Hathor Culture: Ibeyi – Oya

Okayso me and my bestie Way aka Soular Lioness love to trade cool new indie or world music back and forth on fb so last week I tagged her in my post about my latest obsession Alex Isley (http://lovealexisley.com/) who is an amazing talent and who’s ep “Love/ Music Memories” I can’t stop listening to. So I check my timeline today and  what do I see two really cute natural Cuban sistas, so I click the link and it takes me to an embedded player with some of their songs. As soon as “Oya” began I was ready to get some energy work poppin’! Lol this song is mystic, unique, and truly beautiful. It’s nice to see artists who pay homage to their ancestral lineage ❤ Check it out in the player below!





Hathor Culture: Iman Omari’s Let Me Music Video

I personally am in love with this amazing artists music. His melody and funky sound is a hypnotic aphrodisiac to my ears! Lol any how he has launched a new kickstarter campaign to help produce a music video for his song “Let Me.” This is an amazing song that definitely deserves a visually stimulating vid.

If you would like to donate to his campaign pledge and here this amazing track click here




Also Check out his newest EP Samadhi on Itunes