New Year New Me? How Mercury in Retrograde Affects your New Year’s Resolutions


New year new me right? Whilst I would never discourage anyone from setting any goals in the new year, I would implore you to use wisdom on when to implement and execute these new intentions. As of January 5th we are going to officially be in mercury in retrograde and have already begun to enter into the shadow period.  For those who aren’t familiar, Mercury in retrograde normally indicates that there will be a temporary standstill in functions that have to do with mercury’s properties on planet earth. How does mercury affect us? Mercury is the “lightening fast” planet of communication, short distance travel, thought, and any communicational technology. So anything that has to do with those properties will be affected and could possibly intensify the stresses of normal life.


First off let’s discuss what to do and what not to do during this time. Mercury in retrograde can present  a great number of issues in trying to move forward on new endeavors. Let’s say you’ve finally found resolve to get moving on starting a new health regimen, now if you have tried many times in the past to do so and found success or started and gave up but have experience in what it takes to be successfully healthy, this is an amazing time to jump back on the bandwagon and get started. Alternatively, if you have no experience starting a new healthier way of life I wouldn’t be so pressed to impose strict limitations on my current way of life. Not to say that you can’t begin to slowly make changes that overtime can prove vital in your new healthy lifestyle just don’t go too hard too quick.

merc grum cat

Why is it key to slow down now? This is an amazing time to reflect on your current situation in life and evaluate what changes you need to make. It’s also a great time to finish up old projects you’ve been thinking of doing or finishing for a while, especially if those projects included little or no other people to get done. While you can expect some issues with things like traveling, communicating with others, and technology; try to be patient and don’t rush through your tasks. Allow yourself the freedom to flow without imposition of time, energy, or resource restriction. Remember that this is a powerful time, a reminder to connect with source and develop your intuitive talents. Nurture your body, mind, and spirit. Stay true to your inner being and make it a priority to unplug as much as possible.


So to recap…


What we should do

  • Revisit old projects
  • Rest
  • Unplug from addictive or bad habits
  • Rest and recharge the body
  • Finish up studies or books you’ve been meaning to
  • Reflect
  • Meditate
  • Ground, shield, and clear your aura
  • Cutting cords 
  • Ultimately find the root causes of issues that you see repeating in your life



What we should NOT do

  • Start new projects
  • Rush through things
  • Blindly charging forward through repetitive or major issues
  • Expect others to understand what you mean especially if poorly communicated
  • Travel to  new places (do with caution and patience)
  • Start new business, personal, or intimate relationships
  • Dont sign any contracts
  • And MOST importantly not giving yourself enough time, energy, food, water, patience, sunshine, rest, and love


Remember if you are a Gemini, Virgo, and/or have mercury in a significant position in your chart pay extra close attention to your feelings and thoughts at this time. Ultimately it’s up to you to find what’s going to work best for you during this time but just understand that this is the universe’s reminder to relax, release expectations, and connect within.


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Tae Queen


Tae Queen is a healer by life path and entrepreneur by profession. Her mission is to utilize her creative talents and intuitive abilities to create and sustain institutions that will help aid humanity and the planet in holistic evolution. Her main focuses are Ataensic Media’s ever expanding platforms and her Holistic Health & Alternative Therapy business Gem-in-eye Creations.  Gem-in-eye Creations is business based on stimulating awareness of healing through energy; mainly gemstones. She is currently in the process of evolving her brands to the expansion of her knowledge and awareness. Dedicated to her mission she strives to provide the highest quality experiences possible for anyone who supports her endeavors. She is also a poet, all around writer, and songstress. She hopes to one day cultivate each of her talents to it’s highest intention which is healing.

