harvard College’s four-year course in three years. By 1907, Locke received his Bachelor of Arts degree magna cum laude, was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and earned the prestigious Bowdoin Prize for an English essay. Additionally, he was selected as the first person of African descent to receive the distinction of Rhodes Scholar from Oxford University — after rigorous  examinations in Greek, Latin and mathematics.

From 1910 to 1911, Locke began studying at the University of Berlin as a graduate student. He started writing about racism, African colonialism and the arts while studying in Europe. In 1912, Locke returned to the United States and joined the faculty of Howard University where he would later become chairman of its philosophy department. He would work at Howard University for 40 years. During his early teaching career at Howard University, Locke pursued a doctorate which he earned in 1918 from Harvard University.


Black History Hero: Queen Amina


Queen Amina (also known as Queen Aminatu), was the elder daughter of Queen Bakwa Turunku, the founder of the Zazzau Kingdom in 1536. Some scholars date Queen Amina’s reign to about 1549, as heir apparent after the death of her mother. This medieval African kingdom was located in the region now known as the Kaduna State in the north-central region of Nigeria, capital at the modern city of Zaria. Zaria (aka Birnin Zaria) was named after Queen Amina’s younger sister Zariya, and is where the Royal Palace of Zaria resided.

The earliest commentator to mention Queen Amina is Muhammed Bello’s history Ifaq al-Maysur, composed around 1836. Queen Amina is also mentioned in the Kano Chronicle, a well-regarded and detailed history of the city of Kano and the surrounding Hausa people. It was composed in the late 19th century and incorporated earlier oral histories before the Fulani jihad of 1804-1810. It included king-lists of the various Hausa kingdoms.

Known as a great military strategist, the cavalry-trained Queen Amina fought many wars that expanded this southern-most Hausa kingdom.


Black History Hero: Akhenaten

Akhenaten known before the fifth year of his reign as Amenhotep IV (sometimes given its Greek form, Amenophis IV, and meaning Amun is Satisfied), was a pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt who ruled for 17 years and died perhaps in 1336 BC or 1334 BC. He is especially noted for abandoning traditional Egyptian polytheism and introducing worship centered on the Aten, which is sometimes described as monotheistic or henotheistic. An early inscription likens the Aten to the sun as compared to stars, and later official language avoids calling the Aten a god, giving the solar deity a status above mere gods.

Akhenaten tried to bring about a departure from traditional religion, yet in the end it would not be accepted. After his death, traditional religious practice was gradually restored, and when some dozen years later rulers without clear rights of succession from the Eighteenth Dynasty founded a new dynasty, they discredited Akhenaten and his immediate successors, referring to Akhenaten himself as “the enemy” or “that criminal” in archival records.[12]

He was all but lost from history until the discovery, in the 19th century, of Amarna, the site of Akhetaten, the city he built for the Aten. Early excavations at Amarna by Flinders Petrie sparked interest in the enigmatic pharaoh, whose tomb was unearthed in 1907 in a dig led by Edward R. Ayrton. Interest in Akhenaten increased with the discovery in the Valley of the Kings, at Luxor, of the tomb of King Tutankhamun, who has been proved to be Akhenaten’s son according to DNA testing in 2010.[13] A mummy found in KV55 in 1907 has been identified as that of Akhenaten. This man and Tutankhamun are related without question,[14]but the identification of the KV55 mummy as Akhenaten has been questioned.[6][15][16][17][18]

Modern interest in Akhenaten and his queen, Nefertiti, comes partly from his connection with Tutankhamun, partly from the unique style and high quality of the pictorial arts he patronized, and partly from ongoing interest in the religion he attempted to establish.



What Came First? The Chicken or the Egg? The Troubling Truth of the Chronological Deception and Oppression of the 3 Monotheistic Religion on African People

It is a given that ironically in the year 2014 that many people of African descent, not just here in America but on the continent and around the world are predominately Christian. Much of this has to do with the fact that traditionally for the past 2,000 years, Christianity spiritually but more importantly politically, physically and psychologically has had such a choke hold over the affairs of world events and societies. It cannot be overlooked and glossed over the negative effects that Christianity has had on world culture. This is especially true with such cultures that originally did not partake in or whose spirituality or spiritual foundation was not centered on Christianity to begin with. These cultures mainly pertain to African & Asian cultures or what is generally categorized as non-Western cultures. The term Western has been and still continues to be used slickly as a means of demeaning and down casting the validity that non-Western or Eastern spirituality had and continues to have not only on the West but the world over. Such spiritual systems and philosophies include Buddhism (India/Tibet), Daoism & Confusionism (China) & predominately Animism, the acknowledgement & worship of one’s Ancestors/Ancestry (Africa, Dreamtime among the Australian Aborigines & Shamanism amongst the Native Americans).

Now the question that should come to mind is why so many of African descent especially here in North America turned and continue to turn to Islam? Why is Islam seen as the “Black man/African’s religion” given that it is the youngest of the 3 monotheistic religions (only just over 1,400 years old in contrast to Christianity’s 2,000 years and Hebrewism/Judaism’s 4,000 years)? The main reason being lies in the chronology of which religion catapulted the start of the trading of human flesh in bondage. Many Africans here in America as early as the 1920s and 1930s with movements such as Noble Drew Ali and the Moorish Science Temple and Elijah Muhammad’s Nation of Islam converted to Islam. Such converted grew at its apex from the last half of the 20th century, particularly the decades between the 1950s and the 1970s with the start of the Civil Rights Movement.
Many Blacks became disillusioned with Christianity as a religion to rely on due to its slave heritage and turned to other alternatives and so many went to Islam. It was preached by the likes of Elijah Muhammad and many others that Islam is the African man’s religion or the true way of life for African people. It can be said though that out of all of the 3 monotheistic religion, Islam amongst many of its practitioners tends to be the most traditional and tied into African culture and customs in contrast to Judeo-Christianity which among practitioners tend to be Westernized and complacent. This is not however rid the fact of the matter that Islam was the first religion to start up what would eventually lead into one of the most adverse atrocities in African world history, the implementation of the African slave trade.

