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Peace & Love Family! Welcome to Love Oneness Blog! Please allow us the opportunity to reintroduce ourselves. My name is Miyat, born Monica K.C. Bentley. My Twin Flame, best friend, and husband, is Sirius, born Antwan E. Ford. We invite you to come along on our journey toward holistic health that just so happens to be a love story. We are rebranding ourselves to offer solutions of healing for the body, mind and spirit.

My husband, Sirius, has been on his journey for over 15 years. His journey really began with the shocking diagnosis of a life threatening disease. He was initially given only 18 months to live. And after going through the torture of orthodox medicine, he decided to completely change his lifestyle and try natural and alternative remedies to restore his health. (YouTube video about his amazing testimony to health coming soon). I already was exploring natural health options. But, after his declaration, I decided to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in Alternative Medicine. Throughout the past 7 years, we have become masters in healing ourselves. We are having an internal love affair. Our family is the byproduct of the holistic healing we are giving to ourselves.

Health is wealth. Health is the most valuable gift a person has. It is not money, material possessions, or your relationships. Your health is the one component in your life that will define your potential to succeed in all other facets of your life. Health is the one thing that is most taken for granted, especially in our society. Our total destruction or resurrection depends on how we respect our bodies, and nature. We must become aware of the poisons and toxins we put into our bodies, and the effects they have on us. “Poison is substances causing illness or death when eaten, drunk, or absorbed even in relatively small quantities”, according to Queen Afua, in her book Heal ThySelf for Health and Longevity. When we heal,we must be prepared to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We must heal completely.

Let me start by taking a realistic look at the state of health in the United States. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the United States ranks 37th in the world in regard to Health. Many people may not see this as alarming. However, the average medicine (drug) developed by major pharmaceutical companies cost anywhere between a minimum of about $4 billion and as high as about $11 trillion.Big Pharma is big business. These statistics alone begs to question, if pharmaceutical companies can spend that much money on the average drug, then why does the U.S rank in 37th in health? Are people really being cured? Are Big Pharma companies really searching for a cure? It’s time to consider what it means to be treated for a disease.

According to Medical News Today, nearly 75% of all deaths are attributed to just 10 causes, with the top 3 of these accounting for over 50% of all deaths. We are just going to discuss the first 3 causes of death and some common diseases!

  1. Heart Disease describes several conditions, which relate to plaque (mucus) buildup in the walls of the arteries. As plaque builds, 5he arteries narrow making it difficult for blood to flow. Heart disease kills 1 out of 4 people. It is the leading cause of death affecting more men than women. Coronary Heart Disease costs $108.9 billion each year.
  2. Cancer is defined by uncontrolled growth and the spread of abnormal cells. Cancer affects people of all genders, ages and ethnicities. Anyone can develop cancer. The chances of developing cancer increases with age, exposures to carcinogens (chemicals & toxins) and genetics. The National Institute of Health (NIH) estimate over $200billion spent in 2009 alone. Interestingly, the World Cancer Research Fund estimates one-third of cancer cases… are related to being overweight, obese, inactive (sedentary) or having poor nutrition. AND GUESS WHAT?! About 40% of the US population is obese. $147 billion are the medical costs associated with obesity. When is the last time you had a discussion with your doctor about nutrition? Never mind, working in harmony to construct a plan to adjust your eating habits and lifestyle.
  3. Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease is the collection of lung disease that causes airflow blockage and breathing issues including Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). It is estimated medical costs will rise from $32.1 billion in 2010 to $49 billion in 2020. Smoking is the primary factor, although exposure to air pollutants play an significant role as well.

High Blood Pressure affects one third of Americans. Some of the risk factors that cause high blood pressure is being overweight, or obese, not exercising enough, excessive amount of salt intake, poor eating habits, and stress. Luckily, these factors are ones you may control. Blood pressure is a major factor related to stroke.

Diabetes ranks the 7th leading cause of disease. 29.1 million Americans have diabetes. Diabetes can be genetic. However, most cases can be controlled or prevented with proper nutrition.

