“I NEED SOME ME TIME!!!!” The Amazing Benefits of Holistic Rest

Focusing your intentions on others can be a dicey game, while allowing the energy of others to merge with your own for sake of a common goal or elevating experience can be essential to human development. How much is too much? and is that amount of energy different for each person?

Couple sitting at bar and looking irritated

It is common more often than not to be encouraged by others to become more social. People who are “Anti social” are often looked at as crazy or flawed in some way. I believe that description is a blanket term used to describe what seems to be the stirring question no-one wants to answer; What do I do when I’m alone?

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See many fear being alone because it can stir up latent emotions and bring them to the surface while others absolutely need it as an essential part of their re-calibration process. So the question becomes when and how much time do I need for myself and how do I know when I need to take that time?
As, an empath when I need to take alone time it becomes apparent extremely quickly as I begin to become overly sensitive to other peoples emotions in a valitole and negative way. My body even begins to hold on to these emotions and they manifest as symptoms like headaches, pains, or even other more serious ailments. How do I know when the root of my illness is emotional? When I’ve taken all the proper physical precautions of diet, exercises, hydration, and rest and I am still in pain or uncomfortable this denotes an energetic issue.
That’s how I know its time for some “ME TIME.” Me time is how I re-calibrate my senses, much like a machine the body and mind often need time to power down and come into sleep or off mode if you will. What happens to a computer that is used often and never powered off? Even the best technology will still eventually falter if it doesn’t get rest. Your body and mind are the same. Even if you are getting enough sleep, that is not enough you need holistic rest. I briefly discussed this in my previous blog “7 surprising things I learned while on my 7 day liquid cleanse” link : (https://ataensicmedia.wordpress.com/…) I can not stress enough the importance of holistic rest, holistic is a term meaning that of which encompasses the whole self mind, body, spirit, and even soul and all of the various aspects in which these things manifest. More often than not our rest is 1 dimensional only comprising 1 aspect of self.
When we begin to recharge our whole selves we can then regenerate any correlating aspects that may have began to become damaged or are damaged in the process. The length of time that holistic rest must last will differ from person to person but ultimately it will all come down to creating a sense of peaceful awareness with-in.
Holistic rest may not be considered rest at all it may be activities that allow us to clear our mind, the rest simply being from our monotonous realities. Activities like running, swimming, hiking, yoga, and of course meditation can help us to clear our mind of cluttering thoughts, while elevating the necessary restorative hormones in our body to create an over all sense of release, peace, and balance. Even hobbies like writing, photography, and painting can have similar effects on the body and mind. With all this in mind it is extremely imperative that we not only take time to rest our bodies but to rest holistically, so that we can maintain an over all state of homeostasis; assisting us in creating happier, healthier, and less stressful lives.

Happy Woman in Meadow --- Image by © Patrik Giardino/Corbis

So the next time your feeling out of sorts, ask yourself, “Have I taken the proper amount of rest time for myself? and when is the last time I did?” The answer may shock you but no worries employ the technique of holistic rest for at-least 20 mins 3-4x a week and watch your agitation dissipate into contentment. I hope this information empowers you to cultivate the most important relationship you could ever establish in life, the one with yourself. Don’t forget to stay connected via our many social media platforms!
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YES! Money DOES Grow on Trees.


A few months ago, I decided it was time to play my role in not wasting the abundance of money flowing through our household. I first had to come to terms with the fact that even though money is the currency created to control our energy in this 3-D world, this is the world I live in. If I was going to be involved in the game, I refused to be a pawn. I wanted to be the owner of the chessboard which I equated to my destiny. So I put all my hatred for the matrix system aside and took charge of my financial abundance. We had money coming in and I knew that proper care and feeding would bring in even more so I didn’t worry about that part of the equation. It was already taken care of. Focusing on gaps in our plan, I designed a savings plan and bill payoff strategy. I felt like something was missing so I decided to add some plant medicine, metaphysics, and spirituality and decided to grow a money tree. As an earth sign and a lover of all living things green, my lessons often come through plants.

