YES! Money DOES Grow on Trees.


A few months ago, I decided it was time to play my role in not wasting the abundance of money flowing through our household. I first had to come to terms with the fact that even though money is the currency created to control our energy in this 3-D world, this is the world I live in. If I was going to be involved in the game, I refused to be a pawn. I wanted to be the owner of the chessboard which I equated to my destiny. So I put all my hatred for the matrix system aside and took charge of my financial abundance. We had money coming in and I knew that proper care and feeding would bring in even more so I didn’t worry about that part of the equation. It was already taken care of. Focusing on gaps in our plan, I designed a savings plan and bill payoff strategy. I felt like something was missing so I decided to add some plant medicine, metaphysics, and spirituality and decided to grow a money tree. As an earth sign and a lover of all living things green, my lessons often come through plants.

The scientific name for a money tree is pachira aquatica. From an energetic perspective, it should be placed in the far northwest corner of your home where there is bright, indirect sunlight. The plant loves water but not so much that it’s standing in moisture so be sure to have proper drainage. Be sure to turn the plant each time you water it.

As I learned to care for this tree, I learned a few things about my relationships with people and money.

Individualized care promotes optimal growth and fertility – Plants are like people in that they will grow according to their care. In fact, sometimes despite their care. If you don’t get to know the individual needs of a plant or a person in your life, you may be operating on a care and feeding plan that’s not optimal for their growth. Sometimes the plant dies or the person leaves your life. In most cases, the plant stays alive and the person stays in a relationship with you and allows their growth to either be stunted or dysfunctional. The same thing can happen with your bank account if you don’t design a plan that’s customized to meet the needs of you and/or your family.

Dysfunctional eating, spending, and feeding will comprise the quality of the abundance – If you feed a child sugar-coated cereal, Pop Tarts, McDonalds, and hot dogs their cells become compromised and overtime, it leads to disease. Similarly, a plant needs to receive all the necessary nutrients it needs to prosper, otherwise, the leaves will turn yellow and the plant will stop producing foliage or fruit. Similarly, if you continually feed your desires with things that are not fruitful, you may stunt the flow of your money or cause a dysfunctional energy to be associated with the money, attracting misfortune.

Money Altar

This is not my altar. It’s from a random picture on the internet that sparked some new ideas for me.

Atmosphere is everything – You can do #1 and #2 perfectly yet have a nasty attitude, dirty home, or negative energy which will most likely cause your plants to dies, relationships to end, and money to dry up faster than anything else. In addition to the atmosphere I mentioned at the beginning of the post, you can build an altar near your money tree to promote spiritual growth in your financial competency. This altar is not about worship, it’s about energy. You’re connecting your intention for financial abundance and optimal money management with energies that cause a certain kind of spark that will ignite a spiritual fire in your home, your relationships, and your finances. Place a table near your tree and fill it with green gemstones, paper money (the currency might be fabricated however, there’s power in the trees it’s made from, honey), green candles, additional green plants, waterfalls, and whatever else you’re led to include. Smudge the items and charge them with your intention through words and energy. Be sure all of the elements are represented on your table. Ironically, the money tree is a plant that represents all five elements so this energetic pairing will be awesome for your work. If you don’t believe in this type of stuff, no biggie, just do it for the aesthetics. There’s power in that, too. I encourage you to spend some time in this space daily praying, singing, chanting, incanting, speaking in tongues, dancing, meditating, journaling, or whatever you’re led to do. One key is to focus on the intention you set about your financial situation. Green candle meditations are great here as they help you focus on an intention.

So there you have it. YES! Money DOES grow on trees and you can start caring for your own today. Check out my tree. It started as a tiny little plant and now it’s growing and prospering.

Money Tree

On another note, I’d like to give a shout out to Sharonda Chrome who has an amazing program focused on Healing Your Money Energy. I’ve been a part of her program this month and it’s added so much to my practices regarding money. To learn more, check out her website via the following link –


Technology is YOU!

Binary Man

What is technology? When you think of that word, what comes to mind?

For many years, I was under the impression that technology had to be an electronic invention. You know, a computer, cell phone, beeper, a gaming system, electrical equipment in a command center, and other things of that nature. Then one day, I was listening to a prominent leader in our community speak and he referred to a method of farming and our dreams as technology. I missed the rest of the lecture as I kept pondering on the idea of technology being something different than what I was told in school and by society. This was one of those experiences that let me know just how far The Miseducation of Sherrice Sledge-Thomas had gone.