Some of the foods to be aware of that can cause disease are meats, sugar, salts, fried foods, fast foods, starches, and dairy. The purpose of meats are to provide protein. But meats also cause infections, constipation, headaches, cancer, and premature aging. Instead of eating meat, some substitutes are beans, peas, tofu, TVP, lentils, nuts seeds and sprouts. Sugar, in the form of corn syrup, corn sugar, white sugar, or brown sugar, can cause hyperactivity, stress, bone deterioration, poor memory, loss of hair, and bladder cancer. The best source of natural sweets come from fruits. Salt is an inorganic mineral that cannot be absorbed by cells. It can irate the bloodstream and stomach and blocks digestion. It also causes high blood pressure, kidney and liver disease. Kale, celery, carrots, lettuce provide natural sodium. Or as an alternative use Himalayan salt or Sea Salt. Fried Foods clog arteries. Symptoms of fried foods can manifest as cold hands and feet, sluggishness, heart palpitations, headaches, swollen ankles and hands, and high blood pressure. Flushing your system with lemon water can cleanse your system of plaque and mucus. Starches, such as white bread, white rice, and macaroni are difficult to digest. They clog the colon causing constipation. A clogged colon is responsible for 90% of our diseases, according to Dr. Robert Wood, quoted in Heal Thyself… Eat whole grains such as tabouli, bulgar wheat, couscous,etc. and only before sunset. Otherwise, you can wake up feeling fatigued, anxious, and depressed. We consume dairy to provide calcium for growth and strength of our bones. However, dairy causes allergies, asthma, hay fever, vaginal discharge, fibroids, and boils. Alternatives to dairy are almond milk, green vegetables such as kale, broccoli, spinach and wheatgrass, and herbs, like spirulina, dandelion and alfalfa, which are high in calcium.

Knowing most diseases can be prevented by choosing to eat nutritious, vitamin and mineral rich foods can be the difference between life and death. It’s time to take your health seriously. It’s your responsibility. Let your food be your medicine!





Queen Afua. Heal ThySelf  for Health and Longevity. A&B Publishers Group. 2002

Miyat and Sirius journey into health started when Sirius was diagnosed with a life threatening disease. Miyat obtained her Bachelor’s of Science in Alternative Medicine and now is a Holistic Health Specialist, Certified Reiki Master, Holistic Doula, and Blogger. Sirius is a Life Coach, specializing in nutrition, meditation, and relationship counseling. Be on the look out for website coming soon!

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Face your demons — Leave us out of it

Some people have their version of insanity going in their lives. They’re either constantly complaining about jobs, no good significant others who maybe cheating or beating on them, and/or substances they’re addicted to.

I’m not a bad guy so I’ll lend a ear, give some advice, drop you off to rehab, or call the cops if its that serious. But after that one time, if I see you’re stuck on repeat, I’ll just leave you alone. I got no time for masochistic gluttons for punishment — I got a world to face and money to make!

argue “Not today, don’t kill me with it”

A guy who I know on Facebook calls these people “askholes,” because they ask about the same problem again and again, without change. If I see that you’re continuing the same sob story, I’ll quit picking up your phone calls. If we’re face to face, I’ll tell you that you’re tripping and to try what I suggested already, or don’t tell me about. I may get viewed the a**hole, but f**k it I’ll be that.

If you’re getting good advice, or similar advice about a particular problem then put it into practice. Don’t keep dragging us down with a problem you seem to enjoy having in your life. So drama queen or emotional a** man: Not today, don’t kill me with it.

Written by Nicholas A. Brown, author, editor, and ghostwriter


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The Boss is Never Ugly

While growing up on the Black sides of Miami, one of the things I learned quickly: Men with money who made moves and had clout got respect from everyone. All of the men my mother dated were guys with something going for themselves. Some had a illegal businesses, but I knew these dudes weren’t scrubs and they were cool people.