There is no doubt that the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was horrendous. Yet, this trade would not have been successful had it not been for the influence of the Arabs who invaded Africa. They enslaved and/or killed Africans who would not submit to Islam by the sword. Many of the tactics that White slave masters would use on slaves, especially Black males such as castrating were enacted by the Arabs. Black males were traded and used as servants, soldiers or laborers. The castrated Black males in the Arab slave trade were called Eunuchs. This was a tactic used to emasculate Black males so that Arab men could have better access to African women to mix with and conceive children. This served as a means of tying their bloodline and having access domain over North Africa which is why not many dark skinned Africans cannot be found in this region except when spread out. The African women were used and traded by Arab men as concubines and servants.

The Arab Slave Trade predates the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade by 700 years and lasted a lot longer. It started among the shipping port of Zanzibar in East and Southeast Africa in the 700-800s AD. This was where many Africans, particularly the Bantu people were brought from to the Middle East and as Far East as India. The present day descendants of the East/Southeast Africans residing there in India today are called the Siddhi people. This is the side of Arab/Islamic history that is rarely brought to the attention to the media to the consciousness of Africans in the Diaspora. It is a common mistake that too often when a person of African descent in America practices his/her culture devoid of religion; he/she is relegated to be Muslim, as if being Muslim is synonymous to African culture, to being African. If Islam is 1,400 years old then what were African people practicing prior to Islam? Islam does not have an ancient enough history to be on the same pedestal or on par with African culture and that includes Christianity and Hebrewism/Judaism. The reason for this confusion is due to the Nation of Islam (N.O.I) strong presence and affiliation with the Muslim faith.

So now it has been cleared that even though Islam is the youngest of the 3 Monotheistic religions it was among the 1st to participate in the trading of millions of African people in bondage a couple of centuries before Christianity. This is not to say or to generalize all Christians, Jews and Muslims as all bad. When you look at the chronology of all the wickedness and crimes that have been inflicted on people around the world, it all stems to religion. So now that it can be seen that there is as much dirt in Islam as there is in Christianity, than what in all honesty is the true faith for Africans? The answer would have to be that it lies prior to Monotheism, even before the oldest of the old, Judaism/Hebrewism. There are many die-hard Black Hebrew Israelites that are gung ho about Africans not being Egyptians and that they were the original Hebrews. Many say that Egypt is evil and enslaved Israelites.

First of all the word Israel is Egyptian. It is a composite word, short for Isis, Ra & El, Isis-Ra-El, Is-Ra-El, Israel. This is also true with the 1st chapter among the 5 Books of Moses, the book of Genesis, Gene Isis, Gene of Isis, the Genealogy of Isis. Secondly, the true story has been flipped upside down. The Egyptians never enslaved the so-called Israelites or Hebrews. It was the Hebrews who enslaved the Egyptians for roughly 430 years. Although groups in Africa such as the Lemba tribe in South Africa and the Falasha people in Ethiopia are considered the true Hebrews, it has to be understood that the Hebrews are tie to a group of people called Semites. Among that group of people, the languages are these Semites speak is called Semitic. Semi means half with Semitic meaning mixed breed, not pure. With that being said, the Semites would actually be your modern day Mediterranean & Arab people (EX: Greeks, Italians, Albanians, Iranians, Ottoman Turks, etc.) who in ancient times were the Persians, Greeks, Romans, Assyrians, and Arabs that invaded Egypt and mixed in.

So the Black Hebrew Israelites that claim themselves to be Hebrews are claiming themselves to be mixed breed Africans, not full blooded. They are blindly claiming their lineage to a people that are more racially and genetically mixed up than they are. Even the name Hebrew does not have much significance. It just simply means “to crossover.” This is another example that points out that the original Hebrews were not Black but were tied to the Hyksos, Hittites, Haribus (ancient name for Hebrews) otherwise known as the Shepherd Kings who were nomadic goat herders that crossed over to Egypt many times. They were a by-product of mixed African/Nubian/Egyptian and Germanic people of the Germanic tribes in Europe.

So in conclusion, there was a time a place when Islam was a necessary step for Blacks in America. It was a school of thought to get us out of the vestiges of mental slavery that wreaked havoc on our ancestors’ minds by way of Euro-Christianity. But as we dug back even further chronologically in the past, we found that Arab-Islam had our ancestors in chains mentally and physically. We also assumed that Islam was the true religion of Africans because many Africans before the European incursion of the Trans-Atlantic Trade were Muslim. So we assume that because many of our African ancestors were Muslims straight on the continent, the Motherland, that the religion of Islam was 100% completely homegrown and indigenous. This is completely untrue! This includes Judaism/Hebrewism where even the so-called Jews (correctly called Kharzars/Ashkenazis of Russia) had a hand in the Arab and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. So then until we finally think outside the Monotheistic box and go back to our African spirituality when it was at its purest, we will continue to be mentally, spiritually and psychologically subjugated as we are witnessing with the recent events that have been unfolding upon us.