A New Year’s Resolution We Should All Get Behind

It’s that time again, end-of-the-year, oh my gawd- how’d I get so fat time. It happens. But here’s a challenge. … Instead of losing weight in 2015, why not gain some knowledge instead?

Here’s what provoked my thought:

I was listening to a group I hadn’t listened to in ages… A group called Dead Prez. They are a bit on the radical side, but I can appreciate their focus on healthy eating. I have always believed that healthy eating is absolutely required for a healthy mind. Growing up natural in the South, I was always looked down on because of my eating habits…

“What you mean you don’t want some fried chicken? I got this from Bo’Janges — it’s the good stuff!”

Um, no thank you.

So when Dead Prez spit these lyrics in their song, Download (Expand Beyond), I knew what my New Year’s Resolution would be:  living healthy.

From the beginning, the words spoke to me:

Raised in the ghetto singing songs of survival

But eating soul food that’ll have you dead on arrival

Hand on the rifle, other hand on the Bible

Strong as an ox but look at what you put inside you…

Americans are dying. We are dying from heart disease, cancer and respiratory diseases. Nearly half of women like me have some sort of heart disease, are the most likely to die from cancer, and are more likely to develop respiratory diseases. Is that because we are genetically predisposed?

Absolutely not.

Every single day we ingest toxins, and then we sit and wonder why we are dying. We create cooking oils out of chemicals, grow our food in chemicals, package our food with chemicals, and give our babies chemically-sprayed toys. We even breathe in the fresh chemicals in the air while waiting for chemical – producing public transportation. The American environment is toxic to anyone that does not make a reasonable effort to protect themselves from it.

A little scary, huh?

We can’t prevent everything, but we sure as heck shouldn’t add to it.

The way I see it, the typical American lifestyle is hazardous to the health. I also believe that the most economically disadvantaged are the ones at the highest risk. We can fight back by regaining what is ours… our personal health. Only then will we be able to live in true happiness and wealth… otherwise, it is all just a façade.

We say we living well, but we living in Hell

I plan on being very (w/h)ealthy in 2015, how about you?


Hathor Culture: Life Cycles – Ptah Ra Tehuti

With rhythmic, smooth, trap and classic Hip-hop instrumentals; the “Life Cycles” album showcases the amazing variety of the artist known as, Ptah Ra Tehuti. He blends the seams of classic and southern hip-hop perfectly. His ability to captivate with simplistic yet powerful lyrics; lends to the message of paradigm shift music. Instant hits like Sunshine, More, and Behind Enemy lines; paint the picture of an immensely talented artist.



Paradigm Shift Music is music with the ability to change the current state of the perceived collective consciousness. In other words paradigm shift music is all about encouraging the emergence of new ways of thinking by creating a medium that can communicate with all people. Like Ptah said in his most recent interview on Conversations with the Queen , “Paradigm Shift Music is for everyone.”


To me paradigm shift music represents the creative space where the minds of the future meets the music of today; allowing them to balance each other and create a bridge in the now toward creating a more stable future. Music has always been seen two ways, as a form of self-expression and as a tool to manipulate or transform consciousness; when both of these purposes meet you have nothing other than paradigm shift music itself.


Throughout the album you will experience many different “subgenres” of hip-hop sound, all of them distinct yet complimentary. Whether you chose to play the album straight through or to skip around and find your favorite tracks, you will not be disappointed in what the album has to offer. My personal favorite off of the album is Sunshine. I remember the first time I heard the song, it instantly took over my spirit, I began to nod and become hypnotized by the comforting familiarity of the track. The uplifting lyrics serve as the cherry atop this musical sundae making the song perfect for moments when nothing seems to be going your way. The lyrics and sound of this song are the perfect remedy for any tempered mood or to add to the vibration of an already amazing moment.


Another favorite of mine is the song More; as the title suggests it will leave you wanting more that a 2:12 teaser of this smooth instrumental and perfectly tuned flow. This song will leave you lost in the nostalgic remembrance of when sounds like this ruled the airwaves. An apparent homage to the classic hip-hop sound while remaining grounded in a modern flow. This song merges some of my favorite elements for creating instantly classic hits. I will continue to bump this song on replay until the lyrics are infectiously planted in my mind.



Finally Behind Enemy Lines, the harder of my top three tracks. This song mixes a trap beat with a militant sound and lyrical overview. Regardless of what your “grind” is this song is an instant motivation for your hustle. This song straddles the line of relaying the message that is relatable to many while offering a bit of insight without appearing as an overly “conscious” hip-hop song. Thus reinforcing the concept of paradigm shift music; creating that bridge between a sound and an idea and bringing forth a new way of thought. Behind Enemy Lines rounds out the contrast of variety of music found on this record, it lends to the alchemical brew of brilliance that is showcased in this music.



As for the rest of the album, I guess you will have to download it and find out for yourself, but trust me it will be an investment you will not regret. In the words of Marcus Garvey, “One civilization is not complete without it’s art, the highest form of human intelligence,” and investment in art like this can only further lend to the creation of more great art that will influence the necessary changes in this world.