I decided to be open to new ideas about technology and over time, I discovered that all of the things I considered to be technology were mimicking the true technology of the human body or the multiverse. Computer technology started with the goal of mimicking the human brain and doing it in an even more efficient manner. The quartz crystal technology in the computer serves as an energy center. In fact, the precious stone is used in almost every form of technology. Planes were made to mimic a bird’s ability to fly from one place to another at a fast pace. Some even say that humans can fly in astral dreams and the idea of projecting from place to place inspired the idea of time travel and the speed of light. Geometric shapes serve as technology, too.

With this new information, I encourage you to look at technology from a new perspective and know that your personal technology is being mimicked through inventions all over the word. We are made of energy that operates on binary codes and electrical charges. If you begin to see your body as technology, then you’ll understand the importance of taking care of your own technology.

Here’s a resource to help you on your journey. Khnum-Ptah to Computer by African Creation Energy –

Love and light!

Harnessing High Vibration Energy: Shielding


In my February 15th blog post, I shared an introduction about four techniques to harness high vibration energy. I also promised to provide information about each one in upcoming posts. I introduced the grounding technique in my March 7th blog post. On March 22nd, we talked about some centering techniques. Today’s focus is shielding.

Shielding is the process of defining your personal space so that energy that’s not for your highest good won’t be able to invade your territory. As you come into contact with people from day-to-day, it’s possible to be susceptible to their energetic emotions such as anger, fear, shame, or depression. For this reason, it’s important to know the boundaries of your aura and be able to protect yourself. In order to do so, you must know the boundaries of your aura. Is your aura close to your body to serve as protection or open and expanded causing you to be open to other people’s energy? Practice these steps below

  • Rub your hands together and extend them out to face one another.
  • Stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder’s width apart.
  • Bring your hands together slowly, and at some point you will feel a resistance. This is the energetic field that makes up your aura.
  • Rub your hands together again.
  • Start at arm’s reach and move your hand inward, facing flat toward your body, until you detect that same feeling of resistance. You’ll probably feel the layer 1-3 inches out, and may feel layers about 8-12 inches out, or even 2-3 feet out.

Once you are aware of where its boundaries are, practice pulling it in and letting it out to see what is comfortable. You also want to try to keep it an even distance around you. Now that you can “feel” your aura, it’s time to protect it. We’ll use the color and light technique to do so. First, select which color option suits your intention. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths until you’re relaxed. Select one or more of the following visualizations. 

  • Imagine a blue light that emanates confidence and peace AND repels negative energy.
  • Imagine a violet light that represents the highest spiritual vibration with the capacity to transform lower vibrations to higher ones.
  • Imagine a white light that represents protection against crime and physical attack.

During your visualization, feel free to infuse it with Reiki or Joh Rei energy. Silently speak your intention to the light and continue to breathe deeply until you feel a peace and a breaking in the spirit ream. The practice of knowing the boundaries of your aura and protecting yourself are even more important to healers and those who come in contact with people in need of help. They have a tendency to unknowingly project their pain and because we’re healers, we sometimes take on a shamanic approach and take on the pain for the client. Sometimes we do this knowingly. Other times we do it unknowingly.

Some people like to use crystals for protection during these times. Here’s a list of crystals what you might useful. 

  • Amethyst: Protective against dark energy.
  • Banded/Zebra Agate: Good for general protection and to prevent you from absorbing another’s negativity.
  • Black Moonstone: Good for general protection.
  • Black Obsidian: Good for basic defense.
  • Blue Aventurine: Protective against energy vampires.
  • Blue Tiger Eye: Protective against negative energy for healers.
  • Brown Tiger Eye: helps protect against unwanted spirits.
  • Brachiated Jasper: A shield that returns negative energy to the sender.
  • Calcopyrite: It is generally protective against energetic attacks.
  • Carnelian: Protective against energetic intrusion.
  • Chiastolite: One of the best for all-round psychic protection.
  • Citrine: Helps clear negativity caused by ghosts.
  • Clear Quartz: it is protective against negative energy and will transmute it to positive energy.
  • Garnet: Good for general protection.
  • Green Moss Agate: It will protect your aura from negativity.
  • Hematite: Good for grounding and general protection.
  • Howlite (Natural): Protective against unwanted ghosts and phantoms.
  • Kyanite: It is THE anti-negativity stone. It doesn’t just repel it, it destroys it.
  • Lapis Lazuli: An all-round protective shield.
  • Mookaite: It is protective against negativity. Mookaite should also be carried when dowsing.
  • Red Jasper: A good psychic shield that returns negative energy to the sender.
  • Red Tiger Eye: Protective against the evil eye.
  • Rhodonite: It can be used to ward off negativity and psychic attacks.
  • Rose Quartz: Another good stone to help with grounding.