The scientific name for a money tree is pachira aquatica. From an energetic perspective, it should be placed in the far northwest corner of your home where there is bright, indirect sunlight. The plant loves water but not so much that it’s standing in moisture so be sure to have proper drainage. Be sure to turn the plant each time you water it.

As I learned to care for this tree, I learned a few things about my relationships with people and money.

Individualized care promotes optimal growth and fertility – Plants are like people in that they will grow according to their care. In fact, sometimes despite their care. If you don’t get to know the individual needs of a plant or a person in your life, you may be operating on a care and feeding plan that’s not optimal for their growth. Sometimes the plant dies or the person leaves your life. In most cases, the plant stays alive and the person stays in a relationship with you and allows their growth to either be stunted or dysfunctional. The same thing can happen with your bank account if you don’t design a plan that’s customized to meet the needs of you and/or your family.

Dysfunctional eating, spending, and feeding will comprise the quality of the abundance – If you feed a child sugar-coated cereal, Pop Tarts, McDonalds, and hot dogs their cells become compromised and overtime, it leads to disease. Similarly, a plant needs to receive all the necessary nutrients it needs to prosper, otherwise, the leaves will turn yellow and the plant will stop producing foliage or fruit. Similarly, if you continually feed your desires with things that are not fruitful, you may stunt the flow of your money or cause a dysfunctional energy to be associated with the money, attracting misfortune.

Money Altar

This is not my altar. It’s from a random picture on the internet that sparked some new ideas for me.

Atmosphere is everything – You can do #1 and #2 perfectly yet have a nasty attitude, dirty home, or negative energy which will most likely cause your plants to dies, relationships to end, and money to dry up faster than anything else. In addition to the atmosphere I mentioned at the beginning of the post, you can build an altar near your money tree to promote spiritual growth in your financial competency. This altar is not about worship, it’s about energy. You’re connecting your intention for financial abundance and optimal money management with energies that cause a certain kind of spark that will ignite a spiritual fire in your home, your relationships, and your finances. Place a table near your tree and fill it with green gemstones, paper money (the currency might be fabricated however, there’s power in the trees it’s made from, honey), green candles, additional green plants, waterfalls, and whatever else you’re led to include. Smudge the items and charge them with your intention through words and energy. Be sure all of the elements are represented on your table. Ironically, the money tree is a plant that represents all five elements so this energetic pairing will be awesome for your work. If you don’t believe in this type of stuff, no biggie, just do it for the aesthetics. There’s power in that, too. I encourage you to spend some time in this space daily praying, singing, chanting, incanting, speaking in tongues, dancing, meditating, journaling, or whatever you’re led to do. One key is to focus on the intention you set about your financial situation. Green candle meditations are great here as they help you focus on an intention.

So there you have it. YES! Money DOES grow on trees and you can start caring for your own today. Check out my tree. It started as a tiny little plant and now it’s growing and prospering.

Money Tree

On another note, I’d like to give a shout out to Sharonda Chrome who has an amazing program focused on Healing Your Money Energy. I’ve been a part of her program this month and it’s added so much to my practices regarding money. To learn more, check out her website via the following link – http://www.sharondacrome.com/programs.html.

Turning On Your Intuition

Over the years of developing my spiritual connection to the divine I have learned that it is best to listen to your intuition. For many who don’t understand the concept they dismiss it as poppy-cock, superstition, and some religious people may even regard it as blasphemy. I am not interested in proving anything to anyone, but what I am interested in doing is showing you how to tap into the divine guidance system that the most high has gifted to you. I want you to understand how you can utilize spiritual strength in your emotional reality. I want to teach you how to morph your emotions into that advanced piece of technology we now deem intuition and I want to be able to do it so that everyone can read this and easily understand. Let’s start shall we?

What is your Intuition?