 The album, Life Cycles, is available for download here








Hathor Culture: My Destiny Ft. Lyfe Stile

Lyfe Stile

Hathor Culture My Destiny Ft. Lyfe Stile. With our special guest host CITI Hampton. Learn all about this amazing artist/ activist who’s music is as real as his message. Stay tuned for a show you will not want to miss. Call in number 347.989.8183 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ataensicmedia/2014/09/25/hathor-culture-my-destiny-ft-lyfe-stile 

Lyfestile/For Your Information

Lyfestile   *(of Altered St8s of Consciousness and Plan-B) is a dynamic emcee/producer/cult leader whose accomplishments include but are not limited to:

  • Being an Independent Hip Hop artist based in St. Louis, Mo

*Traveling the country and recording, networking and performing since late 90’s early 2000s

*Freelance writing for XXL magazine *(mostly reviews) in late ’90s.

  • Releasing Headbangers Ball 12” single via Brooklyn-Based Sondoo Recordings in 2000/appeared “Sondoo Recordings Presents For Your Information” (2002)

*Releasing 12s” on St. Louis based F5 Records (See How It Sounds/Last Call etc.)  appeared on releases by F5 Artists Serengeti and Nato Caliph as well as various mixtapes from djs all over the world…

*Forming Plan-B with Nato Caliph around 2003 released “Eye Of the Storm/Here Today in 2003”

  • Getting kicked out of the KOOL MIXX DJ BATTLE in 2003 for protesting cigarettes

*Putting out self-produced and distributed albums   “Music for B-Boys and the Women Who Love Them” and “Burn It Buy it Pass it on” in mid 2000s

*Releasing Altered St8s “Warning Shots” digital album in 2005 (F5records)

  • Mentored several young Hip Hop enthusiasts in the 2006—8 Via the Center For Recording Arts
  • *(with Trackstar the DJ (Killer Mike’s DJ) and Finsta)

*Performing at SXSW music festival in Austin TX in recent years

*Being one of the founders/organizers of The St. Louis Underground Music Festival (SLUMFEST) – Annual 12 hour Hip Hop Festival which has been going on since 2010

*Recently collaborating with Blue on “Paper Trail” which appears on her album “Breakage – A Hitch hikers guide to Babylon – A musical

*Occasionally freelancing for Rawroots.com

*Appearing on the upcoming “Introduction” (2014) from French producer Astro Vandalist (The song is called “What it is”).  The album also features Rasco, Georgia Ann Muldrow, Wordsworth and others…

*Recently collaborating with Swiss producers Ruck N’ Wiz  for the track “My Destiny”  which appears on the vinyl only ep “Ryks Muzik Presents – Dah Projekt” via French label Ryks Muzik (2013)

Currently working on a yet untitled album with Dj Reminise and Nodzilla as well as a solo album with contributions from several America and European producers as well as his own production.

Book lyfestile for live performances or speaking engagements (discussing the history and culture of Hip Hop): — lyfestile7@gmail.com









The End Justifies The Means Ft. Twice Thou



Join Hathor Culture for an amazing show entitled, “The End  Justifies The Means” Ft. Twice Thou the amazing and talented Emcee, Activist, and Entrepreneur. We will discuss his journey, his life, and his upcoming projects; Love, Lies & Betrayal & Trials & Tribulationships. Tune in and support true art always! Call in # 347.989.8183 or tune in to the live stream via http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ataensicmedia/2014/09/11/hathor-culture



Twice Thou Bio 

Began as a successful hip-hop artist with the internationally known and notorious rap groups The Almighty RSO who later changed their name toThe Undisputed MadeMen.
He’s been signed to major record labels Tommy Boy, Epic, Virgin, Def Jam, Restless/BMG, RCA and Interscope.
He’s written hooks for and recorded hit songs with platinum artists Faith Evans, Dionne Warwick, Montell Jordan, Monifah, Monica & Pink and has also featured on songs with Ray J, Master P, Big Pun, Mase, Mobb Deep, Nas, Dogg Pound and Tupac Shakur’s group Outlawz among many others.
His hits “One In Tha Chamba” and “You Could Be My Boo” have made it onto Billboards Hot Rap Singles Chart at #15 and #5, respectively.


His CORI-friendly clothing business (Antonio Ansaldi Clothing Company) has employed local at-risk youth as it supports and sponsors social causes. Since the Grand Opening in 2001, he’s given back to the community through events like his annual Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaways and the Aids Awareness campaign that encourages youth to practice safe sex.
In 2004, he wrote a hip-hop song titled “I Play Dirty” that influenced over 800 local high school students to get diagnosed for HIV/AIDS.
The first year in business he received the prestigious “Small Business of the Year” award from DBEDC/Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corp. His brand consistently develops compelling new designs that have generated a world-wide customer base and has been featured in blockbuster films like Paramount’s “Shaft” starring Samuel L. Jackson and “Save the Last Dance”/ Julia Stiles, Warner Bros. “Exit Wounds”/ Steven Seagal & DMX and “Torque”/ Ice Cube & Martin Henderson, plus countless independent movies, sitcoms, videos, reality TV & award shows.
His clientele list of satisfied celebrity customers include Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Mike Tyson, Roy Jones Jr., Pedro Martinez, Manny Ramirez, Willie McGinest, 50 CENT, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris and JaRule just to name a few, as it literally reads like a “whose who” of the Hip-Hop, Professional Sports and Entertainment industries.