Shaka Zulu movie box set


It was always the guy with smarts, who knew what they wanted and how to get it who were the center of attention. I never seen these guys make threats, they only gave warnings if fools got out of pocket. And if they did show anger, it was a momentary spurt that was needed to regain the upper hand in a tense situation.

They usually remained quiet, and if they spoke it was a short and well thought out response. They are the Joe Cool’s of the world. They are the CEOs who know that actions are man’s greatest orator. They are the rulers of the day, or the sovereigns of the night.

For example, have you ever seen any President of the U.S.A get on television, radio, or in newspapers go on a loud and angry tirade? Have you ever seen any British Prime Minister go off like an NFL coach who’s sick of losing close games? People with real power need not worry, so play it cool as you go for yours.


Fidel Castro & Malcolm X


Gentleman, please understand this: power is the greatest aphrodisiac known to man. It can have the biggest diva force herself to be self-conscious when around a powerful man.

Yeah its cool to work out and eat right, and its fine to have read an entire library including encyclopedias; but what gets a woman going is knowing her man is in control, and all important things shall get handled or heads will roll.


Omari Hardwick portraits “Ghost” on the show POWER

Deep down on a primal instinct level, a man with power is seen as a provider. Some guys may look like hell, but if he has clout and confidence, his chances of having women around is high. It’s almost as if that man can have sex with whomever and whenever he chooses.


One of my favorite songs from back in the day was from DJ Quick called Hand in Hand. Its a track I still play from time to time when I’m getting suited and booted to go out. The message I like most about this track, is that a man must get his life and money right before he thinks about stepping to the kind of women that he wants.

Good Brotha

Lamman Rucker

I’m going to close this out with a section from the book Dragonflies in the Swamp that may enlighten you. I hope this helps, and I’ll see you at the top.

“As a man remember, always focus on being successful in your field. As one guy told me, ‘being a rich man is like being a beautiful woman.’ A dude could look like Quasimodo, if he’s rich or wealthy, even chicks who’ve won beauty pageants will chase him. I used to think this was semi-gold digging, if not all out gold digging. Until I came up with a theory that helped me gain perspective.

My Gold Digger Theory:

Thousands of years ago, us men hunted animals, searched for eatable vegetation and caught fish. During those times, the better hunters were prime candidates. Now fast forward to us men of modernity. We don’t need to hunt animals. We instead hunt for ways to purchase food, clothes, houses and the wants of a woman, or women we lust or love.

Men who earn the most money, power, assets and respect, instinctively to a woman, are deemed better hunters. Some beautiful women feel entitled to these men simply because they’re physically beautiful. So they go after a glamorous lifestyle with a man, or the men, who can afford it.

It’s the survival of the fittest portfolio. Not making excuses for the practice of gold digging, but I can see why some women do this.

Examples of my theory:

(I). In high school, a girl once told me during a summer class, if she found a man who could easily afford the cost of a child, she’d marry him, and have all the kids he wanted.

(II). I heard on a talk radio show once that most married couples who divorced, often did so due to lack of finances.

(III). I asked many women “who would you choose: a poor man living pay check to pay check, with a great personality, who can please you sexually and romantically…Or a man rich beyond belief who is semi-interesting, who can’t be there all the time for you romantically and sexually because he’s on the go. But when he does try, he goes all out, hoping to make up for not being there?” They almost always picked the rich guy.

Hope this helps you guys. Too many suckers buy books, or listen to advise shows on attracting women, when it’s not needed. Be you and to hell with the world that doesn’t like it. Just remember guys, get your mind and life in order, you shall succeed with the ladies. Be a man, and your complimentary piece of a woman is sure to come”

Suited, Booted & Ready to Man Up

Written by Nicholas A. Brown, author, editor, and ghostwriter


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How Money effects the Battle of the Sexes

As a millennial, I heard from my mother and other older women how way back (from the 1940s to the 70s), some men abandoned their families, or when they died the widows were clueless on what to do. Back then men were the main breadwinners, while women stayed home. Even if the women had a job, it was part-time because they had to get back home to take care of their youngin’.