“Creation is the highest form of likeness to the divine, it is not only our job to create the necessary changes in this world but to show the people here how to create and manifest their life purpose and mission.“

-Tae Queen





Spiritual and Magical Properties of Essential Oils

Source: Spiritual and Magical Properties of Essential Oils

The Divine Feminine: The Virgin, TheMother, The Whore

The energy of this weekend’s Blood Moon has had people more impatient, more consume with self, depressed, and sparking all kinds of confrontations. During this Blood Moon, I have really taken note of the horror of how women are perceived. I have been contemplating the different roles women hold. The truth of the matter is the patriarchal society we live in puts women in this tiny little box that defines us in three roles; the virgin, the mother and the whore.
The Virgin

The virgin has a lot pressure to withstand due to her “goodie two shoes” persona. She is thought to be pure, untouched, and delicate. She is sweet, and innocent. She doesn’t know the touch of a man. Men want to be the one to ‘pop her cherry’, ‘bust her hymen’, & take awayall that’s pure. She must try to decide who is worthy enough to delve into sacred waters & not advantage of her. The ancient Taoist considered the Essence of Virgins a tonic to immortality. Many men would pay heavily to soak herbs in her Essence. The Virgin has always been seen as a winning prize to men.
The Mother

The mother has found her so called “Knight in Shining Armor.” Most men feel she has only given her essence to him. The mother is the superwoman. Her responsibilities are continuous. Her duties include cooking, cleaning, caring for kids. She is ensure dinner is cooked on the table when her man gets home. She does homework with the children, gives them a bath & tucks them in at night. I know you are thinking, ‘oh that was the old n days, you’re tripping.’ Unfortunately, the only thing that has changed generally, is that women are now employed full time, going to school or both. Never mind, the once pure innocent virgin is now magically supposed to have mass amounts of sexual experience, and convert to a freak in the bed. And God forbid, she is anything but classy in-public.She is to sexually satisfy all her husband needs and hope perhaps she might gets some enjoyment, too. Men usually completely disregard her mental and emotional needs. The role of a mother is never ending.
The Whore

Out of the 3 roles defined by this patriarchal society, the whore gets the worst rap. She may be a woman who fully embraces her sexuality. Society will label her a whore because of her multiple sexual conquests. They will title her a prostitute for accepting gifts or monetary donations. She is labeled a slut for dating more than one man or for sleeping with more than one man. She is said to be easy if she dress seductively, if she shows too much cleavage or miniskirts. She’s a whore if she plays hard to get. If she flirts or has many male associates, she is labeled. And the scenarios, can go on for days. These are the behaviors men are rewarded for, and most times even worse behavior. I am sure many of you women reading this hve been labeled a whore, slut, bitch… Sometimes, unfortunately, we succumb to labeling ourselves with these con nations.
The Divine Feminine

The energy during this Blood Moon represented the Divine Feminine, the mystical magical energy. Women are fed up of being downplayed into roles that are completely irrelevant. We are tired of being disrespected and dishonored. I say it is time to take back our POWER. We must embrace all that makes us women. We must love our yoni- verse and understand her power. It’s not for us to submit to the will of man. We are the Creators. The ancient Taoist understood women are the closest to God. Therefore, women were regarded as the teachers of men. We must redefine ourselves. Every time we engage in sexual intimacy, our yoni should be regarded as a Sacred Altar, the Celestial Palace. When a man has the opportunity to engage in her pearly gates, his offering to her should be her complete and utter satisfaction. Women are the Givers of Life. She has the ability to recycle her own essence and also absorb his. While men, ejaculate their life force externally losing their essence. Woman is able to take a seed, nurture it, cultivate it and give life to it. We must honor each other and not allow ourselves to be disrespected or taken for granted any more. We are intelligent! We are strong! We are healers! We are magicians! We are the Divine Feminine! And it is Our Time to restore Humanity. The time is now!

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Welcome to #VIRGOSEASON: The Alchemist, The Evolver, The Servant


From LEAD to GOLD, one step at a time.