Spend some time practicing these techniques and share your thoughts and experiences in the comment field below.

Peace and blessings.

Harnessing High Vibration Energy – Centering


In my February 15th blog post, I shared an introduction about four techniques to harness high vibration energy. I also promised to provide information about each one in upcoming posts. I introduced the grounding technique in my March 7th blog post. Today, we’ll build upon the grounding technique by adding in centering. Centering is focusing your mental processes into the central point of your head. This practice works in conjunction with the grounding practice unless you are able to visualize on command.

Follow these steps to center yourself. You can use carnelian, citrine, axinite, moonstone, and/or yellow adventurine crystals to enhance this practice.

  • Bring your awareness to a point in the very center of your head. I do this by “thinking” about that point and may even touch it as a reminder of where it lives. Then I close my eyes and visualize the place I just touched.
  • Put one finger directly between your eyebrows and another at the base of your skull in the cleft at the top of your neck.
  • Imagine a point halfway between your two fingers.
  • Imagine a glowing white light at that point you just imagined.
  • Breathe in and imagine it glowing brighter.
  • Focus on the light.
  • Breathing in and out for counts of 13 (or as high as you can go)
  • Continue to focus on the light.
  • With your mind and intention, move the light to the base of your spine at your root chakra and let it resonate there as long as you can.
  • Move the light along the path of each chakra (sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown). Spend as much time with each individual chakra as needed.


  • Move the light to your solar plexus chakra at the navel of your belly.
  • Spend as much time here as needed.
  • Close your practice with a prayer or mantra of your choice.

This centering technique can be modified to meet your needs as you become proficient in the practice. In fact, it’s great to do with your significant other or spouse right before making love. Stay tuned for the next blog post where we’ll discuss the third technique, shielding.

Peace and blessings.

Harnessing High Vibration Energy: Grounding


Lady in the Pond, Atlanta Botanical Gardens

In my February 15th blog post, I shared an introduction about four techniques to harness high vibration energy. I also promised to provide information about each one in upcoming posts. Today, we’ll focus on grounding, connecting with the energy of the earth.

Visualize a tree and the blowing wind. Trees with strong roots that shoot deep into the earth may sway with the wind. In fact, they might even bend. Despite it all, the tree stays grounded and continues the process of photosynthesis and producing fruit. Your job is to do the same. The age of Aquarius is ushering in a new energy that will bring more people back to indigenous spiritual practices. As this occurs, their high levels of energy will be mistaken for the new age movement. While there’s nothing wrong with the movement, the energy and connotation of new age is much different from ancient spiritual practices. When people are asked about new age, they often use the adjectives quirky, pie in the sky, off in space, or ungrounded. These terms can turn people off from the much-needed benefits of ancient spiritual practices so let’s be mindful to be clear about the distinction while respecting others simultaneously. So, how do we stay grounded while maintaining a high vibration. Let’s explore a few simple yet effective techniques.

Walk barefoot in the dirt. Making a physical connection with the earth is one sure fire way to stay grounded. Dig your toes deep into the dirt and take deep breaths. Do this until you feel a connection with the earth.

Hug a tree. Okay, so maybe you don’t have to hug a tree but you can connect with it. The elders believed trees were spirits so they communicated with them regularly. In fact, if they needed to use the tree for wood, they would say something like, “I honor you, Great Tree Spirit. Please allow me to use a part of you to keep me warm and cook my food.” If they needed wisdom and guidance, they might make a sacrifice near a specific tree or simply ask the tree for guidance. The life of the tree imparts life in the person simply through touch and talk.

Meditate with root chakra stones. Black tourmaline, tiger’s eye, or obsidian are a few examples. The root chakra is one of the seven primary chakras and its located at the base of the spine. Every other chakra is downstream and can only receive energy from what flows through the root. Since many of us ignore our root chakra and may even consider it primal, it lays dormant and can interfere with proper balance of our energetic frequency. Be sure to cleanse your stones and charge them prior to the meditation. Here’s are a few simple steps. Sit in easy pose and take deep breaths in and out while holding one stone in each hand. Take deep breaths in and out to clear your mind. Continue this practice for 10-30 minutes.

Now that you’ve learned a few energy grounding techniques, I encourage you to try one or two. I’d love to hear about the results you experience. In our next post, we’ll explore centering, another technique for harnessing high vibration energy.

Peace and blessings