With time and many protests, the women of these 2010s are now career driven and monetarily motivated. No longer are they dependent on having to marry up. All they got to do is get a degree or start a business. Men are still out here making moves, but our complimentary partners (women) are doing it big too.


This forward progress brings into play men asking should they continue being traditional on dates (i.e. a man paying the check at dinner), and if they should be chivalrous since some of these women claim to not want such treatment. These types of situations mentioned have occurred a lot lately. But with most sensible folks, one of the first things they seek in a potential partner is their ability to bring something to the table.

Couple counting money

In today’s world, a two income home is needed in order to raise a family. Granted, there are situations where a person is a single parent whose working, and exceptions to the rule where a woman married a rich and/or wealthy man. Nonetheless, outside of the so-called 1%, men and women work thus having 2 people bringing money, assets and other tangible funds into their union. No man doesn’t want to take care of a lazy ass woman, and I’m sure no woman is thrilled about taking care of a grown ass man.

This is a major reason why I’m choosing not to date seriously as of now. I’ve been finding my way through this literary, copy writing and consulting game for about 14 months now (SHAMELESS PLUG, CLICK HERE), and until I start making a certain amount consistently, I won’t begin getting to know anyone on a more long term basis. I want to have myself 100% right, for when I meet a woman who is 100%, we can put forth 200% effort when we get together.


In any war there are losses. Though women are progressing, some feel if a man isn’t making more than they are, they can’t respect him. The guy could be making $60,000 a year, if she’s making $100,000 then he can’t even have a simple coffee or lunch date with her. There are some circumstances where money plays such a huge part, that it can server a whole marriage.


This one episode of a news magazine show someone posted on YouTube I saw a while back, did a story about how a wife lost respect for her husband, after he was downsized from his job at an accounting firm in 2009.

The guy was pulling in close to 90 grand as an accountant at the firm, while she was making about the same in her career field. During the months after losing his job, he was doing freelance work, making about 20 – 25 thousand per year, while searching for another firm to work at. Not only was he still making some kind of effort to bring in funds, he also played Mr. Mom and took more care of their son.

Even though the man was doing what many women would kill to have a man do for them, because he wasn’t clocking dough in the near six-figure range, the wife fell out of love. She was distant, and claimed that she wasn’t sexually attracted to him anymore. She was acting so cold toward him, I felt the frost from her shoulder through the monitor.

The getting of money and still wanting for greater has really warped some women’s idea of the ideal man. That same guy in that report was a good father, college educated, and still was able to contribute something. But because he didn’t meet her standards, she cut him off. These kind of women act as if guys who are making $100,000 or better are just sprouting like leaves on trees — acting as if she couldn’t have his back when he was down. Then they wonder why they’re single in their late 30s, or divorced in their 40s, trying to figure out what did they do wrong? No man wants to be with, or come home to a woman like that!

Plus, even if a woman like this did find a guy who was a millionaire, who says he’d take care of her and treat her right like a guy making $30,000 per year would?

1 Woman Scream


Another thing some of these paper chasing women need to do is know when to fall back. Many of today’s modern women can’t seem to understand that most men want to lead. There are some couples where the woman wears the proverbial pants of their union, and they’re both content with this dynamic. But for the most part, men are out to be the head of their union.

Modern women are use to being masters of their own universes. So when a stand-up guy comes along, a lot of them don’t know how not to be boss lady, especially when with a headstrong male. These ladies feel because they’re in control of their job environment, and give final word on major decisions in their life, when a good guy comes along asserting himself into the lead role, she’ll begin to fight back.

You also can’t forget those women who are workaholics — the kinds of women putting career first, child second (if he has one with her), and her man last. To many women, trying to juggle family, career, and intimacy is damn near impossible — something has to fall to the way side. So yeah, if she’s making mad money at her job, it may be worse than you think. That’s why with women I shall date, I won’t put heavy emphasis on how much money they make. Long as she’s doing something productive, and helps me with my grind then I’m a happy camper.