Element: EARTH    |    Mode: MUTABLE    | “Ruled” By: MERCURY
Song of the Sign: Goapele – Closer
“I’m goin’ higher and higher
Closer to my dreams
I’m goin’ higher and higher
I ain’t gonna sleep

If you thought you learned to love yourself in LEO season, you were right. But, little did you know that #VIRGOSEASON was right around the corner, preparing to up the ante 10-fold.

Both LEO and VIRGO represent the function of being aware of “Self”. The “I” or “me” as it’s own entity, capable of breathing, thinking, creating, and acting how it wants. Where the two signs differ though, is in the perception of self.  Whereas LEO is fascinated and moved by the brilliance and expression of personality (self), VIRGO is oriented toward the refinement and improvement of that personality, to it’s higher (or highest) possibility.


Virgo energy is all about “The Come Up”. In your head is the ethereal blueprint of what your “highest height” or “come up” is. The maiden planting the fields in March, has a clear idea of what she wants her best crops to look like come September’s Harvest time. She knows the corn needs to be abundant, the grains plentiful, and the vegetables healthy and nutritious. Yes! – step 1 is complete.

Now, what to do with all this free time in between the March and the Harvest? Well, she does Alchemy. She takes what simply looks like dirt and a seed, and crafts it into an abundant pasture, right before your eyes.

Like the maiden, we all start out with ideals and hopes for what we want in the future. That’s the idealistic Virgo energy inside of us. But Virgo IS an earth sign, so fluffy, flowery dreams MUST be brought down into the physical world. Otherwise, they have the potential to stay up in the clouds, out of our reach. Virgo is well equipped with the magic of alchemy, the ability to change one base element (thought/ideals) into higher, more valuable elements (the attainment of the goal).


Come September, the maiden doesn’t just harvest her crops and keep it pushing. Well, she does, but this time she has NEW, EVEN HIGHER goals for her return the next season.The harvest may have been mighty plentiful, but already our maiden has new plans and designs for the season coming up. She wants to make sure that her soil is more fertile, so she adds compost. She plants her tomatoes with her Basil to repel the pesky bugs she got this year. She collects rainwater to save on future water costs.

Virgo is ever-evolving. It’s oriented toward upward growth, naturally. It looks around and says “Hmm. What can be made better?” and proceeds to fulfill that need.  With Virgo, there’s no use in doing anything unless it yields a worthwhile result.



…By servant, I don’t mean someone that is at your beck and call whenever you need them – although people with Virgo energy can be very obliging and helpful. I mean “The Servant” in the idea that, like the maiden mentioned above, she has become very skilled in her craft. She’s a visionary, that has mastered the tools of alchemy and patience that we all need in order to have a dream fulfilled. After working so hard for herself, the next natural thing to do is help others improve their skills and talents like she did. She serves them.

The sign of Virgo is associated with the “Mentor/Mentee” relationship, for very good reason. It’s about the personal, specialized service that we give to others, with the intention of improving their own lives in any way.

If Virgo is your friend, trust and believe that you’ll have someone to bring you chicken soup when you’re sick (and probably some Herbal Tea, and a good book, if they love you). If Virgo is your Dance teacher, be prepared to recieve the best specialized instruction that they can offer you, in how to do that high kick. If you’re patient, and you participate and listen, there’s no way you can fail. They’ll make sure of it.


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The Science of Breath

I can remember a time when I felt like life had nothing to offer. Don’t get me wrong… I had a wonderful life from the outside looking in, a handsome husband, beautiful home, cars, clothes… the works. I was well provided for. Because of all the things that we had accomplished I should have been delighted with life. Unfortunately, that was not the case.  I was devoid. I knew something was missing in my life. I remember at the age of 26 I had my first anxiety attack. I felt like life had nothing more to offer me. I yearned to truly experience all life had to offer. Little did I know that this anxiety attack was the beginning stages of gaining knowledge of myself.


