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Tae Queen is a healer by life path and entrepreneur by profession. Her mission is to utilize her creative talents and intuitive abilities to create and sustain institutions that will help aid humanity and the planet in holistic evolution. Her main focuses are Ataensic Media’s ever expanding platforms and her Holistic Health & Alternative Therapy business Gem-in-eye Creations.  Gem-in-eye Creations is business based on stimulating awareness of healing through energy; mainly gemstones. She is currently in the process of evolving her brands to the expansion of her knowledge and awareness. Dedicated to her mission she strives to provide the highest quality experiences possible for anyone who supports her endeavors. She is also a poet, all around writer, and songstress. She hopes to one day cultivate each of her talents to it’s highest intention which is healing. “Creation is the highest form of likeness to the divine, it is not only our job to create the necessary changes in this world but to show the people here how to create and manifest their life purpose and mission.“ -Tae Queen



If you are interested in tuning into the archives of Conversations with the Queen or any other interesting shows that ran on our amazing internet radio station visit


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Nicholas Brown is a freelance ghostwriter, editor, the founder of Pip N Pens Publishing Company,

and also the author of Dragonflies in the Swamp. While writing his book, he developed his own style

of writing he calls “anecdotal prose poems”, which are like essays with min-stories laced within the

words. He was born in the Bahamas, raised in a Jamaican household, but grew up in the rough sides of

Miami and now seeking redemption from being a misguided youth.

Along with his own work, he ghostwrites for others with ideas that live busy and hectic lives.





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