Miss Independent, if he’s a great guy whose bringing something to the table, and can be a candidate for father of the year then learn to fall back, and trust in your man. Learn that being cooperative and allowing a worthy man to step up, will be the best decision you could ever make for your relationship. But as I always stress ladies, only if he’s proven himself capable, and willing to accept your input as a partner.



Men and women must come together in this new millennium, making money in order to live close to, or actually achieving a middle class or upper middle class lifestyle. Yes, we have more acceptance of single parenthood (mainly for women), but still those in a relationship or who want a relationship must find a way to make things work.

Both men and women must be self-sufficient in today’s world, in order for them to build a life together. Make sure as a man, you don’t put too much emphasis on her bringing a lot of money to the table. And as a woman, do not consider money the most important factor when choosing a man.

The battle of the sexes is stupid to me, because men and women are here to compliment each other. As time goes by, I hope the world realizes this so we can grow on a global scale. Until then, let’s keep progressing by not letting money cloud our better judgement.

– Nicholas Brown, co-author of So You Want To Be A Stripper? The Comprehensive Guide To Go From Girl-Next-Door To Pole Dancing Diva

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Treating Your Lady vs. Tricking On Whores

Gentleman, we have survived another boo season. For those who don’t know, boo season is when women link up with guys in late summer — early autumn so when Christmas (on up to Valentines day), they can get gifts from some p***y whipped fool. Some dudes don’t care and figure since they got money, its okay to trick off some dough to get action from a woman. Others like the guys I respect have a different set of values that put us in a more alpha class of men.


Guys, if you meet a woman in August or September, she knows you make money, and is giving you all kinds of extra attention, BEWARE! Keep your wits about you, and only kick out cash or gifts if she has reciprocated with more than just intimacy.

We’re in an era where women are making their own money and paying their own bills, so it makes perfect sense to expect some act right from them. If she is fair or more than fair on her part when it comes to paying for things, then she’s a woman you can move forward with. But if you’re giving your all especially with paying out money somehow, way more than she has toward you, and she’s digging for more then you’re being played.

Some guys game are toooooo much in their pockets. If you’re quick to pay a woman’s bills, or buying them a bunch of stuff after just recently meeting them, claiming to be a gentleman, then you’re a trick. Guys who do this are suckers, and the women are gold diggers, or broke and hungry whores without shame. How I (along with the guys I respect) operate, we take our time with a woman before spending a dime.

Man Buys Gifts


First we vibe on the phone to see if she can hold down a solid conversation, and if we can have sex with her right away. Some guys, if they feel they can smash soon will go for it, hit it then quit it. Others who have been there and done those kinds of actions already, may want something meaningful and probably won’t hit it unless she’s cute and he’s very horny.

If a woman seems decent, we won’t take her to any high class places because the object of the first few dates are to get to know someone, not sponsor some broke broad’s meals. You can make it a low cost date that’s romantic like a picnic on the beach, or a trip to a botanical garden then tea and a small meal at a poetry spot. If she’s more down to earth, take her to play a few games of pool and a slice of pizza. If she’s seems nice then just make it a movie night at her spot, after bringing over groceries and cooking for her. Or if she’s a girl from a small town, then fire up your grill and grill corn or fish or bar-b-q something she may like. Bottom line you don’t have to break the bank just getting to know her.

Me, what I do on the first phone conversation is put females to the Waffle House test. I tell her that for our first date, I want to go to the Waffle House to vibe and chill and enjoy each others company. If she objects to this idea strongly then I know she isn’t worth my time. If she’s down then maybe we can build toward something after that first date.


As I stated earlier, when it comes to the spending of cash and giving of gifts, if she’s returning the favor and at times more than you expected, then you’re not tricking. If she’s playing her role and using her femininity to honor you as her king, and you decide to treat her out to places she wants to go, and/or pamper her from time to time, then you’re just maintaining your woman, not being a trick. Its a give and take, and not a one side take all kind of situation.

I break much of this down in my book Dragonflies in the Swamp, so please believe when I tell you that being a trick, paying or buying your way into favor with a woman, doesn’t make you look like a pimp. S-I-M-P, a simp (simpleton) is what any real mack or player calls you marks.