I had never had an anxiety attack before. My first experience was scary to say the least. I remember feeling like I was a failure. I was 26 with 3 children, no education and I felt completely dependent on my husband.  Spiritually, I was lost. I didn’t know what to believe in anymore. My lifelong faith in Christianity had dwindled. It just didn’t make sense to me anymore, especially since my devotion over the years still didn’t do a thing in making my life feel fulfilled.  I see this time as the beginning of a depression. Of course at the time I was not aware of it. But hindsight being 20/20, that is where I was at.

As time progressed I started studying ancient information about the indigenous people on the planet. I explored different workshops that led to me to my Twin Flame and a Master Teacher that explained to me exactly what I was experiencing and why. He explained the science of the breath and how it relates to my feelings. I know you are looking like are you serious…Your solution to depression is the breath? I wouldn’t necessarily say it is the solution. However, the breath can assist in regaining your passion about life. How is that possible? The most important thing to understand is that the breathing is essential. It is the only function in our body that is involuntary and voluntary. People rarely even think about breathing every day. However, there are two functional types of breathing: cleansing and energizing. Cleansing breath detoxifies the body and stresses exhalation. Energizing breath collects and stores vital energy and focuses more on inhalation.  Whenever toxins in the bloodstream reach a critical level or when energy is running low, your breath will do an essential job in the body.  Sighing (which I do quite often) is a spontaneous cleansing breath. A sigh is a quick inhalatory (did I make up a word?) gulp followed by a forceful exhalation. A yawn, on the other hand, spontaneous energizing breath, is a long slow deep inhalation followed by a relatively short exhalation.

images (2)

The breath is essential. In ancient times, the air was seen as the essence of nature.  Chi, the vital energy contained in air was considered a nutrient.  This means that proper breathing is as essential to have a fulfilling life as food and nutrition. Shallow breathing is when there is just enough air to fill the top part of the lungs using the chest for breathing, thus limiting the use of the lungs. This means you are breathing 18 breaths a minute which is known as the breath of the beast. It takes 3 shallow breaths to equal the quality that is received from one deep diaphragmic breath. Shallow breathing can cause feelings of chronic anxiety, which means more panic attacks. By cutting down the number of breaths required per minute by more than half, deep breathing will greatly enhance respiratory efficiency, decreases the amount the heart has to work, and conserves vital energy. It also, gives a powerful boost to blood circulation sending it through the body and greatly enhances lung capacity.

On a spiritual level, the breath can allow you the ability to fully know yourself. When we are not aware of our breathing, we are not truly aware of our selves.  Our perceptions of ourselves are limited.  We may find ourselves easily angry, jealous, worry, guilt ridden, lustful. We don’t have control over our emotions. We are living in survival mode just based off the way we are breathing. We are using our reserves just in regular life, and truly straining our bodies when we are in fight or flight mode. However, when we take time to breathe deeply and rhythmically, we begin to control our emotions. We operate out of love because we love ourselves through nurturing our internal organs through the breath. We are able to handle complex situations with more wisdom and less fear. We start to see love and harmony all around us.

images (1)

I know it is hard to believe that something so simple has the capacity to completely change our awareness. I know that taking time out to meditate and concentrate on my breathing as been vital in my transformation. My consciousness is awakened and I see life with new eyes. I have an inner joy that cannot be taken.  I can truly love those around me because I love myself enough to breathe deeply and rhythmically. Life begins when we enjoy the simple things in life. Meditation is key (Click here to see our video about the breath). Start with the Breath! Experience the Joy of Life!

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Mastering the Power of Now: Shifting your Perception to Change your Reality


As an ancient being or an old soul it can be more than challenging to feel comfortable in this skin at this time and in this age. Although we are at the beginning of a new age of awakening and a shift in human consciousness, there are still deeply rooted and outdated belief systems. This can make it hard for those who have old souls to feel comfortable. The longing and nagging want and yearning to create a new way, and to have this way become accepted and to teach from this new perspective can be almost depressing at times; due to the seemingly slow manifestation into the physical realm. Yet, there is still hope and we continue to do the work necessary to help the world and those who need us including ourselves.