I was inspired to create this article after attending an office hours meeting for an online free seminar; “Focusing on Manifestation”  it’s all about learning how to increase your manifestation rate. The question that was asked was something to the effect of, “How can I distinguish between my own emotions and my intuition?” This for one is an amazing question and one that many energy and light workers first ask it upon beginning their journey. The simple truth of this is that you cannot. Why you may ask? Isn’t that what I am supposed to do? You wouldn’t be entirely right or wrong but your perception may need to shift, because they are one.

See we have been very influenced in western culture to believe that what we feel is insignificant and that logic and liner thought should rule supreme. This comes from the Darwinian philosophy that was adapted in the western world as a way of living during the industrial revolution. By pushing competition and divisional left brained thinking as a superior means of survival we lost our scientific understanding of what you may call emotional and subtle energy. Now, we have created many amazing technological advances from this mindset; but what is not being accounted for in this philosophy is the power of the mind and the power of emotion.  Your intuition is a super concentrated form of your deepest most inward feelings. It is the amalgamation of your truest self and the collective consciousness that is all around us. Also known as source energy, it is our connection to the divine and is our inner guidance system that seeks to align us with the will of the most high creator/creatress in order to be able to do the “will” of “God.” We are miniature aspects of universal consciousness that have come on behalf of the all to experience separation, by doing so we can express our individual understanding of divine consciousness thus the term “The Kingdom of Heaven is within.” This comes from the fact that at our very cores we are still linked to the divine source consciousness and it is by going with in and trusting our connection that we begin to live the reason why we were created. We begin to live our lives with divine intention and guidance.

What is Emotion?

Emotion at its most elemental understanding is E-Motion or E=energy in motion. It is the stirring up of your spirit. It is the elemental byproduct of your physical perception and spiritual experience. Emotion is the result of energy shifting in your light or energy body to accommodate or react to your perception of what you are experiencing.  Think about it this way emotion as we understand it today would be equated to a reactionary existence because we have neglected to fully understand its purpose. For example you are driving down the street going to work and someone cuts you off, your natural innate response to this situation is anger and it is not “wrong” nor is it “right” to feel that way; never the less that is an example of our most basic primal reaction to wanting fairness and safety for our holistic well-being, which at its core is a noble intention. The problem with this understanding is that we are essentially using our emotions in a very dangerous way. When we feel our emotions they can do multiple things that affect the physical world in a very real way. One of the most notable and scientific understandings of this is that emotion cause thoughts and these thoughts emit measurable forms of energy called brain waves. These waves affect us deeper than we know because they are a form of communicating with the universe. The universe responds to these waves with what we perceive as our physical realities. VERY simply stated what we think we become/ or experience. By harnessing this energy know as emotion we can begin to not only shape our thoughts but also use it to tap into our emotional guidance system known as the intuition.

Inner and Outer Emotions

Your intuition is fueled by your emotions but it is guided by the divine. You have two sets of emotions; your programmed outer most emotions which are primarily made up of reaction based responses that have been programmed into you by your physical reality; and your inner emotions which have been given to you by the most high since the day you were born, as a part of what we perceive to be the energetic expression of your person. An example of outer emotion is the anxious feeling you get when you are about to be late for work or school. You were not born with this response to life naturally it is something that was taught to you then reinforced with man-made consequences. An example of inner emotion is your personality, if we observe closely even babies exhibit individual behavioral patterns that have not been taught to them. Some babies are naturally happy and playful while others seem to be cranky and testy now obviously there are a plethora of “physical” reasons for that occurrence but it becomes even more apparent that there is an innate personality in every child as they begin to communicate their intentions and express themselves more clearly. Our personality serves as the most superficial layer of inner emotional experience, as it can be changed by experiencing life.

My point here is that there is an innate energetic expression of who you were chosen to be in this life; and by tracing our innate emotional wants from childhood and things that seem natural to us, we can begin to find out where our programmed realities end and our innate realities begin.