When the economy crashed in 2007 it financially affected his walk-in customers. In 2009, after 10 years of service in his resident community he had to close his flagship boutique, an iconic retail outlet that only carried Antonio Ansaldi products and local private labels, it was also the birthplace of the now infamous “Stop Snitchin’ ” t-shirt and the imminent controversy.

Community Organizer:

As business slowed down, a few of his tenants lost their jobs and he soon fell behind on his mortgage. As did millions of homeowners in America, he’d find out he was a victim of Bank of America’s predatory loan practices that targeted communities of color.
In April 2011, he went to City Life/Vida Urbana (www.clvu.org) as a homeowner in foreclosure seeking help and found a support system like no other. After falling in love with City Life’s ‘Sword & Shield’ method of fighting back against Big Banks, he soon began to volunteer his time whenever members were needed for direct actions.
While being involved with the movement for only 5 months he used his story as the poster-child and helped organize 3,500 national activists on September 30, 2011 in what would turn out to be the biggest protest in history against Bank of America at their headquarters in Boston, MA.
Empowered and refreshed by the movement, he started to write songs about the big banking crisis and subsequently recorded a music video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Phh6Ea8t9eQ) and full-length album titled “The Bank Attack” (http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/twicethou).

His leadership qualities, commitment to fighting for social change and numerous rallies that he MC’d prompted City Life to offer him employment in November 2011 to be the Canvassing Coordinator and a Lead-Organizer.
As an organizer with the grassroots non-profit City Life/Vida Urbana, he brings an amplified hip-hop voice to the movement with a special interest to motivate & edify the youth. He also works as a coordinator sending Canvass Teams out to knock on doors and let families facing foreclosure know that they don’t have to move out just because the bank sent a ‘Notice to Evict’.
He reassures misinformed families that, “You didn’t do anything wrong, you were targeted and you’re victims of owning homes in communities of color. You’re underwater because you can’t make payments on a mortgage that’s twice the amount of what your home is actually worth. A loan modification with Principal Reduction would fix that, but you gotta stand up & fight back because only a judge can evict you!”

Mentorship – 4PEACE Foundation:

Antonio is a founding member of the anti-gun, drugs, gangs & violence group 4PEACE. An unlikely partnership formed in 2005 with his life long enemy and fellow hip-hop pioneer, Edward “Edo G” Anderson at the height of record level homicides and violence on the streets of Boston.
“We’re living proof of solutions to the problem”, says Edo.G.
“We used to be enemies that didn’t like each other at all, our crews had beef and when we crossed paths violence usually popped off, It was a cycle of violence for many years”, says Twice Thou. Time and maturity has healed the wounds of the past. They’ve put their differences aside for the betterment of the youth in their community. Their anthem “Start Peace” and music video filmed in the Suffolk County House of Correction at South Bay with blessings from then-Sheriff Andrea J. Cabral helped to disseminate messages of peace with ‘Impact Player’ inmates and quell the violence between feuding gang members on the street at a crucial time. They continue to be highly-regarded keynote speakers at jails, high schools and community centers for using their story to change lives.

As a father, business owner, lyricist, mentor, community organizer and self-proclaimed “Recording Activist” , he has a renewed focus to stimulate and activize the youth with words of hope, social change and leadership through visual art, edu-tainment, fashion design and music.

His record company, The BuyBack Initiative/Music Group’s objective is to purchase foreclosed homes from banks or investors then sell back to the former owner at the real market value. By initiating this venture, TBI/MG aspires to partner with Private Investors/Donors to help families drowning in debt with underwater mortgages stay in their homes.

Portions of the proceeds from “The Bank Attack” project are donated to The BuyBack Initiative/Music Group and City Life/Vida Urbana.
(Your purchase of “The Bank Attack” CD is a direct investment into The BuyBack Initiative/Music Group’s mission to purchase foreclosed properties from banks or investors then sell back to the former owner at the real market value to help families stay in their homes)

(Bio From http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/TwiceThou)

Hathor Cuture *NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Citi Hampton- Let It Go*

Check out the latest single off of  Debut Album “The Traveling Mind of Citi Hampton”


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Hathor Culture *NEW MUSIC VIDEO* Edo G – 16s

Of course I have to rep for my hometown Boston and show much love for the classic emcee Edo G. Check out his latest music video “16s” from his upcoming album release, “After All These Years!”

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Hathor Culture: *NEW MUSIC VIDEO* “Soul Cats” – Bakari JB

As one of Hathor Culture’s previously featured artists we would love to congratulate Bakari JB on his latest music video release, Soul Cats. This video matches the high caliber of artistry that we have come to expect from Bakari with amazing visuals to accompany the smooth and soulful track. This throw back pays homage to the sophistication of the jazz era while remaining relevant and modern.



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