There is something amazing that I have come to realize this summer through out my brief re-evaluations of the laws of the universe, and that is that the time is now. As a being with so much empathy, feeling, and understanding of things that permeate beyond the immediate reality this can sometimes be hard to truly master and understand, but never the less is a key part of our awakening and return to full consciousness. We must begin to love this life in this moment as it is with out judgement with out imposing upon it even our own perceptions of what it has been or what it will be. Learning to harness that feeling of gratitude for life truly in spite of all that oppose it, is probably the most powerful skill we could ever attain to transform our and this reality.
We are so wise and so gifted, some of us have accepted our gifts and abilities as starseeds, old souls, wise ones, and other various titles, but we often then shift our focus onto understanding what that meant in past lifetimes, in past events in our lives, and even what that means for us in the future; and all though that can be an amazing reference guide for many of the reasons why we are the way we are. We are still neglecting to use this gifting to effect change in the now.
This morning I woke up from a night of rough sleeping as it is usually hard for me to go to sleep at night, but last night it was especially hard. I tried all the usual distractions that normally trick my mind into shutting up and getting some rest yet nothing could subdue the emotions that were bubbling to the surface. Finally I decided to receive them and understand that I was meant to feel them even if I didn’t quite know “why,” as of this moment and I did and eventually I fell asleep. This morning while pondering my dreams and journaling as I often do. I realized that many of the instances that I had viewed as hardships although admittedly were not ideal, we moments that are still sacred to me. They taught me that even when I wanted to give up, there was a force that was bigger than my personal agenda driving me, and filling me with new faith and new hope that eventually things would get better and that there was a reason; probably deeper than many could understand for my hardship. As I realized this while journaling I paused to reflect on the moment and my emotional disposition had completely changed. I went from pitiful, to grateful from slightly depressed, to hopeful; because in this moment I had realized something that I had neglected in the past. That I am ALWAYS connected to source and spirit and that at anytime I can access this joy, not because of the good things around me and not because of that bad, but at all times in-spite of anything this spark this divine right is within me and it is especially strong and prominent because of the cultivation that I have gone through in this lifetime and many others.

Instantly I became grateful for this life, something I had rarely done in a meditative state. I am normally what some would call a traveler, I traverse different times, different dimensions, having meaningful transcendental experiences and although each one has been powerfully life changing; the simple beauty in this particular realization was more affirming than any visions, or channels I’ve received in the past. It was a declaration of my intentional beingness. A true affirmation of my total self, and nothing has ever felt so refreshing and so beautiful as that realization and for it I am more than grateful.

In summation, I submit and humble my full self in this moment to the magic of the universe and allow this beautiful energy to flow through me, hopefully you will feel it too as you learn to shift your perception in a simple way to the power of now in this moment and feel the amazing transformative energy that this new realization can bring.

Twin Flames: More than just a Romantic Perception

I’m bbbbbaaaaaccccckkkkkk….and ready to go deeply into the many aspects of love that I have experienced and counseled clients through.  The one thing I want to build on is Twin Flames, what can be experienced outside of the romantic fairy tale like thoughts.

I remember a time when everyone was in search of their soul mate. You know that one person who accepted and understand you. Every day, your heart is filled with the joy of knowing that you’ve are with that one person you soul craves. Many times, when we encounter our soul mates it is due to a karmic debt to be paid or a lesson to be learned. These relationships are intense but you learn a lesson that will evolve you spiritually. However, many times when the debt is paid or lesson is learned then the relationship will end.

Now and days, I see more people associating the same energy being associated with Twin Flames. The difference now is usually the higher perception on life, and gaining awareness of their selves. When I hear people talking about their twin flames, they may as well have hearts in their eyes. Suddenly, the thought of having a Twin Flame puts people in this dreamy state of being. Today I am going to tell you the truth about Twin Flames.