Training your intuition

Have you ever heard a soft whisper inside of you telling you to take that left while driving down the street and took the right instead, only to meet a traffic jam caused by a construction detour or something of that nature? We have all had experiences in life where we were guided to do something and we didn’t and then we learned later that why we should have listened to that guidance. Some people speak of feeling it in their spirit, others perceive it as listening to themselves; however you express it, this is part of our “intuition” or emotional guidance system. Its highest purpose is to serve us in creating the realities we need and want to experience.  Women innately connect to their intuition through something we call a mothers intuition; it is very strong because it is caused by the deep bond that is normally shared between mother and child. Some mothers can sense when their child is in danger or can tell when their child is hungry or in need of assistance. It’s an extra sensory perception of knowing what is needed for that child to be comfortable, happy, and thrive.  This intuitive ability can be turned on at will for anyone willing to do the work, but is often natural to certain people. These people are often called, seers, gifted, prophets, shamans, psychics, and act. Regardless of how you feel about them we have all heard of them in some form or another. These are people who are just naturally born with this ability turned on but like exercising a muscle anyone can train themselves to turn on their innate gift of intuition.

Turning it on

Stop Fighting it. Start by listening for those moments of divine guidance, when the inner voice says goes left, for goodness sakes go left. Stop fighting with your inner voice allow it to guide you and make life easier.

Pay Attention. Signs like number sequences, seeing certain animals, and situations we deem as “coincidences” can all be utilized as tools that teach us to pay attention to what’s going around us as we begin to learn how to perceive life differently

Connect with nature. Go outside observe nature notice the patterns of the grass, feel the bliss of the warm sun, notice the leaves changing. Connecting with nature turns on our natural and instinctual beings it grounds us and teaches us how to tap into the innate abundance of source energy all around us. Like the animals that always find housing, food, and water you too have the ability to know what you need and instinctively tap into the abundant energy of the universe.

Thought Replacement/ Positive thinking.  As I mentioned earlier your thoughts are powerful and they are connected to our emotions immensely. Once we can cut through the clout of outer emotions and thought patterns we can begin to hear our inner voices more clearly. So replacing your negative or pre-programmed thoughts with new ones that fit the vision of where you want to go in life, will serve well.

Meditate. Take time to go with and listen to what the inner divine is saying to you. I’ve always looked at it like this if prayer is asking mediation is receiving. The divine works through you so you must take time to receive instruction in an intentional and direct way. Seek and ye shall find, if you seek to be guided by the divine you will be. Meditating for only 10 mins everyday can change your life.

Be Creative. Creativity is our natural imitation of the prime creator it is when we most sync with the divine purpose of our lives which is to create and add on to the beauty that is creation. Imagination is the most amazing gift that we have received from the creator. Creativity is an amazing way to reconnect with the inner divine. Writing, singing, painting, drawing, building, crafting, and any form of creative expression will allow you to tap into the primal nature of your intuition.

 Dream Journal. Keeping a dream journal will allow you to tap into the innate consciousness of higher dimensions, by making you more aware of symbolic language and visions. Decoding your dreams will teach you the language of intuition and exercise your spiritual muscle.

These are just a few simple suggestions and some food for thought. Hopefully this helps anyone who wants to connect deeper with their intuition and become who and what they were always meant to be.

As always much love and many blessings,

Tae Queen aka Gemineye Creatress

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Magical Healing


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Christy’s studies as a reiki master, EFT practitioner, reflexologist, crystal healer and massage therapist assisted her in rediscovering her natural ability to heal herself. These skills were also the foundation to enhancing her gift as a intuitive healer.

Since, Christy as been recognized for her knowledge of the chakra system, gemstone healing and energy medicine and she contributes to several online publications on the subject of holistic healing. In addition, Christy offers individual consultations, e-courses and workshops for those who want help on their journey.

Christy’s book Chakra Wellness: 7 Ways to Renew the Total, takes a look at the seven chakra centers from a mind-body-soul perspective. Readers will learn how to identify key issues, heal imbalances, as well as maintain energetic barriers to eliminate stress and increase their well-being.

Christy’s second book, Love Yourself Healthy: A Holistic Guide to Peace of Mind, is due to be released in the fall. To learn more about Christy and her mission, visit www.christylynnabram.com.

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