Remember to watch out before the holidays arrive, and protect your pockets pimps cause these whores, sack chasers, and gold diggers are ready for another run on some dude’s or a few dudes’ pockets. Preach, chuurch, tabernacle! 

– Nicholas Brown, co-author of So You Want To Be A Stripper? The Comprehensive Guide To Go From Girl-Next-Door To Pole Dancing Diva

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Why Health, Wealth, & Romance? Ft. L’dia Men Na’a & Asad Khan

Ldia show 2

Join us this Thursday @7:30pm Et  for, “Why Health, Wealth, and Romance?” Are curious about why things happen in your life? Asad and L’Dia use their natural instincts and knowledge of mathematics for supporting our clients. They encourage their clients to become more aware of how to flow and navigate through their personal cycles for a sense of well-being and clarity about lifes lessons. The Call in number is 347.989.8381

L’dia Men-Na’a,


L’dia Men-Na’a, Numerologist/Aromatherapist Life Skills Consultant
HIV/STI/Substance Abuse Prevention Wholistic Health Educator,
Pre-Birth Parenting & Certified Childbirth Educator.


Asad Menq-Khan


Asad Menq-Khan, Cryptozoologist, Crystal Energy Body Worker, Wholistic Health Consultant, loves sharing with others. He has a great compassion for the world and wants to dedicate himself towards supporting others to improve the quality of their lives. He enjoys being the humanitarian, addressing the needs of society, guiding and directing community towards peace and harmony.

Can a Relationship Survive Infidelity?


Infidelity creates a space for intense, real emotions to be expressed. Infidelity can happen in happy marriages as well as troubled marriages. The majority of infidelity occurs as the result of problems that already exist in a relationship. There are many reasons for infidelity ranging from sexual addictions, to low self-esteem, relationship dissatisfaction, or the social context. Generally speaking, people do not step out of a committed relationship without what is felt as “just cause.” The underlying reason for infidelity comes from a lack of connection with the core of who you are. This is being expressed as infidelity in a relationship.

Sex addicts can crave and become anxious from the lack of intimacy. Multiple affairs are due to the high from beginning a new relationship to the addiction to sexual orgasm. And many times after sex addicts come down from their high, they are left with feelings of shame and worthlessness.

Now and days, the lines between platonic friendship and intimacy are being crossed unintentionally. People are finding the emotional support that is lacking in their marriage in their friends. The feeling of being unheard, uncared for, neglected, unappreciated is a manifestation of the lack of self-nurturance. Therefore, they are in search of filling the void . This can easily be interpreted by the attention and affection given from a friend. Before they are aware of it, the lines of friendship have become completely blurred.

The pressures of work and family life can also be the cause for infidelity. With men and women working to maintain household income and balance family life, intimacy many times takes a back seat. Financial obligations and budgeting come before affection. The need for security and stability is the priority. The wellbeing and the attention may also be spread out amongst children. By the time intimacy is even thought about everyone is too tired to even make an effort.

The truth of the matter is that Love takes Work. That is why it is called making love. We have to work to make love work. When both people make the commitment to their selves and each other to make love work, then the relationship can be rectified. Realistically, Infidelity is never about the other person. It is about you. Each person must go within and fulfill the void that they were in search of externally. The infidelity has proven that they are incomplete within their selves. This is why they are unfaithful. It began with low self-esteem, lack of attention and nurturing of one’s self. The expectation that someone else can fulfill the void within is too much to rely on in one person. So re-committing to taking care of you can fulfill all the aspects that one was seeking externally. And once recommitted to self, the love that you have cultivated within can be shared with your partner again. Each person must be willing to forgive themselves and each other. They must be willing, open and honest about what caused the infidelity.

The good news is that with commitment to yourself and your partner, relationships can survive and even thrive after infidelity. It is a long journey to healing, but when both people are genuinely open to reconciliation, the relationship can be rectified and stronger than ever before.