Initially, meeting your twin flame can be refreshing, like a breath of fresh air after a life of being in smog infested polluted atmosphere.  Your beloved, most likely, is not your type. They are completely different than who you are usually attracted to.  You probably come from different backgrounds. And for some inexplicable reason, you find yourself drawn to each other. Your conversations explore the deeper and more profound aspects of life. The material mundane world becomes less interesting. Eventually, you realize that this was not a chance encounter… that there is a reason you are so in sync. Could this be your Twin Flame?  Click here to see video about Twin Flames.

twin souls

“Each twin is a complete soul, not half a soul. It is their task to become more whole, balancing their female and male sides, and ideally become enlightened, before reuniting with their twin. This reunion is of two complete and whole beings. All other relationships through all our lives could be said to be “practice” for the twin, the ultimate relationship. “ ~Antera of Soul

I know because this is my experience. This love came completely out of the heavens. I had no idea that it was coming, what it was, or how to feel about it. I wasn’t even searching for it. We met at an unusual place.  I had never been a part of an event like this. Actually it was my first experience going to an event of this nature. Our first date was completely unique to say the least. It was the beginning of my spiritual awakening. My loved literally healed my heart that night. It was the most magical night of my life. Things progressed rather quickly from there though I was very cautious. Or at least that is what I told myself.  As time went on, I invoked the Spirit. The Ancestors showed us that this union was inevitable. They would show us things and let us experience each other in ways that has never been experienced with anyone else.  The two became one.  And just like we presented our union to the community and we were married with kids…lol. I know it sounds like a fairytale… and in many ways it is.

twin flames

“However, many of these attempts at reunion are unsuccessful because the individual people are not quite ready for the intensity of a twin flame union. It is more intense than any other union, and this intensity is at a soul level, not as much in the physical or even emotional bodies. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a good attraction at those levels as well, but the strongest attraction is of spirit. This is one of the distinguishing characteristics of a twin soul. Many people think they have met their twin because the attraction is so intense, but it is a karmic attraction, one of need or bodily desire rather than the Divine Love of twins.” ~Antera~

However, like with all things, there must be balance.  The connection between us was, and is amazing, and the obstacles are so incredible that many people can’t not sustain. The obstacles come in tidal waves, tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes. When you claim to be Twin Flames, the Divine will test it. The Divine will test your limits and push you past you levels of comfort to see not only how you sustain and come together.  The obstacles come in any and every form. Sometimes it will be finances. You will be sitting comfortably one minute and then the next minute, you are dead broke looking to survive. It can come in the form of family members. What are you going to do when your parents create chaos to break you up? What about your other children’s parents. They either want to try to recreate what once was, or they try to turn your children against you? These are just minor examples.  The most severe come when it is your beloved, your precious Twin Soul that presents the challenge.  Sometimes it comes in the form of a health issue that will test your philosophies. Are you ready to put your money where your mouth is? And the ultimate challenge, when you Twin Flame pisses you off so deeply. When you realize that what your twin is doing is reflecting you… the hidden aspects of yourself…the parts you hold to yourself… the spaces that you are most weak and most vulnerable. This is the moments you must be strong within yourself.  You must become your authentic higher self and in these times you must stand together. Just like the good is beautifully consistent, the bad is horrid.


With more and more twin flames connecting at this time. It is important to see with opened and clear vision.   What I don’t hear a lot of is people really dealing with the purpose of meeting their twin flame. There is an extraordinary service that is needed by humanity and the world. The reason twin flames are uniting now is because their purpose will inspire all those around them, heal humanity and raise the vibration of the planet. Though it is an honor to be able to serve in this way, it is also a tremendous responsibility. My suggestions are to be patient with each other and when making this claiming. I have seen many people separate after making this declaration. Ask the ancestors to show you and then confirm the connection. Meditate together. Create spiritual experiences together. Enjoy the merging as the two become one. If you are truly Twin Flames, you must operate outside of your ego.  Intertwine in your highest nature. Love hard…and vibrate high.